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The following is a list of Character's Pokemon that can go by different names

More to be added...


Ash's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
025.png Ash's Pikachu N/A
010.png011.png012.png Ash's Butterfree Ash's Caterpie
Ash's Metapod
017.png018.png Ash's Pidgeot Ash's Pidgeotto
001.png Ash's Bulbasaur N/A
004.png005.png006.png Ash's Charizard Ash's Charmander
Ash's Charmeleon
Damian's Charmander
007.png Ash's Squirtle N/A
098.png099.png Ash's Kingler Ash's Krabby
057.png Ash's Primeape Anthony's Primeape
089.png Ash's Muk N/A
128.png Ash's Tauros Brock's Tauros
131.png Ash's Lapras N/A
143.png Ash's Snorlax N/A
214.png Ash's Heracross N/A
152.png153.png Ash's Bayleef Ash's Chikorita
155.png Ash's Cyndaquil N/A
158.png Ash's Totodile N/A
Spr 4d 164 s.png Ash's Noctowl N/A
Egg.png231.png232.png Ash's Donphan Ash's Phanpy
Egg.png246.png Ash's Larvitar N/A
276.png277.png Ash's Swellow Ash's Taillow
252.png253.png254.png Ash's Sceptile Ash's Treecko
Ash's Grovyle
341.png Ash's Corphish N/A
324.png Ash's Torkoal N/A
361.png362.png Ash's Glalie Ash's Snorunt
396.png397.png Ash's Staravia Ash's Starly
387.png Ash's Turtwig N/A
390.png Ash's Chimchar Paul's Chimchar
418.png Ash's Buizel Dawn's Buizel
207.png472.png Ash's Gliscor Ash's Gligar

Brock's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
095.png208.png Brock's Steelix Brock's Onix
074.png Brock's Geodude N/A
041.png042.png169.png Brock's Crobat Brock's Zubat
Brock's Golbat
037.png Brock's Vulpix Suzie's Vulpix
204.png205.png Brock's Forretress Brock's Pineco
270.png271.png272.png Brock's Ludicolo Brock's Lotad
Brock's Lombre
258.png259.png Brock's Marshtomp Brock's Mudkip
438.png185.png Brock's Sudowoodo Brock's Bonsly
453.png Brock's Croagunk Jessie's Croagunk
Egg.png440.png Brock's Happiny N/A

Misty's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
120.png Misty's Staryu N/A
121.png Misty's Starmie N/A
118.png Misty's Goldeen N/A
116.png Misty's Horsea N/A
054.png Misty's Psyduck N/A
Egg.png175.png176.png Misty's Togetic Misty's Togepi
060.png061.png186.png Misty's Politoed Misty's Poliwag
Misty's Poliwhirl
222.png Misty's Corsola N/A
129.png130.png Misty's Gyarados N/A
370.png Caserin Misty's Luvdisc
Egg.png298.png Misty's Azurill N/A
086.png087.png Dewgong (Cerulean Gym) Seel (Cerulean Gym)

Tracey's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
048.png Tracey's Venonat N/A
183.png Tracey's Marill N/A
123.png Tracey's Scyther N/A

May's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
255.png256.png257.png May's Blaziken May's Torchic
May's Combusken
265.png266.png267.png May's Beautifly May's Wurmple
May's Silcoon
300.png May's Skitty N/A
001.png002.pngSpr 4d 003 f.png May's Venusaur May's Bulbasaur
May's Ivysaur
446.png May's Munchlax N/A
007.png008.png May's Wartortle May's Squirtle
Egg.png133.png471.png May's Glaceon May's Eevee

Dawn's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
393.png Dawn's Piplup N/A
427.png Dawn's Buneary N/A
417.png Dawn's Pachirisu N/A
190 f.png424 f.png Dawn's Ambipom Dawn's Aipom
Ash's Aipom
220.png Dawn's Swinub N/A

Jessie's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
000.png Jessie's

James's Pokemon

Pokémon Alternate Names
000.png James's

Special Manga

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