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Stat-enhancing items are held items that affect a particular stat of a Pokémon. These items have effects only when used on certain species of Pokémon and will have no effect on any others.

List of stat-enhancing items


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Deep Sea Scale Sprite.png Dream Deep Sea Tooth Sprite.png Dream Eviolite Sprite.png Dream Light Ball Sprite.png Dream Lucky Punch Sprite.png
Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Tooth Eviolite Light Ball Lucky Punch
Dream Metal Powder Sprite.png Dream Quick Powder Sprite.png Dream Soul Dew Sprite.png Dream Stick Sprite.png Dream Thick Club Sprite.png
Metal Powder Quick Powder Soul Dew Stick Thick Club

In the anime

Stick, Deep Sea Scales, Deep Sea Teeth, and Thick Club in the anime

A Deep Sea Tooth and a Deep Sea Scale appeared in The Evolutionary War. They were used to evolve Keith and Nancy's Clamperl into a Huntail and a Gorebyss, respectively.

A Stick, two Deep Sea Teeth, two Deep Sea Scales, and a Thick Club appeared in Showdown At Linoone as some of the items Tokin picked up.

The Soul Dew appeared in Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, where it was used to power up the Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare.


  • The Rare Bone and Thick Club share the same Bag sprite.
  • Because Pikachu cannot be found in the wild in Unova, Thief and similar moves no longer permanently steal items held by trained Pokémon, and Poké Transfer prohibits the import of held items, the Light Ball cannot be obtained in Generation V outside of events.
  • Because of changes to critical hits in Generation VI, Farfetch'd will always get a critical hit when using moves with a boosted critical hit ratio and holding the Stick.
  • Eviolite's Japanese name contains a pun; しんかのきせき Shinka no Kiseki can also be taken to mean "Miracle of Evolution".

In other languages

Deep Sea Scale

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese しんかいのウロコ Deep-Sea Scale
Chinese Cantonese 深海鱗片 Deep Sea Scale
Mandarin 深海鱗片 / 深海鳞片 Deep Sea Scale
Finland Flag.png Finnish Syvänmerensuomu
France Flag.png French Écailleocéan*
Écaille Océan*
Germany Flag.png German Abyssplatte
Italy Flag.png Italian Squamabissi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 심해의비늘 Simhae-ui Bineul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Escama Marina

Deep Sea Tooth

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese しんかいのキバ Deep-Sea Fang
Chinese Cantonese 深海之牙 Deep Sea Tooth
Mandarin 深海之牙 Deep Sea Tooth
Finland Flag.png Finnish Syvänmerenhammas
France Flag.png French Dent Océan
Germany Flag.png German Abysszahn
Italy Flag.png Italian Denteabissi*
Dente Abissi*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 심해의이빨 Simhae-ui Ippal
Spain Flag.png Spanish Diente Marino


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese しんかのきせき Evolution Stone
Chinese Cantonese 進化奇石 Evolution Magical Stone
Mandarin 進化奇石 / 进化奇石 Evolution Magical Stone
France Flag.png French Évoluroc
Germany Flag.png German Evolith
Italy Flag.png Italian Evolcondensa
South Korea Flag.png Korean 진화의 휘석 Jinhwa-yi Hwiseok
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Eviolite
Russia Flag.png Russian Уменьшение Umen'sheniye
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mineral Evol

Light Ball

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese でんきだま Electric Orb
Chinese Cantonese 電氣球 Electric Ball
Mandarin 電氣球 / 电气球 Electric Ball
France Flag.png French Ballelumiere
Germany Flag.png German Kugelblitz
Italy Flag.png Italian Elettropalla
South Korea Flag.png Korean 전기구슬 Jeon-gi Guseul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bolaluminosa

Lucky Punch

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ラッキーパンチ Lucky Punch
Chinese Cantonese 吉利拳 Lucky Punch
Mandarin 吉利拳 Lucky Punch
France Flag.png French Poing Chance
Germany Flag.png German Lucky Punch
Italy Flag.png Italian Fortunpugno
South Korea Flag.png Korean 럭키펀치 Lucky Punch
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Soco da Sorte
Spain Flag.png Spanish Puño Suerte

Metal Powder

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese メタルパウダー Metal Powder
Chinese Cantonese 金屬粉 Metal Powder
Mandarin 金屬粉 / 金属粉 Metal Powder
France Flag.png French Poudre Metal
Germany Flag.png German Metallstaub
Italy Flag.png Italian Metalpolvere
South Korea Flag.png Korean 금속파우더 Geumsok Powder
Spain Flag.png Spanish Polvo Metálico

Quick Powder

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese スピードパウダー Speed Powder
Chinese Cantonese 速度粉 Speed Powder
Mandarin 速度粉 Speed Powder
France Flag.png French Poudre Vite
Germany Flag.png German Flottstaub
Italy Flag.png Italian Velopolvere
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스피드파우더 Speed Powder
Spain Flag.png Spanish Polvo Veloz

Soul Dew

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こころのしずく Soul Dew
Chinese Cantonese 心之水滴 Droplet of Hearts
Mandarin 心之水滴 Droplets of Hearts
Finland Flag.png Finnish Sielunkivi
France Flag.png French Rosée Âme
Germany Flag.png German Seelentau
Italy Flag.png Italian Cuorugiada
South Korea Flag.png Korean 마음의물방울 Ma-eumui Mulbang-ul
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Joia da Alma
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rocío Bondad
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Själens Juvel


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ながねぎ Scallion
Chinese Cantonese 大蔥 Big Scallion
Mandarin 大蔥 / 大葱 Big Scallion
France Flag.png French Baton
Germany Flag.png German Lauchstange
Italy Flag.png Italian Gambo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 대파 Daepa
Spain Flag.png Spanish Palo

Thick Club

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ふといホネ Thick Bone
Chinese Cantonese 粗骨頭 Thick Bone
Mandarin 粗骨頭 / 粗骨头 Thick Bone
Finland Flag.png Finnish Paksu nuija
France Flag.png French Masse Os
Germany Flag.png German Kampfknochen
Italy Flag.png Italian Ossospesso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 굵은뼈 Gulgeun Ppyeo
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Osso Grosso
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hueso Grueso

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