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Template documentation
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{{MastersIcon}} generates a flex block, that represents a sync pair from Pokémon Masters EX. Clicking the Trainer icon, Pokémon icon, or the text will go to the Trainer's Masters page, at that Pokémon's section.



Template Fields


  • trainer - The Trainer's name. Do not include any signifiers of an alt.
  • displaytrainer (optional) - Override the display of the trainer's name, if it does not match their file (tends to be the case with professors and The Masked Royal).
  • sygna (optional) - Set to 1 if the Trainer is wearing a sygna suit. Leave blank otherwise.
  • alt (optional) - Signifier of an alt, if it's not just a sygna suit. Do not include any parentheses. (If the trainer is not an alt, leave blank.)
    • In the case of "Sygna Suit Cynthia (Aura)" or something similar, set sygna to 1 and put "Aura" in alt.
  • ex (optional) - Set to 1 to display the Trainer image in EX colors. Otherwise, leave blank.
  • filename (optional) - Custom override to the file name of the Trainer icon.
    • Normally, The template will attempt to find the filename based on the values of sygna, alt, and ex.
    • If the correct file is not found or is named irregularly, provide the correct name in this field, without "VS" and without " Masters.png". (If the trainer is not an alt, leave blank.)


  • pokemon - The name of the Pokémon. Must match how the Pokémon's section is named on the Trainer's Masters article.
  • displaypokemon (optional) - Custom override to the displayed name of the Pokémon.
    • Normally, the template will display the name of the Pokémon's section.
    • This field can also be used to indicate Mega Evolutions, or to use a shorter name than the full one.
  • pokemonnum - Pokédex number of the Pokémon, to find its image file. If its file indicates a form, state that - for example 719_s for Shiny Diancie


  • synctype - The type of the sync pair's sync move.
  • role - Physical Strike, Special Strike, Tech, Support, Sprint, or Field.
  • size (optional) - Desired size of the images. Defaults to 60px.
  • notes (optional) - Includes some text as a note. Useful for skill pages. If not needed, leave blank.


Non-alt Trainer


Trainer alts

{{MastersIcon|trainer=May|alt=Spring 2021|synctype=Normal|role=Physical Strike|pokemon=Lopunny|pokemonnum=428}}
{{MastersIcon|trainer=May|alt=Anniversary 2022|synctype=Psychic|role=Tech|pokemon=Latias|pokemonnum=380}}

Custom trainer name

{{MastersIcon|trainer=Masked Royal|displaytrainer=The Masked Royal|synctype=Dark|role=Tech|pokemon=Incineroar|pokemonnum=727}}
{{MastersIcon|trainer=Sycamore|displaytrainer=Professor Sycamore|synctype=Fairy|role=Support|pokemon=Xerneas|pokemonnum=716}}
{{MastersIcon|trainer=Oak|displaytrainer=Professor Oak|synctype=Psychic|role=Tech|pokemon=Mew (Pre-Sync Move → Post-Sync Move)|displaypokemon=Mew|pokemonnum=151}}

Pokémon with evolutions

{{MastersIcon|trainer=May|synctype=Water|role=Tech|pokemon=Mudkip → Marshtomp → Swampert|pokemonnum=260}}

Shiny Pokémon


Pokémon form

{{MastersIcon|trainer=Diantha|alt=Special Costume|synctype=Fighting|role=Tech|pokemon=Keldeo (Resolute Form)|pokemonnum=647R}}

Override file name

{{MastersIcon|trainer=Iris|alt=Alt.|filename=Iris Champion|synctype=Dragon|role=Tech|pokemon=Hydreigon|pokemonnum=635}}

Custom Pokémon name

{{MastersIcon|trainer=Bugsy|synctype=Bug|role=Physical Strike|pokemon=Beedrill|displaypokemon=Mega Beedrill|pokemonnum=015M}}
{{MastersIcon|trainer=Wally|synctype=Fighting|role=Physical Strike|pokemon=Gallade|displaypokemon=Mega Gallade|pokemonnum=475M}}
{{MastersIcon|trainer=Diantha|alt=Special Costume|synctype=Fighting|role=Tech|pokemon=Keldeo (Resolute Form)|pokemonnum=647R}}

With notes

{{MastersIcon|trainer=Cynthia|synctype=Ground|role=Physical Strike|pokemon=Garchomp|displaypokemon=Mega Garchomp|pokemonnum=445M|notes=Slash is only on Mega}}
Cynthia & Mega GarchompCynthia & Mega Garchomp
Masters Physical Strike.pngGroundIC Masters.png Cynthia
& Mega Garchomp

(Slash is only on Mega)