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A packet of cards featuring Pikachu
A packet of cards featuring Treecko

Pokémon Advanced Trading Cards was a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards manufactured by Topps in 2003. There were 90 cards in total: 8 character cards, 81 Pokémon cards, and a checklist card. Each of these 90 cards also had a foil card version. In addition, there were 28 bonus "chase cards" not included on the checklist: 18 embossed evolution cards and 10 pop-up cards.

Cards were sold in randomly distributed packets of seven. One card in each packet would be a randomly chosen foil card.

Cards in the Pokémon Advanced series


The first eight cards in the set feature a character or group of characters from the Pokémon anime. On the back of each card is a short bio explaining their role in the series.

Set # Front Title Back text
1 Topps Advanced 01.png Ash Never in his wildest dreams did Ash think he'd see the things he's seen or do the things he's done. With his friend Pikachu by his side, Ash's life is one adventure after another!
2 Topps Advanced 02.png Team Aqua Led by Archie, Team Aqua is perhaps the most unscrupulous team around, stopping at absolutely nothing to capture and control the Pokémon Kyogre, who can summon torrential rainstorms from a clear sky.
3 Topps Advanced 03.png Prof. Birch A Pokémon expert, Professor Birch lives in Houen where he studies Pokémon day and night in his laboratory. A little careless, Birch is nonetheless helpful, and gave May her very first Pokémon.
4 Topps Advanced 04.png Brock One of Ash's best friends, Brock and Ash have had many adventures together through many different lands. More than a little girl-crazy, Brock hopes to be the world's best Pokémon Breeder one day.
5 Topps Advanced 05.png Team Rocket Jessie, James, and Meowth are the three members of this team whose goal it is to get their hands on every rare and special Pokémon they can find the world over — including Ash's Pikachu!
6 Topps Advanced 06.png Team Magma Just as bad as Team Aqua, these two will stop at nothing to get their hands on Groudon, who can calm rainstorms, dry oceans, and create new land. They don't like Team Aqua at all.
7 Topps Advanced 07.png May A young girl who wanted to train Pokémon just so she could travel. May met Ash in Houen, and the two have traveled together on many adventures. May's favorite Pokémon is her Torchic.
8 Topps Advanced 08.png Max A walking Pokémon encyclopedia, May's brother Max joined Ash, Brock, and his sister on their journeys in Houen. He may not have any Pokémon himself, but he knows everything about them.


The remaining cards feature Pokémon. Unlike in Topps's previous sets, these Pokémon cards are ordered alphabetically instead of by their Pokédex numbers. All Pokémon appearing in this set were introduced in Generation III.

Set # Front Pokémon Back text
9 Topps Advanced 09.png Absol A non-evolving Pokémon, Absol is still a mysterious creature, one of the very rare Dark type Pokémon. Quick to disappear into the shadows, to see an Absol is quite an event. To catch one is a lifetime achievement.
10 Topps Advanced 10.png Aggron A Steel/Rock type Pokémon, Aggron is a well-known defender of its habitat, and a large habitat it is — Aggron has been known to claim an entire mountain as its own, defending it from intruders!
11 Topps Advanced 11.png Altaria Look, up in the sky! It's an...Altaria! This Dragon/Flying type Pokémon can often be seen flitting around in the clouds, or making a home on the tallest levels of buildings and mountains.
12 Topps Advanced 12.png Anorith This low-lying Pokémon looks fierce thanks to being a Rock/Bug type. One of the toughest Pokémon around, Anorith is hardy and stubborn — frequently it will act like a rock itself, and refuse to move!
13 Topps Advanced 13.png Armaldo The evolved form of Anorith, this Pokémon is taller and even tougher than its earlier version — and that's saying a lot. It's a good thing it just likes to be left alone!
14 Topps Advanced 14.png Aron A sturdy little Pokémon, Aron loves to dig and can often be found in caves of its own making. Aron is also very social and tends to stay in large groups.
15 Topps Advanced 15.png Azurill One of the friendliest Pokémon, Azurill's blue color and perpetual smile make it one of the cutest a trainer can hope to obtain. Azurill loves to bounce on its tail.
16 Topps Advanced 16.png Bagon A Dragon type Pokémon, Bagon is obsessed with the idea of flying. Don't tell it that it can't, though — it will keep trying and trying all day, jumping up and landing on its head.
17 Topps Advanced 17.png Banette Often found alone in abandoned houses and buildings, this Ghost type Pokémon will scare the yell out of anyone coming near it. Like other Ghost Pokémon, Banette likes to be left alone.
18 Topps Advanced 18.png Beautifly While Bug type Pokémon freak some trainers out, this pretty Pokémon always wins them over. Dozens and dozens often soar aloft together — a swarm of Beautifly is a very beautiful sight.
19 Topps Advanced 19.png Blaziken The final evolution of Torchic, Blaziken hates fires and will always do whatever it can to put them out — whether it's a building burning or its trainer's campfire in the woods at night!
20 Topps Advanced 20.png Cacnea Like the cactus, this Grass type Pokémon is covered with pointy spikes that you always want to stay clear of, as Ash and May have learned. Luckily, Cacnea tend to stay in the desert.
21 Topps Advanced 21.png Cacturne Found in deserts and dry areas, these evolved Cacnea look almost like people with two arms, two legs, and a goofy hat. Unlike people, these powerful Grass type Pokémon are covered with needles.
22 Topps Advanced 22.png Camerupt This large Fire/Ground Pokémon is a wonder of nature — it actually has two volcanoes on its back! Slow-moving and gentle, when this Pokémon gets angry, watch out!
23 Topps Advanced 23.png Carvanha This Water/Dark type Pokémon lives up to its ferocious appearance and can empty swimmers out of any body of water when it's spotted. Only the boldest trainers think of capturing it.
24 Topps Advanced 24.png Castform One of the smallest Pokémon around, this cute non-evolving creature can be trained to mimic different conditions — taking on the characteristics of water, ice, and fire. It's a multi-tasking Pokémon!
25 Topps Advanced 25.png Combusken The first evolution of the Torchic, the Combusken is a Fire/Fighting Pokémon, a creature that;s intent to put out any fire it sees. Trainers thinking it's merely a chicken are in for a surprise!
26 Topps Advanced 26.png Corphish This crab-like Water Pokémon makes its home on the bottom of the sea, content to walk along avoiding all other Pokémon and snapping its massive claws at anything that gets too close.
27 Topps Advanced 27.png Cradily Content to sit and look like a plant, the Cradily is the evolved form of Lileep. Thousands of years ago, Cradilys were plentiful, but now, only a few are found around the world.
28 Topps Advanced 28.png Crawdaunt This evolved form of a Corphish lives on the bottom of the ocean, and rarely ventures into sunlight — a perfect home for a Water/Dark type Pokémon. And watch out — those claws mean business!
29 Topps Advanced 29.png Delcatty This evolved form of a Skitty is just as shy and ready to run as its earlier form, but a whole lot cuter. Delcatty takes tremendous pride in its appearance, and spends hours grooming.
30 Topps Advanced 30.png Duskull Like others of the same type, this creepy Ghost type Pokémon haunts old houses and buildings — floating around and scaring anyone who comes close. It prefers to live with other Ghost types.
31 Topps Advanced 31.png Dustox The pretty colors on Dustox aren't there for show — they're a warning, as many trainers have learned. Its mean look makes it a favorite of Team Rocket's Jessie.
32 Topps Advanced 32.png Exploud This Pokémon loves to be loud, and it's built for it, too. One look at its big mouth lets you know that when the Exploud yells, it's going to be seriously loud, so cover your ears!
33 Topps Advanced 33.png Feebas Like other Water type Pokémon, the Feebas loves to live far away from land in the deep sea where it can, over time, naturally evolve into Milotic. Trainers find it easy to teach.
34 Topps Advanced 34.png Gardevoir The final evolution of the Psychic Pokémon Ralts, Gardevoir is one of the rarest Pokémon in the world. It's easy to see, given its beauty, why many trainers seek it out.
35 Topps Advanced 35.png Glalie The evolved form of a Snorunt, Glalie is an Ice type Pokémon that likes to freeze its opponents solid. Bring a coat, though — this Pokémon isn't very nice, and thinks everyone is its opponent!
36 Topps Advanced 36.png Groudon A mammoth Ground type Pokémon, Groudon is the object of Team Magma's ceaseless hunt. Once they control this legendary Pokémon, they will be able to use it to create more land.
37 Topps Advanced 37.png Grovyle This evolved form of a Treecko loves forests, especially dense ones that allow it to jump from tree to tree. A Grass type Pokémon, Grovyle is characteristically many shades of green.
38 Topps Advanced 38.png Grumpig Rarely seen with a smile on its face, this Psychic type Pokémon can always be identified thanks to its curly tail. Unlike its earlier version, though, the Grumpig rarely bounces on its tail.
39 Topps Advanced 39.png Hariyama A giant Fighting type Pokémon, Hariyama is a wonder to behold, causing even experienced trainers to tremble. Thanks to its thick layer of fat, the Hariyama is one of the toughest Pokémon ever!
40 Topps Advanced 40.png Illumise A sweet-looking Bug Pokémon, Illumise is recognized thanks to its glow. Its shine is about the only thing going for it. As many trainers have learned, this Pokémon isn't the brightest bulb.
41 Topps Advanced 41.png Kecleon One of a handful of Pokémon that doesn't evolve, this Pokémon can change its body color to match its surroundings — allowing it to sneak up and surprise trainers and even other Pokémon.
42 Topps Advanced 42.png Kirlia The first evolution of the Ralts, this delicate Psychic Pokémon is always looking to be mischievous. It's also recognizable due to its shorter skirt compared to the long, elegant gown of Gardevoir.
43 Topps Advanced 43.png Kyogre The object of Team Aqua's never-ending hunt, Kyogre is a giant Pokémon that can cause rain — even on a clear day. Team Aqua hopes to capture Kyogre and raise the sea level everywhere.
44 Topps Advanced 44.png Lairon This formidable Steel/Rock type Pokémon is a true wonder to behold. Compact and looking like a stone, Lairon often hides itself in boulder fields — avoiding other Pokémon and even trainers.
45 Topps Advanced 45.png Latias Fiercely independent, Latias would fly all day if it could. Legendary even among other Pokémon, every trainer would love to one day have a Latias in their own collection.
46 Topps Advanced 46.png Latios Similar to Latias, Latios is likewise a Dragon/Psychic Pokémon. While the Latias is gentle, though, the Latios is aggressive. It takes a strong trainer to control this legendary Pokémon.
47 Topps Advanced 47.png Lileep This ancient Pokémon is only rumored to exist, and stories are told that it has been extinct for thousands of years. However, there are other stories that some Pokémon Centers have brought the species back.
48 Topps Advanced 48.png Linoone This small Pokémon is at home in the woods and near streams of Houen. While it looks cute and lovable, watch out! Those claws mean business, and it can scare off many other Pokémon.
49 Topps Advanced 49.png Lotad This Water/Grass type Pokémon is perfectly at home in ponds and still water, where it blends in with other plants. Many times, people and other Pokémon pass it by without knowing it!
50 Topps Advanced 50.png Loudred Plug your ears, the Loudred's near! How can such a noisy Pokémon evolve from a Whismur? It seems that this Pokémon always has something to say, and it says everything very loudly!
51 Topps Advanced 51.png Ludicolo This jovial-looking Water/Grass Pokémon loves the water, even though it can walk on land. On rainy days, it loves to stand in a storm, and collect water in its broad, hat-like head.
52 Topps Advanced 52.png Makuhita Think Makuhita's hands look like boxing gloves? You're right! This Fighting type Pokémon may not be very big, but what the compact Makuhita lacks in stature is made up for in attitude!
53 Topps Advanced 53.png Marshtomp At home in swamps and muddy ground, this Water/Ground type Pokémon have been the reason many trainers have found themselves covered in mud from head to toe!
54 Topps Advanced 54.png Masquerain Thanks to the spots on its wings, this Pokémon looks a lot scarier than it is. Even though it's small in size, many trainers have mistaken it for a much larger, scarier Pokémon.
55 Topps Advanced 55.png Medicham Looking like it's always got a good thought in its mind, this Fighting/Psychic Pokémon likes to keep to itself, and lives in remote locations where it can sit and think. Do not disturb!
56 Topps Advanced 56.png Meditite The unevolved form of Medicham, this Pokémon looks like it is always sitting and thinking. Many a trainer has been fooled by its innocent and cute appearance, though — it's one tough customer!
57 Topps Advanced 57.png Minun An Electric type Pokémon, perpetually cheerful Minun has a characteristic minus sign on its cheek and tail. Like Pikachu and others of its type, this Pokémon gives quite a jolt!
58 Topps Advanced 58.png Mudkip A cute Pokémon who is at home in mud puddles, this Water type Pokémon is known on sight by many trainers by its tail fin. Try to catch it and you'll get muddy!
59 Topps Advanced 59.png Nosepass This Pokémon lives in the mountains and caves of Houen, and rarely, if ever, ventures too far from its rocky home. And if you think its nose is something, you should see it sneeze!
60 Topps Advanced 60.png Numel Sleepy-looking Numel can always be found near fire or volcanoes — an appropriate home for this Fire/Ground type Pokémon. While it looks gentle and easygoing, Numel is very independent.
61 Topps Advanced 61.png Nuzleaf Living in the dark recesses of the forest, Nuzleaf's mysterious eyes can often be seen peering at travelers behind leaves and branches. Shy and very skittish, Nuzleaf prefers its own company.
62 Topps Advanced 62.png Pelipper A Water/Flying type Pokémon, Pelipper's most distinguishing characteristic is its huge mouth — which allows it to scoop up its dinner or occasionally drop water on an unsuspecting opponent. Splash!
63 Topps Advanced 63.png Plusle This non-evolving Electric type Pokémon is easily identifiable by the mark on its cheek and tail. Cute as a button, Plusle is a favorite with many new trainers in Houen.
64 Topps Advanced 64.png Poochyena Appearing after the sun goes down, Poochyena (a Dark type Pokémon) will make the hair on its tail bristle to scare away enemies. Combined with its fangs, it's almost always successful.
65 Topps Advanced 65.png Ralts This small Psychic Pokémon can sense the moods of people nearby, so a happy trainer means a happy Ralts. Unfortunately, a sad or angry trainer means a Ralts in the same mood.
66 Topps Advanced 66.png Roselia Roselias are red, Roselias are blue, and if you are a trainer, you'll want two! But watch out for their thorns, they hurt! These delicate Pokémon are very hard to find.
67 Topps Advanced 67.png Sableye Spookiest of the Dark/Ghost type Pokémon, Sableye is at home in the places that give most people the shivers. Luckily, Sableye is as shy as it is scary, so it's rarely, if ever, seen.
68 Topps Advanced 68.png Salamence The final evolution of the Bagon, the glorious Salamence is the only version with wings, which it uses to soar with other Dragon types. It's a dream of every Bagon to become a Salamence.
69 Topps Advanced 69.png Sceptile A resident of the jungles and forests of Houen, the Grass type Sceptile is very, very rare in the wild. Even an experienced trainer like Ash rarely, if ever, sees one.
70 Topps Advanced 70.png Sealeo Making its home in the chilly waters, this Pokémon is known by its whiskers. But watch out — a natural clown, Sealeo often steals its trainer's Poké Balls and balances them on its nose!
71 Topps Advanced 71.png Seedot This sun-loving Grass type Pokémon is quiet and shy, and often gathers in large groups with others. With the right trainer, sun, and water, Seedots can evolve into Nuzleaf, and even Shiftry!
72 Topps Advanced 72.png Seviper As Ash has found out, a wild Seviper can be very dangerous. Seviper's bite is deadly to both trainers and other Pokémon, and often requires recuperation in a Pokémon Center.
73 Topps Advanced 73.png Sharpedo At home in the deep sea depths near the islands off of Huaon, Sharpedo often travels in schools and poses a danger to any traveler whom it sees as a threat.
74 Topps Advanced 74.png Shiftry By the time Seedot fully evolves into Shiftry, this Pokémon has come to love the darker areas of forests, preferring to hide in the shadows rather than see the sun.
75 Topps Advanced 75.png Shroomish This short, Grass type Pokémon is very shy, as Ash and Masato have learned. Along with living in grass and fields, Shroomish often takes up residence in abandoned buildings.
76 Topps Advanced 76.png Skitty This sugary-sweet Pokémon is the favorite of female trainers everywhere. Thanks to its happy face and ever-present smile, any trainer with a Skitty can't help but smile themselves.
77 Topps Advanced 77.png Slakoth This sleepy Pokémon can often be found in jungles, but chances are it won't be awake — it prefers to sleep the entire day away, only waking up to eat and scratch.
78 Topps Advanced 78.png Spinda This non-evolving Pokémon seems to always be happy, as if it's listening to a happy song. At home in many places, Spindas can be identified by their spiral eyes and spots.
79 Topps Advanced 79.png Spoink A bouncing, Psychic Pokémon, Spoink looks like a pig with a ball balanced on its head. While it is friendly, like other Psychic Pokémon, it prefers to be left alone.
80 Topps Advanced 80.png Swampert With its large fins, Swampert is able to tell if storms are approaching. If it senses one, this Water/Ground Pokémon will pile stones up around itself for protection.
81 Topps Advanced 81.png Taillow Often mistaken for a songbird, Taillow can fly with the best of the birds, yet will evolve into a Swellow with the right trainer and the proper attention and nutrition over time.
82 Topps Advanced 82.png Torchic This Fire type Pokémon may look cute, but trainers would do well to remember what their mothers told them — never play with fire. This adorable Pokémon can accidentally set fires when started.
83 Topps Advanced 83.png Trapinch This Ground type Pokémon can chomp, chew, and cut its way through any field or forest with ease. Its evolution is spectacular, as it changes from a small, round creature to a delicate, winged Pokémon.
84 Topps Advanced 84.png Treecko This small Grass type Pokémon is unflappable — nothing ever seems to bother it. Facing down the largest Pokémon, nothing can shake the Treecko's calm, cool, and collected nature.
85 Topps Advanced 85.png Vigoroth The first evolution of Slakoth, this Pokémon is a little more active — but not by much. As many trainers have found, Vigoroth is very rare in the wild, but some Centers have taken them in.
86 Topps Advanced 86.png Volbeat A small, non-evolving Bug type Pokémon, Volbeat is very proud of its appearance and its delicate wings. Rarely, if ever, seen in the wild, many trainers wonder if Volbeat even exists.
87 Topps Advanced 87.png Whiscash While small, this Water/Ground Pokémon is very territorial, and vigorously protects any pond it lives in with shakes of its powerful tail. When it's upset enough, this Pokémon can cause small earthquakes.
88 Topps Advanced 88.png Wynaut One of the sweetest Pokémon a trainer will ever see, the Wynaut is a Psychic Pokémon with a lot of potential. Small and unassuming, this Pokémon always keeps its trainer happy.
89 Topps Advanced 89.png Zigzagoon This furry Pokémon is at home in the forests of Houen, living a quiet life in packs. While they're normally quite docile, when the pack is threatened, they can be quite dangerous.


Topps Advanced 90.png
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Chase cards

Embossed evolution cards

There are 18 embossed evolution cards in the set, representing six three-stage evolutionary lines. Each evolution card is die-cut in a way that when the three stages of the evolutionary line are placed together, the shapes of the cards will fit together. Additionally, the image of the Pokémon and the Pokémon logo are embossed.

Set # Front Pokémon
1 None.png Treecko
2 Topps Advanced E02.png Grovyle
3 None.png Sceptile
4 None.png Mudkip
5 None.png Marshtomp
6 None.png Swampert
7 Topps Advanced E07.png Torchic
8 None.png Combusken
9 Topps Advanced E09.png Blaziken
10 None.png Ralts
11 None.png Kirlia
12 None.png Gardevoir
13 Topps Advanced E13.png Whismur
14 None.png Loudred
15 None.png Exploud
16 None.png Aron
17 None.png Lairon
18 None.png Aggron

Pop-up cards

There are 10 pop-up cards in the set. Each pop-up card has an image of a Pokémon which can be punched out and then propped up using the rest of the card for support.

Set # Front Pokémon
1 None.png Torchic
2 None.png Mudkip
3 None.png Pikachu
4 Topps Advanced P04.png Treecko
5 None.png Combusken
6 None.png Groudon
7 Topps Advanced P07.png Latios & Latias
8 None.png Sceptile
9 None.png Kyogre
10 None.png Absol



  • On several cards, Hoenn is misspelled as "Houen". This may be a translation oversight rather than a true error as "Houen" is a common romanization for the Japanese name of the region.
    • This is further misspelled on Sharpedo's card, which spells it as "Huaon".
  • Another possible translation/localization oversight is card #75 Shroomish, which refers to Masato, Max's Japanese name (despite that card #8 mentions Max by his English name).

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