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Had to throw a star or two in there somewhere xD So, what can I say...? Um... well, if anyone got bored enough to read through my userboxes they'll already
know this, but for people that actually have things to do, the concise version: I'm 16, English, and have way too much time on my hands (and watch way too
much sport). Just glancing at this page, you may have noticed that I am obsessed with boxes and rounded edges!

Yes, as one of my userboxes suggests, I do indeed have a Caterpie farm in some of my games— it is exactly as the name proclaims: I catch a bunch of
Caterpie, and then breed the living antennae out of them, until all of my boxes are filled up with multi-gen Caterpie. I also tend to be rather clumsy when it
comes to using the "Preview" button and accidentally clicking "save" instead (my browser being psychotically laggy does not help matters), but luckily it
doesn't happen so often these days xD

Other than Pokémon, obviously, I am rather a huge fan of the Shin Megami Tensei (真・女神転生) games, my favourite being Persona 3, as well as the
Fatal Frame/Project Zero (零~zero~) series. Condemned is another one of my favourites... basically, most things that involve lots of blood and/or
ghosts/dead things/monsters (delete as applicable) are : P I'm not fussy about which language I play my games in, either— preferably Japanese (I very often
get rather annoyed with translation errors, so it's safer that way xD), but English, French, German and Spanish are fine too. I do like to sing, even if I'm not
too good at it (I'm not sure; I can't tell and no one ever hears me) xD I am easy to find; I am either on the computer, at one of my consoles or in bed—
although, on Monday and Friday nights I do not leave the TV.

In summation, then: yes, I do have a YouTube, I adore ice cream (mint!), I get drunk off AIR, and I have far too much time on my hands.

...And she called that the concise version? ★

HeartGold Info
Spr HGSS Lyra.png
Name: ぎんくも (ギンクモ)
Badges: 16
Pokédex: 250+ (National)
Fav. Pokéthlon event: チェンジリレー
Code: 2597 2826 6956