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This list of staff members worked on the Japanese core series Pokémon games Red, Green, and Blue and their Western localizations Red and Blue, developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo, as per the in-game credits. All names are given in Western order.

Staff list

NOTE: Sousuke Tamada, Satoshi Oota, Rena Yoshikawa, and Tomomichi Oota are not mentioned in Red and Green. Takeo Nakamura is listed but not as part of Parametric Design.



Referred to as Program (Japanese: プログラム) in the Japanese versions.

Character Design


Sound Effects

Game Design

Monster Design

Game Scenario

Referred to as Scenario (Japanese: シナリオ) in the Japanese versions.

Parametric Design

Called Parameter Creation (Japanese: パラメータせってい) in the Japanese versions.

Map Design

Product Testing

Called Debug Play (Japanese: デバッグプレイ) in the Japanese versions.

  • Akiyoshi Kakei
  • Kazuki Tsuchiya
  • Takeo Nakamura
  • Masamitsu Yuda

Special Thanks

  • Tatsuya Hishida
  • Yasuhiro Sakai
  • Wataru Yamaguchi
  • Kazuyuki Yamamoto
  • Akihito Tomisawa
  • Hiroshi Kawamoto
  • Tomomichi Oota


Executive Producer

US Version Staff

US Coordination

  • Gail Tilden
  • Naoko Kawakami
  • Hiro Nakamura
  • William Giese
  • Sara Osborne

Text Translation


Special Thanks

Product Testing


  • Takehiro Izushi

European Version Staff

European Coordination

  • Claude M. Moyse
  • Markus Pfitzner
  • John D. Kraft
  • Naoko Kawakami
  • Yusuke Edasawa
  • Hiro Uesugi
  • Kamon Yoshimura

French Text

  • Julien Bardakoff
  • Jean-Baptiste Fleury

German Text

  • Patrick Fabri

Italian Text

  • Elena Fogazzaro
  • Leonardo Pieri

Spanish Text

  • Susa Alcami
  • Antonio Greppi


Special Thanks

  • Takahiro Harada
  • Kimiko Nakamichi

French Product Testing

NOE Product Testing

  • Kai Zeh
  • MP. Hugo

NOA Product Testing

  • K. Hudson
  • T. Buechele

German & Italian Product Testing

NOE Product Testing

  • Kai Zeh
  • F. Tappert

NOA Product Testing

  • K. Hudson
  • T. Buechele

Spanish Product Testing

NOE Product Testing

  • Kai Zeh
  • Andy Fey

NOA Product Testing

  • K. Hudson
  • T. Buechele


  • Takehiro Izushi

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