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This page shows the history of Yellow's Pokémon team.

Red, Green & Blue arc

Image Description Round
Ratty Rattata.png Yellow catches a Rattata and nicknames him Ratty. Drat That Dratini!

Yellow arc

Image Description Chapter
Yellow Dody Doduo.png Yellow is revealed to own a Doduo nicknamed Dody, given to her by her uncle. Do Do That Doduo
Yellow Seadra.png Yellow catches a Seadra. Sea Sea Seadra
Yellow releases her Seadra.
Gravvy Mega Punch.png Yellow receives a Graveler from Brock and nicknames him Gravvy. As Gastly as Before
Misty Omanyte Adventures.png Yellow receives an Omanyte from Misty and nicknames him Omny.
Kitty Caterpie.png Yellow catches a Caterpie and nicknames him Kitty. Can't Catch Caterpie!
Ratty.png Ratty evolves into Raticate.
Kitty Metapod.png Kitty evolves into Metapod The Might of... Metapod?!
Yellow Dody.png Dody evolves into Dodrio.
Gravvy.png Gravvy evolves into Golem.
Yellow Omny.png Omny evolves into Omastar.
Kitty.png Kitty evolves into Butterfree.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Image Description Chapter
Chuchu.png Yellow is revealed to have caught a Pikachu nicknamed Chuchu. Tyranitar War