Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box (TCG)

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Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box
SV1 Build Battle Box.jpg
Box art
Expansion Scarlet & Violet
Types used WaterLightningFightingMetal

The Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box was released as a prelude to the Scarlet & Violet expansion and offered people the opportunity to experience the cards before their general release on March 31, 2023. Tournaments were typically held on the weekends of March 18-19 and 25-26, 2023. Boxes could also be purchased from stores in the Prerelease Program from March 18; they were also included in copies of the Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Stadium, which were sold from March 31, 2022.

Each box included a ready-to-play 40-card deck plus four Scarlet & Violet booster packs to potentially integrate useful cards into it. Decks comprised two of four possible groups of cards, including an alternate-art promotional card, as well as 17 basic Energy cards and an assortment of Trainer cards. The possible promotional cards included Quaquaval, Pawmot, Hawlucha, and Revavroom. Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Boxes were categorized as Play Level 2.

The boxes could provide exclusive Non Holofoil versions of cards only available as Holofoil in Scarlet & Violet booster packs: Quaquaval, Dondozo, Pawmot, Revavroom and both Professor Sada's version of Professor's Research and Professor Turo's version of Professor's Research.

Box structure

Section 1

Each box included two of the following four different groups of Pokémon cards; one group always coincided with the enclosed promotional card.

Quaquaval group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
051/198 G Bruxish Water
052/198 G Quaxly Water
053/198 G Quaxwell Water
054/198 G Quaquaval Water

Pawmot group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
074/198 G Pawmi Lightning
075/198 G Pawmo Lightning
076/198 G Pawmot Lightning
191/198 G Rare Candy I

Hawlucha group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
008/198 G Scatterbug Grass
009/198 G Spewpa Grass
010/198 G Vivillon Grass

Revavroom group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
061/198 G Dondozo Water
062/198 G Tatsugiri Water
140/198 G Varoom Metal
142/198 G Revavroom Metal

Section 2

Each box also included six random Trainer cards from the following, with no more than two copies of a particular card.

Trainer cards
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
175/198 G Jacq Su 0-2×
178/198 G Mesagoza St 0-2×
180/198 G Nemona Su 0-2×
181/198 G Nest Ball I 0-2×
185/198 G Poké Ball I 0-2×
189/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su 0-2×
190/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su 0-2×
194/198 G Switch I 0-2×
196/198 G Ultra Ball I 0-2×
198/198 G Youngster Su 0-2×

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