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PS056 : The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
Yellow arc
PS058 : The Kindest Tentacruel
Ekans the Ecstasy
VS アーボ
VS Arbo
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 57 in Vol. 5
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 17 in Evolution Action
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 57 in Vol. 5
Series Pokémon Adventures

Ekans the Ecstasy (Japanese: VS アーボ VS Arbo) is the 57th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Yellow appears ready to battle the Team Rocket Elite Trio. But then four of Yellow's Pokémon scatter and are blocked by Team Rocket's Pokémon. Ken says that he is ready to have a "little battle". Ken shows Yellow that his Voltorb and Electrode are faster than Yellow's Doduo, surprising Yellow. Al's Slowpoke uses Confusion on the S.S. Anne again and Yellow starts to worry more about the passengers of the ship than himself. Dody uses Whirlwind and all of Yellow's Pokémon, except for Dody and Pika, disappear. Al's Slowpoke gives the ship one final Confusion, and every passenger (except Yellow) falls down into the ocean, while the Team Rocket Elite Trio is lifted up into the air.

Then a strange thread wraps around the passengers. It's Kitty's String Shot! The thread is as good as lifesavers! The passengers of the S.S. Anne swim back to Vermilion City. Team Rocket seem to be ready for a possible counterattack, but their legs are frozen from Omny's Ice Beam! Due to a misjudgment of Al's, Team Rocket falls into the sea, but swim up to the surface. Harry has his Ekans and Weezing attack with Acid and Sludge, respectively, pushing Yellow off the S.S. Anne. Fortunately, Gravvy is there to catch Yellow. Pika gives Ekans and Weezing a fatal Thunder Shock. Then Team Rocket finds that the S.S. Anne is cut in two because of Ratty's teeth and Gravvy is holding the two parts of the ship, with Yellow on top. With the threat of half a ship over them, the Team Rocket Elite Trio is forced to surrender.

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PS056 : The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
Yellow arc
PS058 : The Kindest Tentacruel
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