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Francis-Chan's sandbox page (a.k.a. Francis's Imaginary World). This page has things that I don't want to cram into my userpage.


128 x 200
Gender Female
Hometown Aspertia City, Unova
Region Unova


  • Samurott (Nicknamed Mizuka)♀: Mizuka is Francis's main/primary partner Pokémon. She was her starter Pokémon in Unova and she has helped Francis throughout her journey in Unova. During her time as an Oshawott, Mizuka was very cowardly and would flee if she was badly damaged in battle, which almost led to Francis losing to Cheren's Lillipup in the gym battle in Aspertia City. Mizuka knows powerful moves such as Surf, Blizzard, Razor Shell, and Hydro Cannon. Her nature is Modest. She is also known to be Francis's strongest and most prized Pokémon.
  • Delphox (Nicknamed Floryx)♀: Floryx is Francis's secondary main Pokémon. She was her starter Pokémon in Kalos and served as a partner and friend for Mizuka. She has also helped Francis throughout her journey in Kalos and her most prominent battle was the one with Ramos in Coumarine City, which easily earned Francis her Plant Badge. Her moves are Overheat, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Blast Burn.
  • Gardevoir (Nicknamed Miome)♀: Miome was one of Francis's strongest Pokémon that she had used in Hoenn. She was known to be the battle partner of her trainer's Blaziken, Chaka. Miome was most known to be Francis's secret weapon for mega evolution purposes. She knows Psychic, Moonblast, Flash, and Dazzling Gleam. Her nature is Quiet.
  • Reshiram (Nicknamed Vanilla): Francis caught Vanilla in Dragonspiral Tower. It appeared as Francis's main legendary Pokémon, and it also helped Francis win battles in the Unova region along with Mizuka, which it and Mizuka became good friends after a while. Two of Vanilla's moves are Fly and Blue Flare.

Deposited in her PC

  • Meganium (Nicknamed Petal)♂: Petal was Francis's partner Pokémon in Johto. He was portrayed as strong helpful to Francis, although he was weak and did not know very powerful moves. As a Chikorita, Petal was even weaker and caused Francis to lose to Falkner twice, but she won due to catching a Mareep and using it to defeat his Pidgeotto. Two of his known moves are Magical Leaf and Rock Climb.
  • Ampharos (Nicknamed Shocker)♀: Shocker was one of Francis's Pokémon in her Johto team. She was heavily disobedient and rude, but mainly towards Petal. Shocker was first caught near the Ruins of Alph due to Francis struggling to get the Zephyr Badge. Shocker led to Francis getting her first badge and then evolving into Flaaffy. One of her known moves is Thunder Punch. Her nature is Adamant.
  • Sylveon (Nicknamed Aurora)♀: Aurora was caught by Francis in Kalos Route 10 in Kalos, since she had wanted a Sylveon badly. Aurora seemed to be a winning factor for some of Francis's battles, such as her battle with Drasna in the Pokémon League. She also was very strong and leveled up quickly due to having such a strong bond with Francis in Pokémon-Amie. One of her known moves is Moonblast.
  • Venusaur (Nicknamed Apul)♂: Francis got Apul as a gift when he was still a Bulbasaur. Not much is known about him.
  • Jigglypuff (Nicknamed Arci)♀: Arci was one of Francis's unused Pokémon. Not much is known about her, except one of her known moves is Drain Punch.
  • Numel (Nicknamed Mallow)♀: Mallow was caught near Fiery Path in the Hoenn region. Despite not evolving, she is quite powerful and has a strong bond with Francis. Her known moves are Attract, Lava Plume, Flamethrower, and Earth Power.
  • Blaziken (Nicknamed Chaka)♀: Chaka was Francis's starter in Hoenn. She won the Master Rank Contest Spectacular, which made her a popular Pokémon star to many Contest Spectacular fans and spectators. Her known moves are Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, and Blast Burn. Her fourth move is unknown.