Puerto Blanco

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Puerto Blanco in the 3DS version

Puerto Blanco (Japanese: ブランコハーバー Blanco Harbor) is the first area in Pokémon Shuffle, consisting of ten stages. Amelia guides the player through these ten stages as well as the first stage of the next area, Sandy Bazaar.

The town has many houses, some of which are adorned with hedges. The ground is adorned with images of anchors. The northern section of the area has blue tiles representing water instead of orange tiles representing brick paths. Streetlights line the town's paths. Three boats can be seen docked at the northeastern-most corner of the area. Cars are parked in the center of town. It shares its background artwork with Albens Town.


Stage Pokémon Type HP Moves Catchability EXP Notes
Base Bonus
1 Espurr Espurr Psychic 200 8 75% 5% 8 During the tutorial, the game forces the player's puzzle moves and guarantees the catch.
2 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Grass 360 7 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
75% 4% 7 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
During the tutorial, the game gives the player a Moves +5 for free, but these are not factored into the catchability bonus, making the best possible catch rate 99%.
3 Squirtle Squirtle Water 400 15 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
50% 4% 15 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
4 Charmander Charmander Fire 420 15 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
30% 5% 15 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
5 Eevee Eevee Normal 450 15 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
20% 3% 15 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
During the tutorial, the game forces the player's Poké Ball to fail, giving the player a free Great Ball to show off how it works.
6 Pidgey Pidgey Flying 650 12 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
60% 4% 12 (3DS)
10 (Mobile)
7 Togepi Togepi Fairy 650 10 (3DS)
8 (Mobile)
20% 8% 10 (3DS)
8 (Mobile)
8 Pichu Pichu Electric 800 7 7% 7% 7 3-Pokémon stage.
9 Audino Audino Normal 900 15 (3DS)
12 (Mobile)
60% 3% 15 (3DS)
12 (Mobile)
10 Audino Mega Audino Normal 1200 15 N/A N/A 15 Rewarded with an Audinite, a Jewel, and 1,500 Coins in Shuffle. Rewarded with an Audinite, a Jewel, and 5 Hearts in Shuffle Mobile.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブランコハーバー Blanco Harbor From blanco (Spanish for white) and harbor
English, Italian Puerto Blanco From puerto (Spanish for harbor) and blanco (Spanish for white)
French Port Blanco From port and blanco (Spanish for white)
German Perlhafen From Perl (pearl) and Hafen (harbor)
Korean 블랑코 하버 Blanco Harbor Same as Japanese name
Spanish Bahía Blanca From bahía (bay) and blanca (white)

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