Ranger Mason

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Ranger Mason

Ranger Mason (Japanese: ムトウ Mutō) is a character of the day who appeared in Mother of All Battles.

Mason is one of the Pokémon Rangers in charge of protecting a Pokémon preserve on Mt. Silver. It is the same preserve where the Pokémon Poacher Brothers kidnapped Ash's Larvitar when it was just an Egg and severely wounded the Tyranitar that was Larvitar's mother.

Mason made it her mission to stop the poachers from hurting any more Pokémon. With the help of Ash and his friends, Mason was able to track down the poachers and capture them once and for all. Larvitar was successfully reunited with its mother. Mason thanked Ash and his friends for taking care of Larvitar and helping her capture the brothers, and they continued their journey to the Silver Conference.

In Tie One On!, Professor Elm called Ash with an update from Ranger Mason, saying Larvitar and its mother were doing well.


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On hand

Ranger Mason's Croconaw
Croconaw is Ranger Mason's only known Pokémon and it helps her protect the preserve area. It first appeared with Mason when they turned up to find Ash and his friends being attacked by the Pokémon Poacher Brothers. Later, Team Rocket appeared and Pikachu blasted Team Rocket off with his Thunderbolt together with Croconaw's Hydro Pump. Suddenly, the Poacher Brothers returned and stole Pikachu and Croconaw. In the end, Pikachu and Croconaw were freed with the help of Larvitar and Tyranitar.

Croconaw's only known move is Hydro Pump.

Debut Mother of All Battles!
Voice actors
English Jimmy Zoppi


Larvitar's mother
Tyranitar is the mother of Larvitar and is protected by Ranger Mason from Pokémon poachers. In Address Unown!, an Unown teleported Ash, Brock, and Misty to a dimension that physically manifested images and experiences from Larvitar's life, and Tyranitar was also featured. She was attacked by the Pokémon Poacher Brothers as they stole Larvitar's Egg from her. She was left with a scar on her chest from the confrontation.

She physically appeared in Mother of All Battles, where she mistook Ash and his friends for poachers and attacked them. The group was able to convince Larvitar to return to its mother, who at first it did not recognize. However the reunion was short-lived as the Pokémon Poacher Brothers returned and captured Tyranitar in a Pokébag capture device. In spite of dangling upside down and being zapped from Team Rocket's balloon, Tyranitar freed herself using Hyper Beam which also destroyed the balloon. She was reunited with Larvitar. Larvitar used Hidden Power and Tyranitar used Hyper Beam to send the Poacher Borthers blasting off. In the end, Ash left Larvitar with its mother and in the safety of the Mt. Silver preserve.

Tyranitar and Larvitar also made a brief appearance in Spurt!.

Tyranitar's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut Address Unown!
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
English Rikako Aikawa
Ash's Larvitar
Main article: Ash's Larvitar

After being poached as an Egg, it was Ash's job to return this Larvitar to its mother, a Tyranitar at Mt. Silver. Larvitar was very shy at first but it was able to overcome the shyness during its travels with Ash. It was finally reunited with Tyranitar in Mother of All Battles.

Larvitar and Tyranitar also made a brief appearance in Spurt!.

Debut Lapras of Luxury
Voice actors
Japanese Miyako Itō
English Tara Jayne

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 雪乃五月 Satsuki Yukino
English Tara Jayne
Finnish Elise Langenoja
European French Alexandra Corréa
Norwegian Siv Klynderud
Polish Katarzyna Łukaszyńska
Brazilian Portuguese Angélica Santos
European Spanish Sandra Jara

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