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Sherman (Japanese: バリー Barry) is a character of the day who appeared in Grooming Furfrou!. He is a famous Pokémon groomer who grooms several Furfrou in his shop. He is currently teaching his young apprentice Jessica in the art of grooming Pokémon.

Sherman first appeared in Serena's travel guide, and the group were excited to meet Sherman in person after encountering Jessica. Seeing Serena and Bonnie's excitement, he suggested Jessica offer them on a grand tour of the salon. Sherman also showcased some of his clients, including Furfrou with a Diamond, the Kabuki and La Reine Trims. Sherman is humble in spite ofhis superstar groomer status. He was well aware of Jessica's struggles with her own Furfrou's stubborness, but reminded her to be patient while they tried to bond. Following the demonstration, Sherman recommended Jessica to take Ash and his friends on a tour around the city.

Later, he proudly watched Jessica style her Furfrou with a Heart Trim after they both bonded with each other.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 浜田賢二 Kenji Hamada
English Jamie McGonnigal
Finnish Henri Piispanen
Hebrew דור סרוגו Dor Srogo
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Krzysztof Cybiński
Brazilian Portuguese César Marchetti
European Spanish Juan Antonio Soler


  • Sherman's English voice actor voiced a character that shares his English name with Sherman's Japanese name.
  • The Italian name of Sherman, Jean Louis, is probably derived from the famous real stylist Jean Louis David.

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