Meragura Volcano

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Meragura Volcano
メラグラー火山 Meragurā Volcano
Meragura Volcano.png
Meragura Volcano
Region Unknown
Debut Guardian of the Volcano

Meragura Volcano (Japanese: メラグラー火山 Meragurā Volcano) is a location exclusive to the Pokémon Try Adventure manga.

Katsuya, Soro, Toki, and Caty visit Meragura Volcano as part of their mission from Mister Crow. A group of Grass and Bug-type Pokémon led by Tangrowth attacked. Katsuya and his friends managed to defeat them and Soro caught Tangrowth. When they went inside, they meet a Heatran who was the guardian of it and an Entei. The group separated and Soro managed to capture the Entei after he was rescued from an attacking Onix. The group rejoined each other and found out that the volcano was about to erupt. They work together to make a hole in the ceiling so the volcano could properly erupt.

Pokémon seen in Meragura Volcano

Meragura Volcano Heatran.png
Soro Tangrowth.png
Soro Entei.png
Meragura Volcano various Pokémon.png
Oddish (×2)
Meragura Volcano various Pokémon.png
Bellsprout (×2)
Meragura Volcano various Pokémon.png
Burmy (×2)
Meragura Volcano various Pokémon.png
Wormadam (×2)
Meragura Volcano Onix.png


  • Meragurā may be a combination of めらめら meramera (onomatopoeia for flaring) and ぐらぐら guragura (onomatopoeia for shaking).

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