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PS552 : They Have a Flare for a Li'l Kanga-Napping
X & Y arc
PS554 : Kangaskhan...Kangascan't
Sylveon Enchants
Nymphia, Charm
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 553 in Vol. 56
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 5 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

Sylveon Enchants (Japanese: ニンフィア、魅せる Nymphia, Charm) is the 553rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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After showing Lysandre footage of the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal at Vaniville Town, Professor Sycamore asks him his thoughts. Lysandre asks to see the video again, and notes that the two Legendary Pokémon are each other's counterparts. He points out a bush in the video, which Yveltal's tail happens to touch. When it does so, the bush entirely withers away. Afterward, Xerneas steps onto it, and the leaves of the bush grow back. Realizing that Yveltal takes life and Xerneas gives life, Sycamore announces that the two Pokémon are opposites. He agrees to give Lysandre a copy of the video, then calls over his assistants. Lysandre thanks Sycamore for his time, and before departing, vows to help make the world a more beautiful place.

On Route 2, Y attempts to have her Eevee mimic her facial expressions. Eevee runs away from Y, jumping onto her face and leaping off. Shauna asks Trevor and Tierno why Y is staring at Eevee, and Trevor reveals that she had just caught it the day before. Y yells at X that Eevee isn't mimicking her, and accuses him of lying to her. Hiding under his tent as Y approaches, X explains that the Trainer is the one who has to mimic the Pokémon, not the other way around. He tells her that by acting in the same way, the Pokémon will understand that it shares a connection with its Trainer. Y yells at him for not teaching her correctly, then tries to prevent Eevee from running away from her.

Y commands her Froakie to use its Frubbles to stop Eevee. Froakie attempts to do as Y says, but when it walks up to Eevee, the latter widens its eyes and smiles, causing Froakie to blush. Y commands for Froakie to attack, but its punch barely touches Eevee. Tierno notes that Froakie has become allured by Eevee, and Shauna is disappointed in it. To Y's surprise, Eevee returns to her and re-enters its Poké Ball, where it soon falls asleep. Y is frustrated, but determined to do what it takes to become friends with Eevee. She wonders if she should feed it a Poké Puff or pet its fur, and Shauna is surprised she's still willing to befriend it. To Trevor's shock, Y reveals that she has already given the Eevee a nickname—Veevee. He smiles, happy that Y has realized that she needs more Pokémon to defend herself and the group after they were attacked at the inn.

Standing behind some bushes, two Team Flare Grunts watch the group, glad to have spotted X, who is in possession of a Mega Ring. They discuss how to approach them.

Y prepares a basket of Poké Puffs, which she sets on the ground. Tierno asks to feed one to Veevee, and Y says to give it one with plenty of toppings on it. Trevor notes that Veevee seems to be friendlier toward Y than it was before, but Shauna suggests that it only acts this way when it eats. Before Tierno can feed the Poké Puff to Veevee, it runs off. Y and the others chase after it, and are led to a miniature Game Corner. Determined to use the Game Corner as an opportunity to bond with Veevee, Y walks up to the manager to ask to participate.

The manager first introduces her to Head It, a game in which participants must order their Pokémon to bounce a falling ball of yarn off of their heads. Y calls out Fletchy and Froakie to participate with Veevee. The manager announces the start of the game, and when Y first tells Veevee to jump and bounce the ball off its head, it misses. On the second try, it succeeds. They keep playing, and by the end of the game, the manager announces that Y has only scored three points. Furious, Y demands to try Tile Puzzle next.

When Y leaves, Trevor approaches X's tent and encourages him to help cheer on Y. He declines, then hands Trevor a booklet. He points to an article describing the move, Baby-Doll Eyes. When Trevor asks about it, X explains that it is a Fairy-type move, and that he had seen Veevee use it on Froakie earlier. Trevor is excited that Veevee has already learned a move from a newly discovered type. When Trevor goes to tell Y about it, he finds her wearing her Sky Trainer Suit.

Y and Veevee prepare to play Berry Picker, a game in which a Trainer will have to pick a Berry for their Pokémon from a tree. Y clips on her helmet, and when Veevee signals the type of Berry it wants her to pluck, she takes off soaring into the sky. Y quickly grabs the Berry from the tree and brings it to Veevee. Y continues to pick Berries at a rapid pace, and while watching her play, her friends begin to realize that Y is able to anticipate which Berry Veevee wants before it can signal to her.

Smiling, X begins to watch her play, but suddenly spots something lurking behind the leaves of the tree. A Sliggoo jumps out, grabbing Y by her helmet and hoisting her upside down. The two Team Flare Grunts from earlier reveal themselves on the tree's branches. They demand for X to give them his Mega Ring, threatening to melt Y's head with Sliggoo's slime if he does not comply.

Suddenly, Veevee jumps into the tree, charging for Sliggoo. Sliggoo blasts Veevee and covers it with sludge, causing Y to call out its name in fear. While the grunts laugh, X begins to smile, pointing out that Veevee and Y have become friends. As Trevor and Shauna yell at him in confusion, Veevee—encased in sludge—begins to fall from the branch. A ribbon shoots out from the sludge and wraps itself around the tree branch. The grunts stare up in shock as a Sylveon swings itself into the air. Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno are all surprised to see that Veevee has evolved, and Trevor is stunned that Veevee didn't evolve into any of Eevee's previously discovered evolved forms.

After knocking the grunts into the air with its ribbons, Veevee walks up to Sliggoo and plants a Draining Kiss on its cheek. Drained of its energy, Sliggoo stumbles backward, freeing Y from its grasp. In tears, Y wraps her arms around Veevee.

Happily walking with Sylveon, Y and the group continue onward as they carry on with their journey.

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