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This is a list of staff members who worked on the game Pokémon Pinball for the Game Boy Color. It was published by Nintendo and developed by Jupiter Corporation. The names are taken from the Japanese manual.

Staff list



  • Noriaki Teramoto
  • Daisuke Miyao


  • Masaru Kuribayashi
  • Gotō Hiroyuki
  • Norichika Meguro

Graphic Supervisor


Sound Effects

  • Morikazu Aoki

Sound Driver

  • Tetsuya Watanabe

Sound Direction

Debug Play

  • Super Mario Club

Manual Illustrator

  • Toshinao Aoki

Manual Creation

  • Motoharu Sakata

Package Artwork

  • Hideki Kazama
  • Hiromi Itō

  • Noriyaki Satō
  • Masatoshi Okuno


  • Hiroyuki Jinnai
  • Kunimi Kawamura

Special Thanks

  • Takahiro Harada

Kernel Program

Pokémon Original Story

Executive Producer

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