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Age 18
Gender Male
Hometown Azalea Town
Region Johto
Trainer Class Professor


Bulbapedia logo.png These are my usertags, feel free to copy any of them for your own user page, but please do not edit any of them.


Hey everyone I'm Troy, otherwise known as trotz59 or Nido on from NidoGia. I love Pokemon and want to work my best to help make bulbapedia great! Been a fan of Pokemon all the way since Red and Blue Versions. I've played every generation main game except Colosseum and XD (but I really want to play both), and absolutely adore the Mystery Dungeon series, and enjoy but don't really love the Ranger series. I've also played most other side games. I also play competitively in New England regional Play! Pokémon tournaments, and wi-fi tournaments. I like to edit trivia on Pokémon and characters as much as I can, since I love trivia. I also have joined Project Fandom and Project Manga since I love the fandom and manga. I also collect Pokémon merchandise (specifically plushies).


This is all of my stuff on Pokemon. My ultimate goal in life would to be a real Pokemon Professor if Pokemon were real.


I like to play as big of a part in Project Fandom and Project CharacterDex as I can. I love Pokemon characters, and I'm trying to become a bigger member in the Pokemon Fandom.

I'm currently trying to create this page.


All of my human trainer cosplays, I plan to have a Pokemon plushie for (though most I already do) that have a connection to the trainer)

Gym Leaders (GLU)

Surge - Finished

I currently run a Pokemon cosplay group called GLU (Gym Leaders United), we primarily cosplay gym leaders from each region. We have potentially 9 members (for Kanto and Johto one of our members cosplays Janine; if all 9 are for certain, three are still tentative). I cosplay Surge for Kanto (my second main cosplay, right after Raichu), Bugsy for Johto (the character of them that is most like me, someone who loves to research and has an affinity for bug-types {along with electric and ground}), Tate for Hoenn (my Liza is the same person who cosplays Janine), Roark for Sinnoh, Cheren for Unova (we are doing black 2 and white 2 gym leaders but including either Lenora or Brycen), and Clemont for Kalos.

I will almost exclusively refer to people from the group as their Kanto cosplays (because that was the region we started with), except Giovanni whom is also my boyfriend (I talk about him somewhat frequently because I force him to do cosplays and stuff with me) Only surge is finished right now.

Major NPC classes I cosplay

Player character - Lucas

Rival character - Wally not finished yet

Pokemon Professor - Elm, not finished yet

Elite Four - Grimsley, not finished yet

Champion - Steven Stone, not finished yet

Battle Frontier (Hoenn) - Tucker, not finished yet

Battle Frontier (Sinnoh) - Thorton, not finished yet

Villainous team Admin - Tabitha, not finished yet

Villainous team Leader - Cyrus, not finished yet

Trainer Class - Scientist, not finished yet

Spin-Off cosplays

Ranmaru from Pokemon Conquest, not finished yet


Raichu (named Troyes, my main Pokemon cosplay), my boyfriend does Jolteon

Sandshrew (unnamed)

Ledyba (named Dion, my pokemon connection to my grandmother), not finished yet

Teddiursa (unnamed, my boyfriend is being Ursuring), not finished yet

Vulpix (unnamed), not finished yet


I will make a second user page to list characters and such things, and probably more summaries.

The Heart Awaits Adventure

A comic that I have been working with my GLU Erika (I'm the author, she's the illustrator), that centers around these three friends from New Bark Town each with a different destiny. It starts on Linnea's (the central character, designed by both of us together) birthday, where her friends, family, and Professor elm, give her gifts that equip her with the ability to begin a Pokemon journey. Elm has his apprentice Damien (designed by me), to travel with her and Eleanor (designed by my Erika), in order to do his research around the region and discover what he wants to specialize in. Eleanor runs away from home to travel with them, in order to collect badges in her dream of being champion. Linnea, spends her time trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. They travel around each region, and age as time goes on; get romantically involved with people, discover things about themselves and about others, and overall have an incredible journey. We also have created or own rival characters and have included all canon characters (even rival and player characters). We haven't posted anything yet but it is turning out well right now.

Legendary Pokemon Tournament

Probably my only ongoing story that I consider a fanfiction. All my other stories are primarily based around my own characters, just inside of the Pokemon universe (sometimes having interactions with real characters, sometimes not), however this story is based off of one wifi event of the Pokemon World Tournament, where Sabrina, Falkner, Winona, and Fantina, each battle with their signature pokemon, a random pokemon of their type, and most importantly a legendary pokemon. This story is to build a plot around that; also adding in Brycen as a the Unova representative. I haven't gone very far with this yet but I know what I'm doing for it.

Evalution Quest

The story of a Pokemon student in an academy somewhat like the academy of hard knocks. In this world, all of the universe is starting to become strained and the fabric of reality and slowly being morphed, and the Principal of Roy's school sends him, his friend DeeDee, his rival Katet, and his tutor Nicco, in order to rescue all legendary pokemon that are indirectly destroying reality because of something that is happening. The reason Roy is chosen is because of his ability to communicate with an Eevee named Eva, and as time goes on, he finds that he is able to communicate with more Pokemon, and he has a strong connection to Eeveelutions. This story still needs revamping.

The dreams of a prodigy

This most likely won't be the end name of this; in fact it may not even be about what the title suggests. This story, much like the next one, is mostly just fun for me to create my own Pokemon journey. I haven't fully decided much about it, and it probably won't be started for a long time. But it is something that I eventually plan to do. This character is based off an RP that I did a while ago.

Kieran's Neo-island adventure A fakemon story from a deviantart group

Pokémon teams

I have a main game for each region, I use to store Pokémon and for competitive play, as well as Pokédex completion. The current generation main game is whichever one I use as my station game (where I store my most competitive Pokémon, train my Pokémon, and play most frequently). Most of my games have a naming scheme for the pokemon.


Main game: FireRed

(Still working on my team)

All eventual main-team pokemon are named after Servants in Fate Stay Night (including the Trainer named saber). The rest are named after other characters of FSN

Main-team names: Bulbasaur = Archer, Mankey = Berserker, Spearow = Assassin, Clefairy = Castor


Main game: HeartGold

This is also my favorite game and was my previous station game. This is my main team, but I have more trained that I will put as well. My other team is a Bug-type team that I used in my playthrough of the game, to prove the usefulness of Bug-types (one of my favorite type that I feel is underappreciated by the public). There is a lot of moves I plan to replace

Meganium was my starter, named Chikky. Togekiss is named CJ. Poliwrath is named Sean. Espeon is named Miguel. Dragonite is named Dorry. And Snorlax is named Tory.

Butterfree is named Bailey. Ariados is named Jess.


Main game: Emerald

I have two teams in Emerald, one for battling and one for contests. Here is my battling team. These are both still a work in progress. All Pokemon are named after Pokemon characters (primarily Gym Leaders and other Type Specialists)

Lombre is named Wake (after crasher wake), Vibrava is named Iris, Loudred is named Lenora, Swalot is named Koga, Lairon is named Jasmine, and Combusken is named Blaine

Like I said before, this team is also still in progress. Skitty is named Norman (he enters Cute contests), Castform is named Whitney (she enters Beauty contests), Geodude is named Brock (he enters Tough contests), Dustox is named Viola (she enters Smart [and eventually Beauty] contests), Electrike is named Wattson (he enters Cool contests), and Spinda is named Hero [from Pokemon Conquest] and he enters all contests (currently Beauty).


Main game: Platinum


Main game: White 2

First game I've ever completed the Pokedex in. This was my stationary game in White 2 and was one of my favorite games of all time, that I still sometimes play for more medals. This was my main in-game team, but I had many competitive teams and monotype teams in this game.




"Main game: Y"

My current station game.


Competitive Teams

My main competitive team is my Champion team. I typically play competitive VGC.

Champion Team Mega Pinsir, Blissey, Meowstic, Galvantula, Cloyster, Volcarona

DRATT team Mega Mawile, Starmie, Nidoking, Aegislash, Talonflame, Meowstic

Monobug Mega Pinsir, Scolipede, Scizor, Shuckle, Galvantula, Volcarona

Previous Teams

Going in order of my very first games. These are mostly a vague memory, but some (Gen 3 and up) I still have, having had them transferred. These are mostly from when I was a kid.

Original Red

My first Pokemon team ever. Each of these Pokemon will always hold a special place in my heart. From my first Pokemon ever, Squirtle, to my favorite Pokemon of all time, Nidoking, as well as all the others. I didn't start nicknaming my Pokemon until Gen 3 because I didn't really get the concept for some reason.

Emerald Roy

Diamond Troyboy

FireRed Hermes


I participate in many Pokémon challenges, such as Nuzlocke, Monotype, Monocolor, Wedlocke, etc. This is a list of those teams

Electric Monotype Challenges

This one is an Ultimate challenge, so I have one for each region, though it's not complete yet.


First Raichu Named Oscar [my pseudo-starter], next DeeDee, next Mott, next Creepel, next Zeus, next Quarrel


Psychic Monotype Challenge Another Ultimate.

Nuzlocke Challenges


Current Team.

Roleplay/Character teams

I am a roleplayer and a fanfiction writer, these are the teams of my main characters from them.


My Youtube Account with all my Let Play's and such. I share this account with my friends, Sarah (aka Gia), and Brandon (aka Toge). We each created a character that represents us for our Let's Plays. This is my character's team:


These are the other members teams:



Other Teams

I am also a Let's Player. Here are some of my Let's Play teams.


Shipping stuff

Biggest ships - Loverivalshipping,


Coming soon (will be saying my ships and such)

Mystery Dungeon Stuff

This will be updated soon.

Favorite Pokémon


Switch Blissey with Furret

A meme I filled out to show all my favorites. Taken from deviantart, will link source soon.

My interests aside from Pokémon

Well I do love many RPGs and their fandoms, though Pokémon is my biggest love (being on many Pokémon forums). I do love things such as Final Fantasy, Lunar the Silver Star (and all it's remakes).