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There appear to be some mistakes about the card pool for this format. Wizards of the Coast's Organized Play ended when Nintendo took over and WotC never had any Nintendo sets legal under them. I also am pretty sure both this format and the previous one had Black Star Promos that were not legal; I can't remember when the cut off went into effect but I do remember not being able to use certain ones. So this format should be Neo Genesis to Skyridge.

Or is my memory really that far off?

Otakutron (talk) 15:13, 24 July 2015 (UTC)

Otakutron, you are probably correct (or at least more correct than I was). As I look at the history of this page, I created this page because it just did not exist. I my method for trying to figure out what was or was not included was very NON-scientific. --Marlofkark (talk) 00:31, 25 July 2015 (UTC)
You are indeed correct, EX-Ruby & Sapphire was released and had a demo organized by Nintendo on another stand at the Gen Con iirc, while the Fan Appreciation tournament organized by WotC did not allow Ex-Ruby & Sapphire. So this format did not include Ex-Ruby & Sapphire. --Froggy25 (talk) 12:28, 31 July 2015 (UTC)

start date

How come the starting date of this format August on the page while in the document linked to this article it says that it's effective on September 1st? MannedTooth (Talk) 07:00, 11 October 2016 (UTC)

The document rules were effective on September 1st, but the first official tournament using this format took place on August 3rd (WoTC World Championships). --Froggy25 (talk) 13:38, 4 November 2016 (UTC)