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Zeta, once known as NeoKuwa or just Jay is a 21-year-old male who currently lives in North Carolina.

Personal Section

Zeta was born January 7, 1984 in Miami Beach, Florida. Constantly moving from town to town, his family never stayed in one place due to an injury of his father which made it difficult to find work.

The places he has lived in include Miami, Broward County, Sawgrass, and Orlando Florida. As well as two seperate towns in North Carolina.

He is currently attending Community College, studying for a two-year degree in computer technology. He then plans to move to a four-year university and get certified in the Java programming language.

History in Fandoms

Zeta has been involved in nearly all the monster-raising fandoms at one time or another - usually concurrently. Some other fandoms he has taken an extensive interest include Digimon, Tamagotchi, Neopets, and Monster Rancher. His interest in Pokémon began with the preview article published in a '96 issue of Nintendo Power.

For about a year, he was a moderator at several Digimon messageboard RPGs, but eventually left due to creative differences.

As the other fandoms died or began to die one by one, he eventually returned to activity on Bulbagarden and once again got more involved in the Pokémon fandom.

Pokemon Interests

His favorite anime characters include Jessie, James, and Tracey.

His favorite Pokémon is without a doubt Snorlax. But he's also been partial to Bulbasaur, Donphan, Ursaring, Ludicolo, and Delcatty.

He is a fan of the Pokémon Special manga, even though he hardly owns any volumes of his own. He still takes an interest in the characters.

Zeta has played through most of the basic Pokémon games, as it is that which started his interest in the firstplace. He doesn't enjoy hardcore metagaming, though.

Also Known As

NeoKuwa, NeoKuwagata, Jay, Jason, Zeta137, PsychoMaverick, GrandKuwagamon, GrandKuwagamonV, Zeta, Nanite137, NeoKabuto, Zeta7Jay


Some of the articles Zeta has contributed to the Bulbapedia include all of the Pokémon Colosseum character bios, descriptions of various locations in Orre descriptions, Gym Leader Pokemon Teams, and much of the Sevii Island descriptions. Along with Miscellanious character bios and edits and other articles. All around, Zeta has written or significantly contributed to approximately 135 different articles in the Bulbapedia, at a rounded off count.

New Type Chart

× Defending type
Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark Heaven

Normal ½× ½×
Fighting ½× ½× ½× ½× ½×
Flying ½× ½× ½×
Poison ½× ½× ½× ½×
Ground ½× ½× ½×
Rock ½× ½× ½×
Bug ½× ½× ½× ½× ½× ½×
Ghost ½× ½×
Steel ½× ½× ½× ½×
Fire ½× ½× ½× ½×
Water ½× ½× ½×
Grass ½× ½× ½× ½× ½× ½× ½×
Electric ½× ½× ½×
Psychic ½× ½×
Ice ½× ½× ½× ½× ½×
Dragon ½×
Dark ½× ½× ½×
Heaven ½× ½×
These numbers are good for all generations aside from Generation I.