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PS149 : Curious Kingdra
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS151 : Lovely Lanturn
Chinchou in Charge
VS チョンチー
VS Chonchie
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 150 in Vol. 12
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 150 in Vol. 12
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Tohjo Falls

Chinchou in Charge (Japanese: VS チョンチー VS Chonchie), titled Light Up My Days, Chinchou! in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 150th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 60th chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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Brock, Misty and Erika, the three Gym Leaders of Kanto who were once the only "good" Gym Leaders of their region, are crossing the Tohjo Falls on their way to the Pokémon Association meeting at Goldenrod City. Noticing that the bridge over the Falls is broken, Brock calls out his Onix to act as a crossing over the two sides.

Brock comments that the Pokémon Association's request for a meeting seems urgent and that the S.S. Aqua wasn't available at the time they received the request. Erika suddenly trips on her robe but is steadied by Brock. All this while, Misty remains lost in thought. Suddenly, the Gym Leaders are attacked by a flock of Zubat, Golbat and Crobat. Brock calls out his Kabutops and six Geodude to defend, but the flock manages to distract Onix such that its tail loses grip on one side of the falls. Brock and Erika hold onto Onix, but Misty tumbles into the water.

Misty sends out her Starmie to prevent herself from drifting towards the edge of the waterfall, but then notices a Krabby holding itself against a rock and struggling to do the same. Misty goes to rescue it, only for both of them to fall into the waterfall.

Meanwhile, Janine is the first Gym Leader to arrive at the Goldenrod City meeting organized by the Pokémon Association Chairman. She and Bill ask why the Gym Leaders are meeting. The Chairman explains that they are gathering to discuss a new rule with him - he proposes that those who collect all eight Gym Badges of their region gain direct entry into a Pokémon League tournament without needing to qualify for it. This would motivate people to challenge Gym Leaders, and prevent Badges from being put to use in evil ways. The Chairman then reveals a second reason for their meeting, by playing a video of a masked man wearing a long, black robe.

Misty, one of the Gym Leaders on their way to the meeting, finds herself in the rock shelter behind the Tohjo Falls with both her Starmie and the Krabby that she tried to save. She recalls the day she was supporting Red as he prepared to face examination in order to become Viridian City's new Gym Leader - she remembers feeling sad after seeing Red video-call Yellow. Misty also remembers that Red passed over the Gym Leader status because of his injured wrists, and wonders whether he has recovered. Suddenly, something charges into the waterfall, and Misty calls out her Chinchou to light up the area around her.

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PS149 : Curious Kingdra
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS151 : Lovely Lanturn
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