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This Pokémon is red. This Pokémon is not.


I'm Dolphin2. This is my userpage. I'm still working on this whole editing thing, so if I make a mistake, feel free to fix it

(and please don't blame me)!

My favorite Pokémon

There are a couple of pokémon I couldn't live without, which makes makes me sad when I can't catch them in certain games :( This list also includes their evoulutionary family, too.

Here's the list:

1. Vulpix
2. Rayquaza
3. Charmander
4. Torchic
5. Chimchar
6. Moltres
7. Jigglypuff
8. Eevee
9. Cresselia
10. Teddiursa

I will add to this list occasianaly until I don't think I can anymore, so keep checking!

My favorite Pokémon types

1.  Fire-type 
I ♥LOVE♥ fire type. I'm almost positive that if I was a pokémon I would be a fire type. Fire describes my personality. How could it not be my number one?
2.  Dragon-type 
Let's just face it, dragon types are strong, despite the fact that they're weak to themselves.
3.  Psychic-type 
Some types have too many moves that do alot of damage and have realy cool graphics, others, not so much. But Psychic types are some where in the middle, which is why I think they're cool.
4.  Dark-type 
Dark types aren't evil, they're just missunderstood :(
5. Ghost-type 
Again, they're not evil! I remember reading an official Pokémon book (no, it was not in the manga)* where Ash went to the Pokémon Tower and found a Gengar and a Haunter that just wanted someone to play with which proves they aren't evil!
6.  Electric-type 
They're cool! They have sizzling Electric-type attacks that shock thier opponents into shape and have cool graphics!
7.  Ice-type 
Now, when I say that Ice-types are "so cool they're frozen", that's not my opinion. It's a fact. Why do you think they're called ice types?

My Ideas

I have a couple of thoughts for changes to Pokémon, and if someone were to tell Nintendo about it then that would be a nice thing to do. First of all, I think there should be a light type for the moves like SolarBeam, Sunny Day, Moonlight, and Aurora Beam, because they really don't have much to do with the type that they have been given. Some Electric-type Pokémon have more to do with light than they do with electricity. Light needs to be a Pokémon type. Period.

My Subpages

My User Tags

I have User Tags, you already know that, but I finally got around to organizing them.


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My TCG Cards

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I'm putting this large picture of a Vulpix here because otherwise the bottom of my page is big and empty.