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My Motto(s)

  • "Never Under Estimate The Under Estimated."
  • "It's Not The Size of the Dog in the Fight that Matters, But the Size of The Fight in the Dog."
  • "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect; Regret Nothing Fear Less."
  • "Call me an Underdog you Can Call me Anything, I Got a lot of Blessings That's What Faith Brings!"
  • "I Don't Drink, I Don't Smoke, My Only Addiction is Competition."


""Never Under Estimate, The Under Estimated!""
Age 19
Gender Male♂
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives ToeKnee (My Little Brother)
Trainer class Trainer, Pokémon Master
Member of Ominous Surfers
Rank Newcomer

User Information

Contact details
Name: Jaime
Age: 19
Location: United States
[email protected]

Wifi info

I have Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum But I let my Little Brother start a new game in Diamond and I Let my Little Sister Start a new game in Pearl so I Only have My Platinum Friend Code Now.

Spr 4p 487O.png This user's DS friend code for Pokémon Platinum is 4726 5702 6676.

A Little About Me


I've Been Playing Pokémon Ever Since it was Released in 1998 to the United States. I Hardly Ever Battle Online since my Wireless Router Broke. I'm a Huge Wrestling Fan when ever I Get the Chance I Love to Watch Wrestling with some of my Friends and Family. I got Interested in Pokémon When one of My cousins Bought Pokémon Red and Let Me Play it, I Immediately Fell in Love and The Next Christmas I Received Pokémon Blue and My Neighbor Had Pokémon Red so We Pretty much Helped Each other out. When Pokémon Yellow Came out I Immediately Used my Allowance Money to Buy it. When Gold and Silver Came out I had Bought Silver as a Birthday Present for a Friend and He Ended up Giving Me Gold for Mine. After I Passed Gold I Kinda Lost Interest in Pokémon Until about 3 Years Later when I Found a Ruby Cartridge I took it to the Lost and Found at My School and No One Claimed it so I got to Keep it, I Began Playing it and I Fell in Love all Over again. I Haven't Stopped Playing Since.

Battling/Trading Online

Okay so I FINALLY got a New Router, so you can Feel Free to send me an email or something if you want to Battle or Trade Online!


  • I'm Really Good a HTML Coding.
  • I Completed My Diamond Within a Week of My Purchase.
  • Most of My Favorite Pokémon are From the First Generation.
  • At One Point I've Owned Every Game From Every Generation.
  • I'm Really Good at Using Adobe Photoshop.
  • I'm Really Good at Using Macromedia Flash.
  • I've Used The User Name JimmyA562 for Almost Every Internet Account I've Made.
  • I Look young For my Age. (It Sucks Because People think My I.D. is Fake.).
  • I Passed Platinum within 3 Days of my Purchase.

Spr 3e 302.png This user can blend in with darkness.
Wailmer Surf.png This user is an Ominous Surfer.
001Bulbasaur.png This user's Bulbapedia Anniversary is 31 July, 2008 at 2:30pm.

My Pokémon

The Pokemon I keep in My Party are Essential for getting me through the Game such as Me HM Slaves, lol.

Platinum Team

WiFi Team

The Team I Use in Most of My Battles. Don't Know What They Are?? Battle Me and Find out!

My Trainer Cards

These Are The Trainer Cards for The Games I Play The Most.


Trainer ID No. Badges Pokédex Hall of Fame Money
Spr FRLG Red.png
Boulder Badge Cascade Badge Thunder Badge Rainbow Badge
Soul Badge Marsh Badge Volcano Badge Earth Badge
140 Seen
190 Obtained
Charizard Venusaur Blastoise
Pidgeot Raichu Primeape


Trainer ID No. Badges Pokédex Hall of Fame Hall of Fame 2 Money
Spr RS Brendan.png
Stone Badge Knuckle Badge Thunder Badge Rainbow Badge
Balance Badge Feather Badge Mind Badge Rain Badge
356 Seen
355 Obtained
Venusaur Mewtwo Mew
Raikou Entei Deoxys
Venusaur Mewtwo Feraligatr
Lugia Ho-Oh Lileep


Trainer ID No. Badges Pokédex Hall of Fame Friend Code
Spr Pt Lucas.png
Coal Badge Forest Badge Cobble Badge Fen Badge
Relic Badge Mine Badge Icicle Badge Beacon Badge
352 Seen
177 Obtained
June 24, 2009
Venusaur Blastoise Mewtwo
Charizard Tropius Golem
Spr 4p 487O.png This user's DS friend code for Pokémon Platinum is 4726 5702 6676.

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External Links

These are a Few Places Where you Can Reach Me.