Exciting Hide and Seek

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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Exciting Hide and Seek

(Japanese: ドキドキ かくれんぼ Exciting Hide and Seek) is the name of a Pokémon-based e-Reader application from the P Promotional cards. It is a short cartoon featuring Larvitar and Pikachu. Two cards are required for the Exciting Hide and Seek application: Pikachu and Larvitar.

Version 1

A hedge is shown in front of a mansion. Larvitar walks in front of the hedge and looks around. The top of Pikachu's head is visible moving behind the hedge. Pikachu jumps up and sees Larvitar, and so ducks to hide. Both Pokémon walk off opposite sides of the screen, and walk back onto it, this time Pikachu in front of the hedge and Larvitar's horn visible behind it. Pikachu notices Larvitar and jumps in alarm. Larvitar's horn disappears, and Pikachu gets confused. Pikachu walks to the center of the screen and Larvitar suddenly jumps on top of the hedge. Pikachu is startled and falls down, looking at the viewer disappointedly. Larvitar hops in celebration of its victory, wearing a triumphant grin.

Version 2

A hedge is shown in front of some trees. Pikachu walks in front of the hedge, and Larvitar's horn is visible moving behind it. Pikachu notices, and ducks to hide. Both Pokémon walk off opposite sides of the screen. larvitar then walks in front of the hedge, while the top of Pikachu's head is visible moving behind it. Larvitar notices, and waits for pikachu to duck behind the center of the hedge. Larvitar jumps on top of the hedge to surprise Pikachu, but looks around, confused, as Pikachu isn't there. Pikachu then crawls through the hedge, giving a "shh," gesturing for the viewer to be silent, and sneaks off, leaving Larvitar confused.


Given the title and the presence of Pikachu, Larvitar, and a mansion with hedges, this application is probably based on the Pikachu short Pikachu's PikaBoo, of which the Japanese title is "Pikachu's Exciting Hide-and-seek."

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