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Age: 17
Gender: Male
Country: Canada Canada Flag.png

Hey guys! I am known as MannedTooth. I am a young boy of the age of 18. I am a French-native bilingual (with English as a second language) and Canadian. I am currently in college in computer sciences. I absolutely love Video Games and Nintendo is my favorite Video Game company, with Zelda as my top series! My dream would be to create Video Games similar to Nintendo's, so that, young players can have an awesome childhood has I had. I believe that it is my turn to give to the young ones.

My hobbies are my friends, Video Games, collecting all kind of stuff (notably, games and cards). My favorite Pokémon, as you can see, is Entei! (I think it's because of the movie :s)

On Bulbapedia, I want to contribute as much as possible, I am the type of person to which you give something (i.e. a book, a game, etc.) and I will go through all of it, from the beginning to the end, and noticing every single detail and I'll note them. So that's why I'm making a full playthrough of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire right now, correcting quotes and much more! If you need help concerning something in french, I will be more than happy to help!

I hope you guys stay awesome and that Bulbapedia keeps on growing! ^~^

P.S.: I would like to thank HoennMaster for his incredible userpage, I tweaked it to fit me, but all the awesomeness pretty much belongs to him!

-MannedTooth ^~^

Current tasks
  • Checking every single card from the TCG to make sure the card effects on the card and on their pages are the same
  • Revamp every board game pages and create missing ones
  • Validate this template and work towards filling them
  • Finishing ORAS and checking quotes
  • When Sun & Moon will be released, check every Pokémon's trivia to make sure they are still true