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Hi! I'm Pale Prism, and welcome to my user page. Please enjoy your stay! — ⚫︎ Pale Prism ⬟ [ TalkContribs ]

To-do list

This is mostly for my own benefit (so that I don't forget what exactly I'm working on here or what discussions I'm involved in), but if you feel that you can help out in any way, then go for it!

Ongoing projects

  • Fix unintentional links to anything in Category:Disambiguation pages (I've currently made it to the letter L).
  • Properly categorise everything in Category:Items.
  • Replace deprecated HTML tags and attributes with their newer counterparts or the appropriate CSS properties.
    • <acronym>…</acronym><abbr>…</abbr>
    • <big>…</big>style="font-size: larger;"
    • <center>…</center>style="margin: auto;" or style="text-align: center;"
    • <font>…</font><span>…</span>
    • <strike>…</strike><del>…</del> or <s>…</s>
    • align="…"style="float: …;", style="text-align: …;" or style="vertical-align: …;"
    • background="…"style="background-image: …;"
    • bgcolor="…"style="background-color: …;"
    • border="…"style="border-width: …;"
    • clear="…"style="clear: …;"
    • height="…"style="height: …;"
    • text="…"style="color: …;"
    • width="…"style="width: …;"

Major changes





Main article: /Sandbox

My personal sandbox is pretty extensive; I have a lot of big ideas. You'll mainly find new or modified templates there, as well as a collection of things made by other users that I feel deserve some attention.


Main article: /Teams

A while back, I decided to do monotype runs of a couple of games to spice things up. I've since gone through quite a bit more of the core series than I anticipated. If you're interested, you can check out the teams that I've used so far. The ruleset that I use for these runs is as follows:

  • The player must nickname all of the usable pokémon that they obtain.
  • The player may not use any restoring or stat-raising items from the bag in battle.
  • When traversing a new area, the player cannot heal their pokémon via any non-item means that they have used already until they have reached the end of the area.
  • The battle style option must always be set to "set".
  • The player cannot use pokémon for which they are not the original trainer.
  • If the player uses a TM or HM on a pokémon, that pokémon cannot be used in battle until either the move is forgotten or the player reaches a point where the pokémon would be able to learn the move via other means.
  • The player may only use pokémon of one type, which is determined by the result of their trainer ID modulo seventeen/eighteen.
  • If the type is that of a starter pokémon, the player must pick that starter pokémon.
  • If the type is any other, the player may choose whichever starter pokémon they wish, but they must use it to obtain a pokémon of the appropriate type at the earliest possible opportunity, at which point the starter pokémon may no longer be used.
  • If there are no pokémon of the appropriate type available prior to the first gym/trial, the player may cheat one in immediately after obtaining their starter pokémon, at which point the starter pokémon may no longer be used. The cheated pokémon must be one that is in the regional pokédex, unevolved, non-legendary, non-mythical, and able to be caught (not just received) before the player enters the Hall of Fame. Its stats must be random.