Pokémon Card Game Rule Song

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Pokémon Card Game Rule Song

The Pokémon Card Game Rule Song (Japanese: ポケモンカードゲームルールソング) is a song explaining the basic rules and terms of the Pokémon Trading Card Game as of the Sun & Moon era. It was released on the official Japanese YouTube channel on January 26, 2017. An instrumental version was released on the official Japanese Pokémon TCG YouTube channel on February 2, 2017.

The Japanese Pokémon TCG YouTube channel has since uploaded several cover versions of the song by their hosts on February 2, 2017, May 27, 2017, December 25, 2017, December 25, 2018, December 25, 2019.

It was followed by the Pokémon Card Game Rule Song: Sword & Shield Edition during the Sword & Shield Era.


Japanese English
ウェルカム トゥー ポケモンカード!
ポケカは お気に入りのポケモンたちで バトルするゲームだ!
はじまりのあいさつで 握手!

カードを60枚 これがキミのデッキ
山札にデッキを ぜんぶ置いたら 7枚 引こう
これが キミの手札!
サイドに6枚 置いたなら バトルスタート!

キミの番! 1枚 引こう!
トレーナーズカードは いろんな効果!使ったら トラッシュ!
進化カードで ポケモン どんどん進化させよう!強くなる!
エネルギーカードは ポケモンへ!タイプ 合わせて!
エネルギー 集まれば ワザうてる!
さあ 攻撃だ!ダメカン 置こう!

ワザうったら キミの番は 終わり!
ワザうてないなら 終わりを宣言!

バトルポケモンは ダメージに耐えられるか?
ピンチににげてもOK!ベンチから出て いっけー!
タイプの相性 考えて 配置しろ 勝負を分けるのは そのイロ
特性 持ってる ポケモン 毎回 いいこと あるんだもん

強いポケモンを 育てるのがポイントだ!
決め手は GXワザ!
相手のポケモンを「きぜつ」させれば サイドカードを とれる!

強いポケモンを 倒せばデカいぞ!
サイド2枚 一気にとれる!
サイドをぜんぶ とれば キミの勝ち!!

ヤルカ!ポケカ! ポケカ!ヤルカ!ポケカ!
ヤルカ!ポケカ! ポケカ!ヤルカ!ポケカ!
ヤルカ!ポケカ! ポケカ!ヤルカ!ポケカ!
ヤルカ!ポケカ! ポケカ!ヤルカ!ポケカ!

さあ もうひと勝負だ!
Welcome to the world of Pokémon Trading Card Games!
Pokémon TCG is a game where you battle your favorite Pokémon!
You first begin by giving a handshake!

You have 60 cards to form your deck
Once all the cards are in the deck, draw seven cards
This is your Hand!
From here
Lay out your Active Pokémon!
Have your Benched Pokémon on standby!
Once the six Prize cards are set aside, the battle begins!

Now, it's your turn! Draw a card!
Trainer cards have many effects. Move them into the Discard Pile after use.
Evolve your Pokémon with Evolution cards! Get stronger!
Energy cards are for Pokémon! Match them to their types!
When you gathered enough energy, you can use your Attack!
Let's charge! Tally up with the Damage Counters

Once you Attack, your turn ends!
When you can't Attack, declare your turn over!

Now, it's your opponent's turn
Can your Active Pokémon withstand the damage?
It's okay to run away when in a tough spot, just get off the Bench and go for it!
Think about the Pokémon's type compatibility and place them where they'll make the difference
When a Pokémon has an Ability, something good happens in every turn

The key is to raise strong Pokémon!
Solgaleo-GX, Lunala-GX!
Decide the match with GX attacks!
If you Knock Out your opponent's Pokémon, you'll get a Prize card!

Defeating a strong Pokémon is a huge deal!
Turn the tables! Total reversal!
If you knock out a Pokémon-GX
You can get two Prize cards at once!
Get all Prize cards and you win!

Let's do it! TCG! TCG! Let's do it! TCG!
Let's do it! TCG! TCG! Let's do it! TCG!
Let's do it! TCG! TCG! Let's do it! TCG!
Let's do it! TCG! TCG! Let's do it! TCG!

Come on, let's have another match!

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