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I wanted it to all be on one page, but I had to break it into parts. Oh well, enjoy!

Pokémon Green Red/Blue Yellow Back Gold Silver Crystal Conclusion
Magnemite Spr 1g 081.png Spr 1b 081.png Spr 1y 081.png Spr b g1 081.png Spr 2g 081.png Spr 2s 081.png Spr 2c 081.png These are actually pretty good.
Magneton Spr 1g 082.png Spr 1b 082.png Spr 1y 082.png Spr b g1 082.png Spr 2g 082.png Spr 2s 082.png Spr 2c 082.png With the exception of Green being too fat they're all good.
Farfetch'd Spr 1g 083.png Spr 1b 083.png Spr 1y 083.png Spr b g1 083.png Spr 2g 083.png Spr 2s 083.png Spr 2c 083.png Horrible until Gen. II
Doduo Spr 1g 084.png Spr 1b 084.png Spr 1y 084.png Spr b g1 084.png Spr 2g 084.png Spr 2s 084.png Spr 2c 084.png These are good.
Dodrio Spr 1g 085.png Spr 1b 085.png Spr 1y 085.png Spr b g1 085.png Spr 2g 085.png Spr 2s 085.png Spr 2c 085.png Gen. I isn't exactly great, but it's good.
Seel Spr 1g 086.png Spr 1b 086.png Spr 1y 086.png Spr b g1 086.png Spr 2g 086.png Spr 2s 086.png Spr 2c 086.png I liked it until Yellow, but Gen. II is tolerable.
Dewgong Spr 1g 087.png Spr 1b 087.png Spr 1y 087.png Spr b g1 087.png Spr 2g 087.png Spr 2s 087.png Spr 2c 087.png Gen. I is tollerable, but Gen. II is good.
Grimer Spr 1g 088.png Spr 1b 088.png Spr 1y 088.png Spr b g1 088.png Spr 2g 088.png Spr 2s 088.png Spr 2c 088.png Hiddeous, just hiddeous!
Muk Spr 1g 089.png Spr 1b 089.png Spr 1y 089.png Spr b g1 089.png Spr 2g 089.png Spr 2s 089.png Spr 2c 089.png Same as Grimer.
Shellder Spr 1g 090.png Spr 1b 090.png Spr 1y 090.png Spr b g1 090.png Spr 2g 090.png Spr 2s 090.png Spr 2c 090.png Gen. I was sort of bad, but Gen. II is good.
Cloyster Spr 1g 091.png Spr 1b 091.png Spr 1y 091.png Spr b g1 091.png Spr 2g 091.png Spr 2s 091.png Spr 2c 091.png R/B is a little bad, but the rest is good.
Gastly Spr 1g 092.png Spr 1b 092.png Spr 1y 092.png Spr b g1 092.png Spr 2g 092.png Spr 2s 092.png Spr 2c 092.png R/B/G are too fuzzy and Yellow is on fire, but Gen. II is good.
Haunter Spr 1g 093.png Spr 1b 093.png Spr 1y 093.png Spr b g1 093.png Spr 2g 093.png Spr 2s 093.png Spr 2c 093.png R/B/G are a little weird, but the rest is good.
Gengar Spr 1g 094.png Spr 1b 094.png Spr 1y 094.png Spr b g1 094.png Spr 2g 094.png Spr 2s 094.png Spr 2c 094.png Same as Haunter.
Onix Spr 1g 095.png Spr 1b 095.png Spr 1y 095.png Spr b g1 095.png Spr 2g 095.png Spr 2s 095.png Spr 2c 095.png These are actually pretty good.
Drowzee Spr 1g 096.png Spr 1b 096.png Spr 1y 096.png Spr b g1 096.png Spr 2g 096.png Spr 2s 096.png Spr 2c 096.png R/B/G are a little squinty-eyed, but the rest are ok. Note that most of the good sprites are near the back of the Pokédex.
Hypno Spr 1g 097.png Spr 1b 097.png Spr 1y 097.png Spr b g1 097.png Spr 2g 097.png Spr 2s 097.png Spr 2c 097.png The noses are a bit too big in Gen. I, but they fixed it in Gen. II.
Krabby Spr 1g 098.png Spr 1b 098.png Spr 1y 098.png Spr b g1 098.png Spr 2g 098.png Spr 2s 098.png Spr 2c 098.png These are actually pretty good.
Kingler Spr 1g 099.png Spr 1b 099.png Spr 1y 099.png Spr b g1 099.png Spr 2g 099.png Spr 2s 099.png Spr 2c 099.png I think the ridge is too big, but maybe that's just me.
Voltorb Spr 1g 100.png Spr 1b 100.png Spr 1y 100.png Spr b g1 100.png Spr 2g 100.png Spr 2s 100.png Spr 2c 100.png Well of course it's ok, I can draw Voltorb!
Electrode Spr 1g 101.png Spr 1b 101.png Spr 1y 101.png Spr b g1 101.png Spr 2g 101.png Spr 2s 101.png Spr 2c 101.png I don't know why, but R/B/G have a ring on the top of them.
Exeggcute Spr 1g 102.png Spr 1b 102.png Spr 1y 102.png Spr b g1 102.png Spr 2g 102.png Spr 2s 102.png Spr 2c 102.png R/B have a really big egg and Green is just not right. Yellow onward is good though.
Exeggutor Spr 1g 103.png Spr 1b 103.png Spr 1y 103.png Spr b g1 103.png Spr 2g 103.png Spr 2s 103.png Spr 2c 103.png R/B/G have big heads, but the rest are ok.
Cubone Spr 1g 104.png Spr 1b 104.png Spr 1y 104.png Spr b g1 104.png Spr 2g 104.png Spr 2s 104.png Spr 2c 104.png Green has a big head, but it's good.
Marowak Spr 1g 105.png Spr 1b 105.png Spr 1y 105.png Spr b g1 105.png Spr 2g 105.png Spr 2s 105.png Spr 2c 105.png R/B/G are a little wierd, but the rest are ok.
Hitmonlee Spr 1g 106.png Spr 1b 106.png Spr 1y 106.png Spr b g1 106.png Spr 2g 106.png Spr 2s 106.png Spr 2c 106.png These are actually pretty good.
Hitmonchan Spr 1g 107.png Spr 1b 107.png Spr 1y 107.png Spr b g1 107.png Spr 2g 107.png Spr 2s 107.png Spr 2c 107.png Same as Hitmonlee.
Lickitung Spr 1g 108.png Spr 1b 108.png Spr 1y 108.png Spr b g1 108.png Spr 2g 108.png Spr 2s 108.png Spr 2c 108.png R/B/G is really weird. The rest is ok though.
Koffing Spr 1g 109.png Spr 1b 109.png Spr 1y 109.png Spr b g1 109.png Spr 2g 109.png Spr 2s 109.png Spr 2c 109.png It's good despite the fact that R/B is upside-down.
Weezing Spr 1g 110.png Spr 1b 110.png Spr 1y 110.png Spr b g1 110.png Spr 2g 110.png Spr 2s 110.png Spr 2c 110.png R/B/G are a little weird but the rest is ok.
Rhyhorn Spr 1g 111.png Spr 1b 111.png Spr 1y 111.png Spr b g1 111.png Spr 2g 111.png Spr 2s 111.png Spr 2c 111.png WHAT IS WITH THAT BACK SPRITE?!? R/B/G are weird, but everything else is fine.
Rhydon Spr 1g 112.png Spr 1b 112.png Spr 1y 112.png Spr b g1 112.png Spr 2g 112.png Spr 2s 112.png Spr 2c 112.png Gen. I disapoints me. Gen. II is good though.
Chansey Spr 1g 113.png Spr 1b 113.png Spr 1y 113.png Spr b g1 113.png Spr 2g 113.png Spr 2s 113.png Spr 2c 113.png R/B/G disappoint me. Yellow onward is fine though.
Tangela Spr 1g 114.png Spr 1b 114.png Spr 1y 114.png Spr b g1 114.png Spr 2g 114.png Spr 2s 114.png Spr 2c 114.png It's ok.
Kangaskhan Spr 1g 115.png Spr 1b 115.png Spr 1y 115.png Spr b g1 115.png Spr 2g 115.png Spr 2s 115.png Spr 2c 115.png R/B/G and the back sprite are HIDEOUS!!! Everything else is ok though.
Horsea Spr 1g 116.png Spr 1b 116.png Spr 1y 116.png Spr b g1 116.png Spr 2g 116.png Spr 2s 116.png Spr 2c 116.png Green is a bit weird, but they're ok.
Seadra Spr 1g 117.png Spr 1b 117.png Spr 1y 117.png Spr b g1 117.png Spr 2g 117.png Spr 2s 117.png Spr 2c 117.png Same as Horsea.
Goldeen Spr 1g 118.png Spr 1b 118.png Spr 1y 118.png Spr b g1 118.png Spr 2g 118.png Spr 2s 118.png Spr 2c 118.png R/B/G are really wierd, but the rest is ok.
Seaking Spr 1g 119.png Spr 1b 119.png Spr 1y 119.png Spr b g1 119.png Spr 2g 119.png Spr 2s 119.png NO SPRITE AVALIBLE ALL bad.
Staryu Spr 1g 120.png Spr 1b 120.png Spr 1y 120.png Spr b g1 120.png Spr 2g 120.png Spr 2s 120.png Spr 2c 120.png Yellow is kind of wierd, but it's ok.
Starmie Spr 1g 121.png Spr 1b 121.png Spr 1y 121.png Spr b g1 121.png Spr 2g 121.png Spr 2s 121.png Spr 2c 121.png These are good.
Mr. Mime Spr 1g 122.png Spr 1b 122.png Spr 1y 122.png Spr b g1 122.png Spr 2g 122.png Spr 2s 122.png NO SPRITE AVALIBLE I think their cheeks are too chubby.
Scyther Spr 1g 123.png Spr 1b 123.png Spr 1y 123.png Spr b g1 123.png Spr 2g 123.png Spr 2s 123.png NO SPRITE AVALIBLE They all look kind of wierd to me.
Jynx Spr 1g 124.png Spr 1b 124.png Spr 1y 124.png Spr b g1 124.png Spr 2g 124.png Spr 2s 124.png Spr 2c 124.png They're all rather weird.
Electabuzz Spr 1g 125.png Spr 1b 125.png Spr 1y 125.png Spr b g1 125.png Spr 2g 125.png Spr 2s 125.png Spr 2c 125.png Same as Jynx.
Magmar Spr 1g 126.png Spr 1b 126.png Spr 1y 126.png Spr b g1 126.png Spr 2g 126.png Spr 2s 126.png Spr 2c 126.png Gen. I is really weird, but Gen. II's ok.
Pinsir Spr 1g 127.png Spr 1b 127.png Spr 1y 127.png Spr b g1 127.png Spr 2g 127.png Spr 2s 127.png Spr 2c 127.png Hideous until Yellow.
Tauros Spr 1g 128.png Spr 1b 128.png Spr 1y 128.png Spr b g1 128.png Spr 2g 128.png Spr 2s 128.png NO SPRITE AVALIBLE These are fine.
Magikarp Spr 1g 129.png Spr 1b 129.png Spr 1y 129.png Spr b g1 129.png Spr 2g 129.png Spr 2s 129.png Spr 2c 129.png Yellow was kindof bad, but the rest are ok.
Gyarados Spr 1g 130.png Spr 1b 130.png Spr 1y 130.png Spr b g1 130.png Spr 2g 130.png Spr 2s 130.png Spr 2c 130.png Green has a big mouth, but everything else is ok.
Lapras Spr 1g 131.png Spr 1b 131.png Spr 1y 131.png Spr b g1 131.png Spr 2g 131.png Spr 2s 131.png Spr 2c 131.png These are good.
Ditto Spr 1g 132.png Spr 1b 132.png Spr 1y 132.png Spr b g1 132.png Spr 2g 132.png Spr 2s 132.png Spr 2c 132.png Same as Lapras
Eevee Spr 1g 133.png Spr 1b 133.png Spr 1y 133.png Spr b g1 133.png Spr 2g 133.png Spr 2s 133.png Spr 2c 133.png Green's a little wierd, but the rest are ok
Vaporeon Spr 1g 134.png Spr 1b 134.png Spr 1y 134.png Spr b g1 134.png Spr 2g 134.png Spr 2s 134.png Spr 2c 134.png Same as Eevee.
Jolteon Spr 1g 135.png Spr 1b 135.png Spr 1y 135.png Spr b g1 135.png Spr 2g 135.png Spr 2s 135.png Spr 2c 135.png Same as Eevee.
Flareon Spr 1g 136.png Spr 1b 136.png Spr 1y 136.png Spr b g1 136.png Spr 2g 136.png Spr 2s 136.png Spr 2c 136.png OMG, why are all the Eeveelutions the same as Eevee?!?
Porygon Spr 1g 137.png Spr 1b 137.png Spr 1y 137.png Spr b g1 137.png Spr 2g 137.png Spr 2s 137.png Spr 2c 137.png Yellow's a bit weird, but everything else is ok.
Omanyte Spr 1g 138.png Spr 1b 138.png Spr 1y 138.png Spr b g1 138.png Spr 2g 138.png Spr 2s 138.png NO SPRITE AVALIBLE Yellow onward is fine.
Omastar Spr 1g 139.png Spr 1b 139.png Spr 1y 139.png Spr b g1 139.png Spr 2g 139.png Spr 2s 139.png Spr 2c 139.png These are ok.
Kabuto Spr 1g 140.png Spr 1b 140.png Spr 1y 140.png Spr b g1 140.png Spr 2g 140.png Spr 2s 140.png Spr 2c 140.png Gen. I is all weird in some way, but Gen. II is ok.
Kabutops Spr 1g 141.png Spr 1b 141.png Spr 1y 141.png Spr b g1 141.png Spr 2g 141.png Spr 2s 141.png Spr 2c 141.png These are ok.
Aerodactyl Spr 1g 142.png Spr 1b 142.png Spr 1y 142.png Spr b g1 142.png Spr 2g 142.png Spr 2s 142.png Spr 2c 142.png I don't know, it just doesn't seem right.
Snorlax Spr 1g 143.png Spr 1b 143.png Spr 1y 143.png Spr b g1 143.png Spr 2g 143.png Spr 2s 143.png Spr 2c 143.png Snorlax should not be pink. Period.
Articuno Spr 1g 144.png Spr 1b 144.png Spr 1y 144.png Spr b g1 144.png Spr 2g 144.png Spr 2s 144.png Spr 2c 144.png It's face just doesn't look right.
Zapdos Spr 1g 145.png Spr 1b 145.png Spr 1y 145.png Spr b g1 145.png Spr 2g 145.png Spr 2s 145.png Spr 2c 145.png Yellow would be better if we could see more of it's face, but it's ok.
Moltres Spr 1g 146.png Spr 1b 146.png Spr 1y 146.png Spr b g1 146.png Spr 2g 146.png Spr 2s 146.png Spr 2c 146.png Yellow got every one's hopes up, only to be smashed by Gen. II...
Dratini Spr 1g 147.png Spr 1b 147.png Spr 1y 147.png Spr b g1 147.png Spr 2g 147.png Spr 2s 147.png Spr 2c 147.png Until Yelow, something was very wrong.
Dragonair Spr 1g 148.png Spr 1b 148.png Spr 1y 148.png Spr b g1 148.png Spr 2g 148.png Spr 2s 148.png Spr 2c 148.png Same as Dratini.
Dragonite Spr 1g 149.png Spr 1b 149.png Spr 1y 149.png Spr b g1 149.png Spr 2g 149.png Spr 2s 149.png Spr 2c 149.png I think it looks too cute, but maybe that's just me.
Mewtwo Spr 1g 150.png Spr 1b 150.png Spr 1y 150.png Spr b g1 150.png Spr 2g 150.png Spr 2s 150.png Spr 2c 150.png Gen. I is all weird but Gen. II nailed it.
Mew Spr 1g 151.png Spr 1b 151.png Spr 1y 151.png Spr b g1 151.png Spr 2g 151.png Spr 2s 151.png Spr 2c 151.png Green is absolutely hiddeous. Everything else is ok though.

That's all folks!