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PS007 : Raging Rhydon
Red, Green & Blue arc
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Suddenly Starmie
VS スターミー
VS Starmie
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 8 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 8 in Starmie Surprise
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 8 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

Suddenly Starmie (Japanese: VS スターミー VS Starmie) is the eighth chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Arriving at a huge mansion, Red is in disbelief that Misty actually lives there. Her maids come out to greet her, and Misty introduces them to Red. With their clothes drying on a clothesline, and their Pokémon being restored back to full health, they both approach a large dining table for dinner, Misty wearing a large, elegant dress.

As they all eat, Red relays the events that happened in Mt. Moon to Misty's maids. Misty interrupts his bragging, telling Red that their Pokémon will be back to full health soon, and once that happens, they need to start seriously training, anticipating that the Team Rocket Grunts in Mt. Moon won't be Team Rocket's strongest Trainers. Red brushes her off, saying he knows how to deal with them. Misty is shocked at his nonchalant reply, saying that he'll get hurt if they don't take proper precautions. He dismisses her worries again, saying she wouldn't talk like that to him if she hadn't been incapacitated during the fighting in Mt. Moon. Enraged and on the verge of tears, Misty storms out of the dining room.

Later that night in a guest bedroom, Red lies in bed wondering if he said something wrong. He dismisses the thought, saying he doesn't have the time to train when he could be asking out one of the maids in the mansion. A mysterious wind sweeps through the room, quickly picking up him and everything else, but fortunately Saur is able to use his vines to hold him close to the ground, keeping them both safe. The wind dies down, leaving the entire room completely wrecked. Red is left to wonder about what happened, before noticing a Gyarados scale left on the ground.

The next morning, Red is eating breakfast, thinking that someone might be after him. Several of Misty's maids approach him, and quickly figures out that they want to watch him battle. He decides to prove his skills to them by challenging the Cerulean City Gym, causing the maids to start giggling among themselves. Misty enters the room, offering to take him to to the Gym Leader herself.

They walk all the way to the Gym at the edge of the city, and Misty invites him inside. Unable to find the Gym Leader after searching through every room, Red wonders whether they're even at the Gym. Misty then reveals herself as the Gym Leader. Red, not wanting to believe it, asks where the actual Gym Leader is, to which Misty has her Starmie blast the wall next to him with water in response. She starts aggressively approaching him, not waiting for him to prepare to fight as she commands Starmie to blast him with a wave of water, soaking him. Misty taunts Red that it was her who attacked him last night, baiting Red into a proper battle as he sends out Saur.

He tries attacking with a Vine Whip, but they're both easily dispatched by Starmie's Bubble Beam. Red finally asks what's been bothering Misty, and, in tears, tells him that she thought he knew she wanted to work together as a team. She stresses that they need to cooperate or else they won't have any chance at taking down their enemy, and that they need to be at their strongest to do it. They quickly make up, and Misty takes Red's hand as they go to train.

Several days later, Red leaves Cerulean City on his own, Misty deciding they should separate to develop their unique skills on their own after training against each other. Misty looks forward to meeting Red again. Red turns back to say goodbye, revealing a Cascade Badge pinned to his shirt.

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  • Misty claims that Starmie wasn't enough at Mt. Moon, but she only used her Staryu at the time, so it's really just her assumption, and is a poor example to prove her point to Red.

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PS007 : Raging Rhydon
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS009 : ...But Fearow Itself!
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