Tracey's Scyther

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Tracey's Scyther
ケンジのストライク Kenji's Strike
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Tracey Scyther.png
Tracey's Scyther
Debuts in Tracey Gets Bugged
Caught at Murcott Island
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Tracey
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Scyther Unshō Ishizuka Eric Stuart

Tracey's Scyther (Japanese: ケンジのストライク Kenji's Strike) was the only Pokémon that Tracey Sketchit caught in the Orange Islands, and his third overall.

In the anime


Scyther upon initial encounter

Original series

Orange Islands

Scyther debuted in Tracey Gets Bugged, where Tracey discovered it lying in a field on Murcott Island injured. He attempted to help it by feeding it medicine, but it only growled at him and then backed away, feeling threatened. Ash attempted to catch it in a Poké Ball, but Scyther deflected it. Tracey then asked his Venonat to use Sleep Powder on the Mantis Pokémon. Scyther quickly went to sleep and Tracey caught it without a struggle before heading off to the nearest Pokémon Center.

While Nurse Joy was bandaging its wounds, it leered at Tracey through the window as if it was angry with him for capturing it. Nurse Joy explained that because of the wounds it sustained, it must have been the leader of a Scyther swarm who lost its battle for leadership. Because it appeared elderly, she assumed that it had lost to a younger, faster Scyther. Since it lost its leadership, it had to leave the swarm and live in exile unless it won another leadership match. Ash called Professor Oak, the Professor commending Tracey. Oak pointed out that Scyther's self-esteem was probably low due to losing its leadership and being caught shortly afterward. Oak suggested that Tracey try to heal Scyther’s mood and get it back in shape.

Tracey was pained that he could do nothing to help Scyther feel better, but Ash suggested that he help train Scyther to re-challenge the new leader once it had got better. Without warning, it flew out of the window of the Pokémon Center but crashed to the ground. Undeterred, it flew off, leaving the others behind. It was assumed that Scyther wished to challenge the new leader immediately. It's soon discovered that Scyther had heard the cries of its former swarm members who had been captured by Team Rocket, and it had left the Pokémon Center to save them. Scyther declined Pikachu's assistance and challenged all of Team Rocket's Pokémon on its own. It was able to fight all five, but its fatigue kicked in just as Arbok used Poison Sting. The new leader Scyther jumped in to help, and the two Scyther sent Team Rocket fleeing. Afterward, Scyther made amends with its replacement and happily went with Tracey.

Tracey and Scyther
Scyther and Pikachu

In A Way Off Day Off, Tracey decided to introduce the group's Pokémon to Scyther, although they all feared it. However, they quickly warmed up to it after seeing that Togepi was not scared of it. Charizard, though, had no interest and nearly hit Scyther with Flamethrower. This caused a small rivalry between the two Pokémon. Scyther then warded off Ash's hungry Snorlax from devouring the group's food. They were able to set aside their differences to alert their Trainers that Team Rocket was trying to steal their Pokémon. Scyther was also able to send Team Rocket blasting off with Skull Bash.

Tracey loaned Scyther and Marill to Misty to help fight a fire on Ascorbia Island while he went to find Captain Aidan's Wartortle in The Pokémon Water War. It assisted by slashing away the rubble that fell from the burning building long enough for Team Wartortle to come and finish the job.

On the day that Tracey decided to leave the group and become Professor Oak's assistant, he used Scyther to help save Pikachu, who was taken by Team Rocket, by slashing open the case that he had been trapped in. Once saved, Pikachu happily hopped up on Scyther's shoulder as a show of thanks. The following day, it was seen with Tracey and its teammates as they saw Ash, Misty, and Brock off as they departed for Johto.


Since Tracey arrived in Pallet Town, Scyther has rarely appeared. However, it helped with the crisis at Professor Oak's Laboratory in Bulbasaur... the Ambassador! by breaking up a fight between the Grass and Water Pokémon.

Pokémon Chronicles

In Showdown at the Oak Corral, Tracey used Scyther during the battle against Butch and Cassidy when they stole all of the Poké Balls in the lab.

In Oaknapped!, Tracey used Scyther to battle Butch's Mightyena. However, its age got the better of it, and it was unable to complete the battle. Tracey recalled it back to its Poké Ball before it could get hurt.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Scyther appeared in The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!, where it, Tracey, and the rest of his Pokémon greeted Ash upon his visit back to Pallet Town.

Personality and characteristics

Scyther becoming tired

Scyther has the attitude of a warrior, and pride means everything to it. It will not back down from a battle even when the odds are stacked against it. It is also extremely loyal to members of its swarm as it came to protect them even though it had been exiled from the swarm. It has also been seen to have a gentle side, as seen in A Way Off Day Off, when Misty's Togepi came to greet it. It also has an air of protectiveness about it, as it is shown to be very loyal to Tracey and completely willing to defend him.

Undoubtedly, Scyther is the powerhouse of Tracey's team and is the only one used solely for battling rather than Pokémon watching. Being an old warhorse, however, it gets tired easily, resulting in Tracey not pushing it very hard. Its age is also evident in its appearance, as it looks scruffier than younger Scyther. It would often use Swords Dance to blow away a Smog or a Smokescreen attack caused by James's Weezing.

When Scyther initially appeared, it was shown to be a "sore loser," not taking defeat well. Indeed, after Tracey had caught it, it retained this characteristic, although, as mentioned before, it did take defeat a little bit better.

Moves used

Tracey Scyther Double Team.png
Using Double Team
Tracey Scyther Quick Attack.png
Using Quick Attack
Move First Used In
Swords Dance Tracey Gets Bugged
Double Team Tracey Gets Bugged
Cut  Tracey Gets Bugged
Skull Bash A Way Off Day Off
Quick Attack  Showdown at the Oak Corral
Slash  Oaknapped!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the games

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Puzzle League

Scyther is one of Tracey's three Pokémon in Pokémon Puzzle League.


  • Scyther is the first Pokémon owned by a main character to use an HM move: Cut.
  • Scyther is Tracey's only Pokémon that has been caught onscreen.
    • Scyther is also Tracey's only Pokémon where the circumstances of its capture are known.
  • Scyther is the first Pokémon owned by a main character who is confirmed to be elderly.
  • Scyther is Tracey's only Pokémon to appear in Pokémon Chronicles.

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