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My Pokemon History

Hello my name is Sean. Although on most Pokemon forums and chats my username is Green or GreenPlayer due to my love of green from Pokemon Special. Well the first pokemon game I ever played was Blue Version back in 1998 when I was 3 and I haven't stopped playing since.

My original team for battling in Pokemon Blue was mainly these six.

Spr_1b_009.png Spr_1b_026.png Spr_1b_006.png Spr_1b_003.png Spr_1b_131.png Spr_1b_123.png

On To Gen 2!!!

The generation two games have to be my favorite I can still remember riping open Gold Version on Christmas morning and once Pokemon Crystal came out I was amazed so much. The team i used to tear past Johto and Kanto in Crystal was....

Spr_2c_160.gif Spr_2c_157.gif Spr_2c_245.gif Spr_2c_176.gif Spr_2c_197_s.gif Spr_2c_009.gif

I also cant wait for Heart Gold & Soul Silver to come out.

Third Gen And Me

Well R/S in my opinion where the worst games in the main Pokemon series. I'm not saying they where bad they where still great games its just that there my least favorite game out of the rest. Emerald Version was ok it did enjoy the Battle Frontier as it did give a nice post game challenge.

My team in Emerald and Ruby was.......

Spr_3r_257.png Spr_3r_254.png Spr_3r_260.png Spr_3r_302.png Spr_3r_348.png Spr_3r_373.png

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You did it Pikachu! You Banned Porygon!!!
You did it Pikachu! You Banned Porygon!!!