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Please note the below are only ideas and opinions of PCX & as of Generation IV are only that. So if you don’t wanna read me waffling on about some (IMO) great ideas for gen V please ignore all of the following. If you have any ideas please feel free to let me have any of your ideas on the talk page.

What I would Like to see in Generation V

Moves & Abilities

Duel Type Moves

I think it would be great (as well as a little complicated) if they introduced duel type moves. They already have loads which would be excellent candidates to start this (Muddy Water – Ground / Water type?? The Elemental Punches – Fighting / *Element). Other moves could be added e.g. PyroKinesis (Fire / Psychic) Thunder Storm (Electric / Water) to increase the move pool. You could also then look into combos in duel battles, e.g. Thunder Bolt & Water Pulse could combine in to a move that would be Electric and Water type and hold a chance of confusing and or paralyzing opponents or a combination of flamethrower and ice beam could combine to make a water type attack that could burn or freeze.

Only Four Moves???

I would also love to see an overhaul of the moves learned system.

1 – I would change the natural moves each Pokémon learnt maybe adding a few, maybe taking some off.

2 – With point 1 done, change the limit of 4 moves to 4 TM / Move Tutor moves and the Pokémon retain there knowledge of all there naturally learned moves as well as moves learned via breeding.

3 – Finally give each Pokémon species a “Signature Move” or moves and by this I don’t necessarily mean a move only it learns (although that wouldn’t be a bad thing) but maybe one that regardless, that species gets an boost for (either power or accuracy)

Abolish (HM) Slavery

I’m sure that most of us use a HM Slave? This is the one thing I believe truly lets the main games down due to how poor most of the moves perform in battles. Surf, Fly & Waterfall have there uses, Strength, Dive and Rock climb aren’t bad but are not great either & lets be honest the rest pretty much suck (No seriously). What I think they should do is have each Pokémon species be able to do these certain things with out it being an actual move – then maybe have NPCS dotted around the game who advise you to, “use a Pokémon to cut small trees down” or, “use a Pokémon to smash cracked rocks”


I would like to see Pokémon that can have one of two abilities able to learn both – maybe learn a second ability upon evolution, e.g. have Scyther learn Technician then when it evolves, it also learns swarm?

Types I would like to see more & less of

Ok here’s the deal. I have made a rough count of every fully evolved species of Pokémon by type - Way out in front with a total of 49 different fully evolved types (29 of which were duel type) was Water Type. It has 7 more than normal type which has 42 (only 11 of which were duel type and all but two of those were Normal / Flying) different fully evolved types. The worst represented was the Ghost Type with 11 (8 of which are duel types) and it was not far off the Dragon Type which had 12 (all of which were duel type) different fully evolved types, although in the Dragons case it maybe a good idea to keep the numbers low so as to not lower there value .

I think this shows that generation V should maybe hold back on water types - even to the point that the only fully evolved water type is the starter and may be in crease all the others. as you can see from the table below some types need more single types and others maybe a bit more variation by introducing duel types.

Type No. of single type

fully evolved Pokémon

No. of duel type

fully evolved Pokémon

Ghost 3 8 11
Dragon 0 12 12
Electric 11 4 15
Ice 3 12 15
Fighting 6 9 15
Dark 4 12 16
Fire 8 9 17
Steel 2 15 17
Rock 3 18 21
Poison 5 17 22
Bug 3 20 23
Ground 6 18 24
Grass 9 17 26
Psychic 16 19 35
Flying 0 40 40
Normal 31 11 42
Water 20 29 49

Pokémon who's types I would change

I think that some of the tyres that some of the current Pokémon have just don't seem right - below is a list of things types I would change

Charizard 006 Fire Flying to Fire Dragon
Psyduck 054 Water to Water Psychic
Golduck 055 Water to Water Psychic
Cloyster 091 Water Ice to Water Steel
Gastly 092 Ghost Poison to Ghost
Haunter 093 Ghost Poison to Ghost
Gengar 094 Ghost Poison to Ghost
Gyarados 130 Water Flying to Water Dragon
Croconaw 159 Water to Water Dark
Feraligatr 160 Water to Water Dark
Dunsparce 206 Normal to Ground
Shroomish 285 Grass to Grass Poison
Torkoal 324 Fire to Fire Rock
Seviper 336 Poison to Dark Poison
Milotic 350 Water to Dragon Water
Glalie 362 Ice to Ice Steel
Groudon 383 Ground to Ground Fire
Staraptor 398 Normal Flying to Fighting Flying
Electivire 466 Electric to Electric Fighting
Gliscor 472 Ground Flying to Ground Dark
Dusknoir 477 Ghost to Ghost Fighting
Darkrai 491 Dark to Dark Ghost