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If you were looking for the character of the day in Master Class Choices!, see Amelia (XY109).
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アミリア Amelia
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Orange
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Generation VI - VII
Games Pokémon Shuffle

Amelia (Japanese: アミリア Amelia) is a character in Pokémon Shuffle. She acts as the tutorial for the game.


  • Espurr stage
"Why, hello! You must be a new Trainer. You're about to start out on a journey to meet Pokémon! I'm Amelia. I'm here to cover all your progress and report it. Get used to seeing this face! Now, where are we off to first?"
"Ah, I spy a wild Espurr over there. Let's check it out!"
"Here you can see some info about this wild Espurr. It's finally time for your first battle, huh? Pretty exciting!"
"Oh, and one more thing! Do you see these Hearts here? Every time you start a battle, you'll use up one Heart. This timer shows how long before you regenerate a Heart."
"Aha! There it is! A wild Espurr! In a battle, line up Pokémon in the puzzle area to attack... ...and reduce your opponent's HP to zero in order to win! Let's see what you can do! Line up Pokémon in the puzzle area to attack Espurr. So make a match of three of the same Pokémon in a row! How about that Azurill right there? If you move it here, you'll have three of them in a row. That's the ticket! How about this Pichu next? Oh, you pulled off a combo by making consecutive matches! Oops, I forgot to mention one thing: your remaining moves! Always pay attention to how many moves you have left. If you run out of moves, your opponent will give you the slip! With that in mind, let's use this Happiny to end the battle! You did it! Your opponent is out of HP and pretty weak!"
"This is your chance to catch it! This'll make a great story. And its catchability is maxed! This should be an easy catch! Tap the Poké Ball below, and show me your moves!"
"Beautiful! This is going to make a great report, thanks to you!"
"You've reached S Rank on your first-ever battle. That’s great! When you defeat a Pokémon, you can get Coins, too. You've got some skills—you're racking up rewards already!"
  • Bulbasaur stage
"Looks like a new Pokémon has appeared! Let's catch it, too! Why not bring along the Espurr you just caught? Set Espurr and it'll join you in the upcoming battle! Slide a Pokémon to this orange box here to set it. That's your support, all set! Now let's get back. If you're all ready for battle, it's time to get started. Oh, but first... Remember the Coins you got? You can exchange them for items before a battle begins. The items you can get will all be a great aid in battle. When you get enough Coins, you might want to use them! But as a special treat, I'll give you a little item today. It increases the number of moves you’ll have in a battle. Good luck out there!"
"That reminds me... You already know to line up three Pokémon to attack. But lining up more than three could also be good, right? For example, you could make a plus sign with this group... ...or even make a line of four matching icons right here! I bet they'd do more damage that a plain match of three! Why not give it a try?"
"Look Espurr earned Exp. Points for beating Bulbasaur! Get enough Exp. Points, and your Pokémon will level up... ...and become stronger! So catch tons of Pokémon and make them real battlers!"
  • Squirtle stage
"The next opponent looks like it'll be Squirtle! It is a Water type. So types like Grass or even Electric should be effective! Why not bring Bulbasaur if you need a Grass type? Try setting Bulbasaur as one of your Support Pokémon! You'll keep on catching more Pokémon from now on, too. If you get unsure about which Pokémon to bring into battle... can always get help from the OPTIMIZE button. If you want to battle effectively against your opponent... ...pick Pokémon based on the ones in the puzzle area! Good, you're all set. On to the battle!"
"You will be able to do more damage than usual... attacking with a type that is effective against your foe. Line up plenty of Bulbasaur to win through this battle, too!"
  • Charmander stage
"We haven’t yet discussed Pokémon's special skills, huh? Each Pokémon has a special skill it can trigger in battle. Try to use one in your battle against this Charmander! Charmander is a Fire type, so that means... could bring the Water-type Squirtle with you! OK, Squirtle is all set. On to the battle!"
"Apparently Squirtle has the Power of 4 skill. Sure sounds like you're going to need four of something. I spy a spot where you could line up four Squirtle... Why not try moving one of your Squirtle to there?"
  • Eevee stage
"Oh, that one got away... Don't worry-you're sure to get it if you use a Great Ball! You usually have to use some Coins, but this one's on me. Give it a try! Fantastic! You'll find that some Pokémon are easier to catch than others. You'll need 2500 Coins to get a Great Ball... ...So try to use them only when you really need to! Having moves left also helps you to catch Pokémon. So I guess your battle skill is really important, too. Beat foes real quick to make it easier to catch Pokémon!"
"Hm? That Eevee you just caught dropped something... Wow! It's a Jewel! It dropped a Jewel! You'll need Jewels if you want to get things in the shop. Let's go check it out! In the shop, you can exchange Jewels for Hearts or Coins. I've also heard that you can buy more Jewels yourself... ...using your Nintendo eShop balance. They're really valuable, so be sure you use them wisely!"
  • Pidgey stage
"Ooh, tricky! The foe is trying to disrupt your moves with that rock! It seems that whenever this number here reaches zero... ...your foe will do something to disrupt you in your play. You'll have to pay attention to your opponent as you move! Break rocks like this one by making matches beside them."
  • Having 4 Support Pokémon on a 3-Pokémon stage
"Oh... The last slot for your Support Pokémon has an icon. That means that you can only bring three Pokémon to this stage."
  • Mega Audino stage
"The next Pokémon you'll face is a bit different than before. It might resemble an Audino, but look close and you'll see!"
"Did you hear that? About Mega Evolution and Mega Stones... I'm not sure what it all means, but it sounds pretty good! So beat that guy, and get your hands on a Mega Stone!"
  • Happiny stage
"You did it! Let's try using that Mega Stone right away! I asked the Trainer back there about how, and he said... ...only the Pokémon you have set in the first position... ...can use Mega Evolution from among your Support Pokémon. And if you don’t have a Mega Stone for a certain Pokémon... it won’t Mega Evolve even if you set it in the first position. The Mega Stone you just got was Audinite, so that means... Let's try putting Audino in the first position! Oops! Ignore me! It's already there, huh? Time to give it a whirl!"
"I'll give you a Heart this one time-I can't wait to see it!"
"I did hear one other thing from that Trainer you battled before. He said match Audino until this gauge here fills up... ...and that's how you can trigger Mega Evolution! Every time you match up three of a Mega-Evolved Pokémon...'ll trigger that Pokémon's special Mega Effects! Now it's showtime!"
  • Mareep stage
"Those Mega Evolution effects were awesome! It looks like it'll come in handy in lots of future battles, too! Oh, and that's not all! It looks like you can now check in your game! When you check in, you'll be able to get all the latest info... ...that any Trainer could want or need! You may even get a chance to meet rare or special Pokémon! You have to connect to the Internet to check in, though. Try it out whenever you have the time! Now I should go, so I can write up my report on your exploits! Thanks for letting me shadow you like this! I hope we'll get the chance to meet again!"
Amelia's recommendation icon
  • Update 1.3
"Hey, friend! Have you been collecting lots of Pokémon? Since you've been working so hard, here's a little reward! See that icon there? That icon shows how much I recommend a Pokémon. More icons means that I recommend it more. Keep an eye out for my icons and get some great Pokémon! Now I should get back to my own work. Good luck!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese アミリア Amelia
Italian, Spanish
Amelia Same as Japanese name
French Amélia Same as Japanese name
German Klara From klar, clear
Korean 아멜리아 Amelia Same as Japanese name

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