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PS124 : Scrappy Skarmory
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS126 : Jumping Jumpluff!
Misdreavus Misgivings
VS ムウマ
VS Muma
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 125 in Vol. 10
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 125 in Vol. 10
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Unnamed village

Misdreavus Misgivings (Japanese: VS ムウマ VS Muma), titled VS Paralyzes[sic] in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 125th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 35th chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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In a village in Johto, a young man stands on the top of a small building, his index finger and middle finger pressed against his forehead, eyes closed. Villagers stand below, watching him, calling up to him if he sees anything. One man comments that he is the "trainer with eyes for a thousand miles". It is then revealed that he is the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City. Suddenly, the man opens his eyes, and announces that he can see it, which is a lady's Girafarig, which had been separated from her when she was young.

Everyone travels to the mountain, where a lone Girafarig is spotted, and the lady and her Pokémon unite. The man, whose name is Morty, is thanked by the village. The lady curiously asks Morty if he can see anything he wants to. He replies that he can see almost anything; he has looked for two things that he couldn't find so far: Ho-Oh and Suicune, which his friend Eusine had asked him to look for. The lady then quickly calls for a radio. The radio tells of the Legendary Pokémon which escaped from the Burned Tower, and that this Pokémon's name is Suicune. Morty hurries away with his Misdreavus and Gastly.

It's not long before Suicune appears before Morty. After a quick battle, Suicune runs into the village. However, before it can get far, it starts to slow down, and is soon paralyzed. Morty tells Suicune that Gastly had set out little electric waves using Thunderbolt in the black mist back in the forest. Morty wastes no time throwing a Great Ball at Suicune, which goes straight through its head. Morty looks around as the village and Suicune begin to deteriorate, then transform into four images of Morty, standing around him, all with the same shocked expression. As he reaches out to touch one, it shatters, as do the others. Morty is back in the forest, and his Misdreavus is paralyzed. The illusion and the paralysis is because of Mirror Coat. Morty tries to look for Suicune again, but fails. He accepts defeat and calls Eusine, telling him that he saw Suicune, but "suffered a miserable defeat".

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PS124 : Scrappy Skarmory
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS126 : Jumping Jumpluff!
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