Big Fruit Strategy!

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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Big Fruit Strategy!

(Japanese: フルーツだいさくせん! Big Fruit Strategy!) is the name of a Pokémon-based e-Reader application. It is a minigame. Three cards are required to play this minigame: Misty's Politoed, Misty's Corsola and Ross's Wailmer, all of which were only available in the 5th Movie Half Deck.

In the game, the player controls Totodile, who is swimming in a body of water. The goal is to collect as much fruit as possible before crossing the finish line, all while avoiding crashing into the many Tentacruel floating in the water. Each type of fruit is worth a different amount of points: banana bunches are worth 300 points each, apples are worth 600 points each, melons are worth 1000 points each, and watermelon halves are worth 5000 points each. The directional pad is used to veer left and right, and the A button is used to speed up. The entire stretch is 100 meters long, with a "timer" showing how many meters are left. If Totodile crashes into a Tentacruel, it will get stung and temporarily become immobile. After recovering, Totodile flashes and is invulnerable for a few seconds.


  • This is the only e-Reader minigame that requires a card of a Generation III Pokémon.
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