Pokémon Card Game Rule Song – Sword & Shield Ver

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Pokémon Card Game Rule Song – Sword & Shield Ver
Pokémon Card Game Rule Song: Sword & Shield Edition

The Pokémon Card Game Rule Song – Sword & Shield Ver (Japanese: ポケモンカードゲームルールソング ソード&シールド編 Pokémon Card Game Rule Song: Sword & Shield Edition) is a song explaining the basic rules and terms of the Pokémon Trading Card Game as of the Sword & Shield Era. It was written, composed, and performed by Naotaka Uchida and arranged by Rhythmic Toy World.

It was released on the official Japanese YouTube channel on August 17, 2020. The Japanese Pokémon TCG YouTube channel has since uploaded a cover version of the song by their hosts on December 24, 2020. The song was later dubbed into English and released on the official Pokémon Asia ENG YouTube channel on January 28, 2022.

A Thai version of the song performed by Janchan & Millie Snow was released on the official Thai YouTube channel on October 5, 2022. A Mandarin Chinese version of the song written by The Pokémon Company, composed by The Pokémon Company, Chih Siou, and Everydaze, produced by The Pokémon Company, Everydaze, and Chung Wei-Yu, and arranged by The Pokémon Company and Everydaze was released on the official Traditional Chinese Pokémon Trading Card Game YouTube channel on November 4, 2022.

It was preceded by the Pokémon Card Game Rule Song during the Sun & Moon Era.



Japanese English
ポケポケモン ポケモンカード

じゃんけんポンで まずは先行後攻を決めよう
デッキは60枚 山札に置いて
7枚ひこう これが手札
ポケモンにトレーナーズ エネルギーカード
バトル場に配置 ベンチにも待機
山札の上から サイドに6枚置いたなら
ドキドキと ワクワクを 胸に秘めバトルスタート

キミが先攻 まず最初の一手
ワザ サポート まだ使えないやないや
番は終わり 相手の番です

普通は1枚 Vなら2枚 VMAX倒せば3枚取れる

(ダイマックス、キョダイマックス、ムゲンダイナ ムゲンダイマックス)

自分の大好きな ポケモンを使ったデッキや

ポケポケモン ポケモンカード
何回でも熱くなれる この気持ち
いくつになっても 忘れたくない
ポケポケモン ポケモンカード
勝つか負けるか ハラハラのその先で
笑い合う 僕らがいる

ポケポケモン ポケモンカード
Poké-Pokémon Pokémon Trading Card Game

Decide who goes first with rock-paper-scissors
Shake hands to wish each other good luck!
Place down 60 cards as your deck
Draw 7 cards for your Hand
There are various cards in the TCG
Pokémon, Trainer, and Energy card
If you have a Basic Pokémon in your hand
Place them on the battlefield or by the Bench
From the top of your deck, set aside six Prize card
Start the battle with thrilling excitement in your heart

You go first, so draw out your first move
Attack and Supporter, you can't do those yet
Match the Energy to its Type
When your turn is over, it's now the opponent's turn
Can you withstand their attacks?
Your precious Pokémon
Can Knock Out or be Knocked Out
Take all the Prize cards to win!

The number of Prize cards you can take depends on the Pokémon
It's normally one, but two when you beat a V and three with a VMAX
The one who gets it all wins

If you are about to be defeated, run to the Bench!
(Use Item, Supporter, and Stadium, and never give up until the end!)
Pokémon become stronger when they evolve
(Dynamax, Gigantamax, Eternatus Eternamax)

Whether it's the deck with your favorite Pokémon
Or the combo deck that utilizes their Abilities
My favorite deck that I used for the first time

Poké-Pokémon Pokémon Trading Card Game
This feeling where I can get excited over and over again
I don't want to forget it no matter how old I get
Poké-Pokémon Pokémon Trading Card Game
Whether it's a win or lose, you're on the edge of your seat
We're laughing at each other
Let's have another match

Poké-Pokémon Pokémon Trading Card Game


Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card

Decide who goes first, in a game of scissors paper stone
Be a good sport, and go and shake each others’ hand
60 cards in a deck, grab it and place it on the deck zone
Draw seven cards per man, now baby that’s your hand
So many types of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game
Pokémon cards and Trainer cards and Energy cards, they’re not the same
Make sure you have your basic Pokémon card in your hand
Place it in the active spot, wait on the bench, think of a plan
"Now take the first 6 cards of the deck
Go on and set them aside, for the prize"
Now your prep is done, go and have some fun.
Brace yourself, the battle starts in 3, 2, 1

If you’re going first on your very first start,
Attack (and) Supporter cards are not allowed, no
Attach energy to match your Pokémon’s card
Your turn’s done, it’s their turn to go
Here come the enemies to attack your Pokémon
Now you must be ready whenever
Gotta do the knocking out or you get Knocked Out
Now go get the win it’s now or never

The Prize cards you get depends on the type of the Pokémon
"Take one card for a regular, take two if it’s a Pokémon V
Take three cards if you get to beat a Pokémon VMAX"
If you take all Prize cards, that means you win the game

Retreat to the bench if your Pokémon’s about to get Knocked Out
Use Items, Supporters, Stadiums, don’t give up and have no doubt
When Pokémon evolve they get stronger in attacks
Dynamax, Gigantamax and the eternal Eternamax

All your favourite Pokémon, inside this very special deck
The combo deck utilizing abilities
Your favourite deck that you used first

Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card
My passion burns brighter each and every time I battle
No matter how old I get, I never want to forget
Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card
Victory or Defeat, I’m always right at the edge of my seat
Smiles all around, the joy that I’ve found
Shall we go one more round?

Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card



By ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル


By Pokémon Asia ENG


By Pokémon Thailand Official


By 【官方】寶可夢集換式卡牌遊戲頻道

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 寶可夢集換式卡牌遊戲 規則曲 Pokémon Jíhuànshì Kǎpái Yóuxì Guīzéqǔ
Thailand Flag.png Thai โปเกมอนการ์ด Rule Song Pokémon Card Rule Song

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