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Fu (Japanese: Fu), is a 20 year old English female with too much time and imagination on her hands. Most of her edits seem to be fixing grammar, spelling or syntax errors rather than doing anything useful.

Pokémon History

Fu was introduced to Pokémon Red and Blue when she was ten and was instantly hooked, but with lack of a Game Boy, when she wasn't stealing other people's Game Boys she served as the advisor to several people - helping them through Rock Tunnel or Seafoam Cave, or checking movesets. She still isn't quite sure how she knew this.

However, with the money from her 12th birthday, she bought a Game Boy Color and Pokémon Silver. She lost this three weeks later. Because of her fondness for her first game, she eagerly awaits the remakes.

She continued playing games from all generations upon the discovery of VisualBoyAdvance in her early teens - around the time Ruby and Sapphire were released in Japan. During this time she learnt the tricks to playing Pokémon competitively - natures, EVs - though, using an emulator (and not knowing about NetBattle) she was never able to utilise her knowledge, until late 2006 when her father came into the possession of a lost, unclaimed DS. It didn't take long for her to buy Emerald and get deeply addicted, eventually buying Pokémon Pearl on the UK release date, despite being on a family holiday at the time.

  • She prefers to use UU Pokémon in her teams, though a few OU slip in due to fondness of the Pokémon rather than its stats.
  • Fu does not watch the anime. Only occasionally will she find clips on Youtube that interest her.


Lady Funa
Pokémon Platinum Version - Sinnoh
GroundIC.gif DragonIC.gif
Level 100
Spr 4d 330.png
SteelIC.gif FlyingIC.gif
Level 100
Spr 4d 227.png
Keen Eye
Stealth Rock
Drill Peck
Level 100
Spr 4d 477.png
Shadow Sneak
Ice Punch
Pain Split
WaterIC.gif ElectricIC.gif
Level 100
Spr 4d 171.png
Volt Absorb
Confuse Ray
Ice Beam
Level 100
Spr 4d 038.png
Flash Fire
Fire Blast
Energy Ball
Nasty Plot
PsychicIC.gif FightingIC.gif
Level 100
Spr 4d 475.png
Close Combat
Psycho Cut
Ice Punch
Night Slash