Paldea Evolved Build & Battle Box (TCG)

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Paldea Evolved Build & Battle Box
SV2 Build Battle Box.jpg
Box art
Expansion Paldea Evolved
Types used WaterPsychicDarknessColorless

The Paldea Evolved Build & Battle Box was released as a prelude to the Paldea Evolved expansion and offered people the opportunity to experience the cards before their general release on June 9, 2023. Tournaments were typically held on the weekends of May 27-29 and June 3-4, 2023. Boxes could also be purchased from stores in the Prerelease Program from May 26, 2023; they were also included in copies of the Paldea Evolved Build & Battle Stadium, which were sold from June 23, 2023.

Each box included a ready-to-play 40-card deck plus four Paldea Evolved booster packs to potentially integrate useful cards into it. Decks comprised two of four possible groups of cards, including an alternate-art promotional card, as well as 17 basic Energy cards and an assortment of Trainer cards. The possible promotional cards included Baxcalibur, Tinkaton, Murkrow, and Pelipper. Paldea Evolved Build & Battle Boxes were categorized as Play Level 2.

The boxes could provide exclusive Non Holofoil versions of cards only available as Holofoil in Paldea Evolved booster packs: Lokix, Baxcalibur, Tinkaton, Boss's Orders, as well as both Professor Sada's version of Professor's Research and Professor Turo's version of Professor's Research from Scarlet & Violet.

Box structure

Section 1

Each box included two of the following four different groups of Pokémon cards; one group always coincided with the enclosed promotional card.

Baxcalibur group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
058/193 G Frigibax Water
059/193 G Arctibax Water
060/193 G Baxcalibur Water
041/193 G Paldean Tauros Water
181/198 G Nest Ball I
179/193 G Dendra Su
189/193 G Superior Energy Retrieval I

Tinkaton group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
100/193 G Tinkatink Psychic
103/193 G Tinkatuff Psychic
105/193 G Tinkaton Psychic
180/198 G Nemona Su
171/193 G Artazon St
188/193 G Super Rod I
191/193 G Luminous Energy Rainbow E

Murkrow group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
131/193 G Murkrow Darkness
170/193 G Flamigo Colorless
189/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su 0-1×
190/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su 0-1×
196/198 G Ultra Ball I
177/193 G Clavell Su

Pelipper group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
158/193 G Wingull Colorless
159/193 G Pelipper Colorless
020/193 G Nymble Grass
021/193 G Lokix Grass
175/198 G Jacq Su
172/193 G Boss's Orders [Ghetsis] Su
184/193 G Grusha Su

Section 2

Each box also included two random (1 if Pelipper Group included in box) Trainer cards from the following, with no more than two copies of a particular card.

Trainer cards
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
198/198 G Youngster Su 0-2×
183/193 G Great Ball I 0-2×

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