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Stat-enhancing items are held items that affect a particular stat of a Pokémon. These items have effects only when used on certain species of Pokémon and will have no effect on any others.

List of stat-enhancing items

Name Debut
Associated Pokémon Effect Additional effect
Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Scale* III Clamperl Clamperl Doubles Special Defense. Evolves Clamperl into Gorebyss when held and traded.
Deep Sea Tooth Deep Sea Tooth* III Clamperl Clamperl Doubles Special Attack. Evolves Clamperl into Huntail when held and traded.
Eviolite Eviolite V Any unevolved Pokémon
capable of evolving.
Raises Defense and Special Defense by 50%. Does not affect alternate forms of Pokémon that prevent evolution, such as Cosplay Pikachu.
Leek Leek* II Farfetch'd
Galarian Farfetch'd
Increases critical hit ratio by two stages.
Light Ball Light Ball II Pikachu
Cosplay Pikachu
Pikachu in a cap
Doubles Attack and Special Attack. From Pokémon Emerald onward, if held by either parent of a Pichu when the Egg is produced,
the Pichu that hatches will have the move Volt Tackle.
Lucky Punch Lucky Punch II Chansey Chansey Increases critical hit ratio by two stages.
Metal Powder Metal Powder II Ditto Ditto Doubles Defense. From Generation III onward, does not work when transformed.
Quick Powder Quick Powder IV Ditto Ditto Doubles Speed. Does not work when transformed.
Soul Dew Soul Dew III Latias
Prior to Generation VII, increased both the Special Attack and Special Defense by 50%.

From Generation VII onward, increases the power of Psychic- and Dragon-type moves by 20%.

Thick Club Thick Club II Cubone
Alolan Marowak
Doubles Attack.
All details are accurate to Generation VIII games. For details that have changed between generations, please see an individual items's page.


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Deep Sea Scale Sprite.png Dream Deep Sea Tooth Sprite.png Dream Eviolite Sprite.png Dream Stick Sprite.png Dream Light Ball Sprite.png
Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Tooth Eviolite Leek Light Ball
Dream Lucky Punch Sprite.png Dream Metal Powder Sprite.png Dream Quick Powder Sprite.png Dream Soul Dew Sprite.png Dream Thick Club Sprite.png
Lucky Punch Metal Powder Quick Powder Soul Dew Thick Club

In the anime

Leek, Deep Sea Scales, Deep Sea Teeth, and Thick Club in the anime

A Deep Sea Tooth and a Deep Sea Scale appeared in The Evolutionary War. They were used to evolve Keith and Nancy's Clamperl into a Huntail and a Gorebyss, respectively.

A Leek, two Deep Sea Teeth, two Deep Sea Scales, and a Thick Club appeared in Showdown At Linoone as some of the items Tokin had picked up.

The Soul Dew appeared in Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, where it was used to power up the Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare.


  • The Rare Bone and Thick Club share the same Bag sprite.
  • Because Pikachu cannot be found in the wild in Unova, Thief and similar moves no longer permanently steal items held by trained Pokémon, and Poké Transfer prohibits the import of held items, the Light Ball cannot be obtained in Generation V outside of events.
  • Because of changes to critical hits in Generation VI, Farfetch'd will always get a critical hit when using moves with a boosted critical hit ratio and holding the Leek.
  • Eviolite's Japanese name contains a pun; しんかのきせき Shinka no Kiseki can also be taken to mean "Miracle of Evolution".

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