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About Me

Welcome guys! I'm a fan of bulbapedia, since the first visit. One day, i have made a decision to complete the register account and started to editing some pages.

I'm gathering much information in my experiences with about the games (mechanics and tricks; not forget the competitive side too), anime, tcg cards and other things about pokémon franchise. I'm officialy started to writes walkthroughs and guides to pokémon games in July's 2008.

I'm liked too much to talk my likes and loves too. One the things of listed here is: browsing in the internet, visiting information sites, talk to my friends (in forums, or using another communication aplicatives), playing videogames (i took the games like a hobby), read books/magazines/mangas/whatever, listening music, took a time to reflecting, write random things, search new good images etc...

If you needs contacts me, add my MSN IM: rpasc@hotmail(dot)com. Or use one of the follows accounts around the internet:

Twitter Playfire YouTube Last FM Skoob MyAnimeList Xfire Facebook Raptr


My registering date, marks January's 2009. I have make a little participation, editing pages about lyrics songs and therefore, pages about TCG GB1 game. I passed a long time in hiatus. I'm returning to think colaborate recently (a past week, begin the month of November), focusing the pages about TCG GB2 game, who i have planned to contributed. Besides... I have to much paralell projects, i hope this project have success too.