Pokémon Battle e: Series 2

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Pokémon Battle e: Series 2 (Japanese: 第2弾 ポケモンバトルカードe+ Second Shot: Pokémon Battle Card e+) is the second collection of Battle e cards. It provides a new array of Trainers to battle as well as new Berries to use in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It was released in Japan only.

Release date

  • Japan: October 17, 2003

Set size

There are 54 cards in the set. 48 of them are Trainer cards; 6 are special Berry cards.


This collection retains all of the elements featured in the previous set. An additional feature is the appearance of Trainers with Shiny Pokémon. Due to the poor reception of the e-Reader outside of Japan, this set and all subsequent releases were never translated.

Card packs

Sharp Claw

Card ID Card Name
08-B001 PKMN Breeder Mami
08-B002 Ruin Maniac Toshitsugu
08-B003 Expert Koto
08-B004 Black Belt Masaru
08-B005 Tuber Harue
08-B006 Ninja Boy Yū
08-B007 Rich Boy Matsuo
08-B008 Dragon Tamer Kuen

Cursed Showdown

Card ID Card Name
08-B009 Cool Trainer Shizu
08-B010 Rich Boy Junpei
08-B011 Kindler Jo
08-B012 Gentleman Fiennes
08-B013 Black Belt Danpei
08-B014 Beauty Yuka
08-B015 Lass Yōko
08-B016 Hex Maniac Fukune

Reversal Blow

Card ID Card Name
08-B017 Psychic Kiyoshi
08-B018 Ninja Boy Toshinao
08-B019 Bird Keeper Otoya
08-B020 Triathlete Natsuko
08-B021 Hex Maniac Sadayo
08-B022 Collector Junji
08-B023 PKMN Breeder Shinji
08-B024 Expert Fugen

Battle without Conclusion

Card ID Card Name
08-B025 Hex Maniac Rina
08-B026 Ninja Boy Ruizō
08-B027 Triathlete Nozomu
08-B028 Guitarist Kyōhei
08-B029 Bug Catcher Yukio
08-B030 PokéFan Makio
08-B031 Battle Girl Noriko
08-B032 PKMN Ranger Hoyoshi

Self-Confidence not Wasted

Card ID Card Name
08-B033 School Kid Tomoyasu
08-B034 Gentleman Anthony
08-B035 Triathlete Ryō
08-B036 Guitarist Daikichi
08-B037 PKMN Breeder Shigenobu
08-B038 PKMN Ranger Reina
08-B039 PKMN Breeder Momoko
08-B040 Cool Trainer Ihara

Steady Power

Card ID Card Name
08-B041 Psychic Satoe
08-B042 Bird Keeper Suekichi
08-B043 Aroma Lady Miyoko
08-B044 Lady Moet
08-B045 School Kid Chisa
08-B046 Hex Maniac Sueno
08-B047 PokéFan Shigeko
08-B048 Cool Trainer Umami

Berry cards

Card ID Card Name
08-K007 Ginema Berry
08-K008 Kuo Berry
08-K009 Yago Berry
08-K010 Touga Berry
08-K011 Niniku Berry
08-K012 Topo Berry


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