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025.png …well, DUH!.
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I have it, just have motivated myself to play it yet.
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This user wants a copy of Pokémon Green Version .


This user wants a copy of Pokémon Gold Version .

…at least a new battery for the one I already have.

This user wants a copy of Pokémon Crystal Version .

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But I liek Marshtomps more (no, "liek" doesn't mean lick, it means like).
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Kinda. I will socialize with others, when I feel like it.
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This is MADNESS!

295.png THIS IS SPARTA!!!
164.png O RLY?
150.png All your base are belong to us!
What you say!!!
Magmar Falcon Punch.png FALCON PUNCH!!!
YES! Show me ya moves!
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On the side, there is a demonstration.
241.png Got Milk?
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Trainer Stole My Bike (and his Pikachu destroyed it)!
Pullmyfinger.png Pull my finger!
Telme used Poison Gas!
Ash hat OS.png This user had to send in about a million postcards to win that hat.
Wait a minute… A MILLION POST CARDS? That must mean, IT'S OVER 9000!
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TransparentDonuts.png These donuts are great. Jelly-filled are my favorite. Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut.
Those aren't donuts, they're popcorn balls, I mean sandwiches, I mean Onigiri/Rice Balls!
119Seaking.png F*** YEAH SEAKING!
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Not really, but jokingly.
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None.png I love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too..
476 s.png It's a me! Mario!.
None.png Everyone's a little bit racist, sometimes....
215.png I AM SNEASEL!.
277.png Hey Einstein! I'm on your side!.
023.png That's it. I've had it with these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane!.
186.png Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here!.
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386.png Harder.
386.png Better.
386.png Faster.
386.png Stronger.
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None.png Let's rejoice with the boys!.
None.png In the gay way!.
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And proud of it!

My History on Pokémon

Chapter One: And So It Begins…

For as long as I could remember, Pokémon was around. My sister had a copy of Pokémon Red Version, which was (I think) how I was introduced to the fad. I even remember part of the team. I remember she started with a Venusaur (because they're awsome) and a Kangaskhan (because it was burned or poisoned, strange what things stand out in your mind).

Spr 1b 003.png
Spr 1b 115.png

Chapter Two: My First Official Pokémon Game! Pokémon Silver Version!

The day is December 25, 2000, Christmas Morning, and I was fired up (I and I didn't have a single drop of Gay Fuel in me). I was hoping for a copy of Pokémon Blue version, because the Blastoise on the cover looked awesome and it was the counterpart to my sister's Red Version. I got a blue GameBoy Color, and a Pokémon game. Much to my dismay at the time, it wasn't Blue Version. However, I would eventually be thankful for that gift from my grandmother for it was (drum roll please)… POKÉMON SILVER! I don't remember much about my first save file aside from starting with Totodile and finding getting through the Ice Cave was a pain in the ass.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions! My first Pokémon Games in 3 Years!

Three years passed, I skipped Pokémon Crystal (now I regret it), life went on. Then, one day, my grandmother picked me up from school. She had with her a copy of both Pokémon Ruby AND Sapphire! I split it with my brother (even though he wasn't such a Pokémon fan). I lost my Sapphire version at a hotel… So my mom got me a new one. I also played with my brother's game. In fact, I still have that save file on my game still today! On both games! However, I was a bit disappointed in these games. The Pokémon were limited, there was no connection with the old games, the music got a bit annoying after a while, it just wasn't the same as Silver. However, it would make up for this…

More Coming Soon…

NEXT TIME: Pokémon Emerald! Correcting an Early Mistake!

Because Someone Had To…



I'm ridin' spinnaz (they don't stop).


This clearly doesn't look like anything suggestive

My Opinion on Popular Pokémon Topics

I just thought I should get my thoughts out to everyone.

4Kids and PUSA

Personally, I think the 4Kids voice overs are actually not that bad, not even the Sonic X voices (I'm screwed). I was a bit upset about the voice change at first (like, who wasn't?) but it got better, and I realized Ash's balls needed to drop sooner or later (and that Natochenny grew up with the franchise, and is pretty damn hot).


…If this doesn't happen before the end of Generation IV, I will shank Satoshi Tajiri.


My favorite ships are PokéShipping, LuckShipping, and QuestShipping. I love PokéShipping because it's so inevitable that I'm surprised that there are others supporting other ships involving Ash or Misty (oops, I'm sorry). However, if I were new to the anime and Misty never joined Ash's traveling group, I would probably be an AbilityShipper. I love LuckShipping because Brock and Lucy are the only legible couple. They're both in-game characters, they are around the same age (don't be fooled by Lucy's ridiculous height, I'm also tall for my age), Lucy is one of the few girls to show affection for Brock in return, and Brock hasn't even shown as much affection to any other girl (he wants her to join the traveling group, how extreme can you get?). I like QuestShipping and LagmorphShipping for the same reason as PokéShipping. As for HandymanShipping, I just feel Tracey needs a girl, just not Misty (sorry again).

Anime Team Predictions

See Here.

Anime Pokémon Genders

See Here.

Generation I Sprites

See Here

My Relations with Other Users

  • User:MAGNEDETH-This guy is the coolest. I'm working on a Pokémon spin-off aimed at an audience ages 13-30 to Satoshi Tajiri, and the main character's personality is somewhat shaped by this user (mostly in how he thinks about Pokémon).
  • User:DCM-This user is a pimp. Not much else to say. He also had great user tags, which is what motivated me to make my user tags.
  • User:Kenji-girl-A sweet girl. If I knew her personally and if she were around my age, she would be the girl I'd have the hots for. A red-head with glasses who loves Pokémon. I used to be a little dramatic about her barely noticing me, but I'm feeling better about it.
  • User:Tavisource-A subject of UserShipping involving him and User:BlueJirachi. He told me he doesn't, and I'll respect him for that, but then again, Ash and Misty denied a romantic relationship involving themselves.
  • User:Kogoro-…Wow. DCM was right. She is pretty hot.

I'll do more, especially if you ask me to.

My Dream Teams


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Lv. 100


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