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If you were looking for the character with the similar sounding Japanese name, see Brawly.
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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan romanization of the Japanese name.
トキ Toki
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Sachi (older sister), unnamed parents

(Japanese: トキ Toki) is a main character from the Pokémon Try Adventure manga. He is a friend and traveling companion of Katsuya.


Toki is considered to be a survival expert as he has many items that would help him out on his journey.


Young Toki

Toki first appeared in a house with Katsuya and Soro. When a Steelix attacked, he sent out his Garchomp and Absol to hold it off. The guy who was on the Steelix turned out to be Caty in disguise who decides to join Toki and his friends on their travels.

Toki and his friends go to Meragura Volcano. While on their way there, a group of Beldum, Mantyke, Taillow and Shellos along with their evolved forms attack them. As Katsuya took them on with his Pokémon, the attacks by the opposing side caused Katsuya to fall down but Toki saved him with his Staraptor, Kururu.

Toki's eye uncovered

Toki finally arrived in Meragura Volcano and explores inside. While inside, he noticed that there was a giant ball of lava. Wondering what it could be, he sent out his Pikachu, Kachuna, to climb up. When Katsuya and Soro fell from above, they met up with Toki who also saw the ball of lava, and Heatran too. After Katsuya stopped the lava from overflowing, Toki and his friends went outside where they were recognized for their job well done.

Later, Toki goes by a day care to get Caty. He gets spooked by a Carnivine which turned out to be Caty in disguise. In the backyard of the house, a little girl goes up to Toki and tells him that her Eevee is trapped inside a basement barricaded by a bunch of wood. Using Garchomp, Absol and Pikachu, Toki was able to rescue the little girl's Eevee.

He was given a mission from Mister Crow to get some treasure under the sea. After dodging some obstacles, he was able to get it and the treasure turned out to be junk that he didn't want. Toki gets into a race with Katsuya and Soro. As Toki was in the lead, Katsuya gets launched by Hikoza, his Chimchar, and prevented Toki from falling after his rope snapped.

Toki was given a mission to go to a mythical land. While there, a Typhlosion, Feraligatr and Meganium attack the pillars which were meant for Katsuya's Pokémon and sent Toki and his friends to a desert. He went with Caty and got separated from Katsuya and Soro. After reuniting with each other, Toki and Caty noticed Katsuya and Soro drenched in water.


Toki has a Garchomp nicknamed (Japanese: カマル Kamaru). Kamaru would often work with Absō.

Kamaru was sent out to stall a rampaging Steelix while Katsuya tried rescuing a guy on there. Kamaru appeared in Meragura Volcano along with Toki. Later, when Katsuya was caught by a Pokémon poacher, Kamaru and Absō freed him from the net. It was sent out in order to rescue a little girl's Eevee. When Toki was searching for buried treasure, Kamaru served as a mode of swimming transportation.

Kamaru's only known move is Dragon Pulse.

Debut TA01
Toki has an Absol nicknamed (Japanese: アブソー Absō). Absō would often work with Kamaru.

Absō was sent out to stall a rampaging Steelix while Katsuya tried rescuing a guy on there. Later, when Katsuya was caught by a Pokémon poacher, Absō and Kamaru freed him from the net. It appeared with Toki at a day care.

None of Absō's moves are known.

Debut TA01
Toki has a Staraptor nicknamed (Japanese: クルル Kururu). In an attempt to save Katsuya from falling while the group was on their way to Meragura Volcano, Toki flew on Kururu and grabbed Katsuya in order to do so. Kururu appeared in Meragura Volcano where it flew Katsuya to another part of the ground. Kururu lifted Katsuya, Lin and Chacha in order to destroy the ball controlling the lava.

While at a train museum, Kururu once again served as a mode of flight transportation for Katsuya in order to glide him to the area where the train tracks bridge broke.

Kururu's known moves are Close Combat and Aerial Ace.

Debut TA02
Toki has a Pikachu nicknamed (Japanese: カチュナ Kachuna) that was given to him as a kid. Kachuna was sent out in Meragura Volcano where it climbed up to check out the ball of lava. Later, Kachuna was sent out to rescue an Eevee belonging to a little girl.

None of Kachuna's moves are known.

Debut TA05
Toki's Snover
Snover's only known move is Blizzard.
Debut TA10
Toki's Tepig
Tepig was given to Toki by Mister Crow.

Tepig's known moves are Ember and Flame Charge.

Debut TA47


Language Name Origin
Japanese トキ Toki Possibly from 闘気 tōki, fighting spirit
Chinese (Mandarin) 特奇 Tèqí Transliteration of his Japanese name
Thailand โทคิ Toki Transliteration of his Japanese name

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