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PR3 : Episode Three
Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission
PR5 : Episode Five
Episode Four
Episode 4
Location Krokka Tunnel

Episode Four (Japanese: 第4話 Episode 4) is the fourth chapter of the Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission manga.


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Tiffany reveals that the instruments of the Go-Rock Quads contain the Super Stylers whose designs were stolen from Professor Hastings. Solana gets angry to learn that in addition to stealing the Manaphy Egg and controlled Deoxys, they stole Professor Hastings's designs. To prove it, Tiffany releases a Capture Disc and begins having it spiral around Solana's Plusle.

Tiffany explains that the Super Styler is over three times as powerful as a regular one and was modified by Garret to work by the sound of their instruments. Tiffany wonders if the Styler is even powerful enough to capture Solana's partner, Plusle. Tiffany states that Solana should just give up, as nothing could stop the Go-Rock Squad's goal of obtaining the Sea Crown.

At the Ringtown Ranger Base, Professor Hastings and Iyori watch Solana's battle with Tiffany over a video screen and react with horror. Spenser, with Elita, Joel, and their Pokémon, asks if the sounds coming from Lunick and Solana's Stylers are from battles with the enemy. Professor Hastings asks why they have come when they are still injured from their defeat. Spenser claims that the wounds aren't that bad, but states that it actually took all of their strength just to come there.

Although Professor Hastings tells him to not over-exert himself, Spenser states that he can't just sit around while Lunick and Solana are fighting the enemy. Elita states that the Sea Crown that was mentioned makes her worried. Elita states that in the constantly moving and hidden Temple of the Sea, the Sea Crown is found inside. Professor Hastings confirms this and states that only Manaphy knows how to find the Temple of the Sea, which means that the Go-Rock Squad aims to use Manaphy to obtain the Sea Crown.

When Spenser asks where Cameron is, Professor Hastings states that he is most likely at the battle, but unconscious. This angers Spenser, who wants find a way to help Lunick and Solana. Joel begins looking for a way to help and begins tracking Lunick and Solana's current location. Although they find Solana's, Lunick's Styler is too damaged to track and must have been the work of Deoxys. Joel asks Professor Hastings for his repaired Styler, since his probably has some information on it because it was the last to be destroyed. Hastings states that Solana has a copy of the data, but Joel says that since he was the one who was there, he can gather more information from it.

Back inside the Krokka Tunnel, Lunick's Capture Disc is smashed by Billy's Tyranitar. Billy states that without his Capture Disc, Lunick has been reduced from a Ranger to an ordinary brat. Billy's Super Styler guitar shoots a Capture Disc, which surrounds Deoxys. Billy plays his guitar, turning Deoxys into its Speed Forme and having it strike Lunick with its tentacle. Lunick manages to roll out of the way, but Clyde shoots a Capture Disc from his drums and turns Deoxys into its Attack Forme. Deoxys attacks again and sends Lunick flying. Garret uses his bass guitar to have Deoxys turn into its Defense Forme and stop moving.

Lunick realizes that the brothers' instruments are Stylers that they use to control Deoxys. He figures out that if Clyde, Garret, and Billy play their instruments, they can shift Deoxys between its Attack, Defense, and Speed Formes, respectively. Billy corrects Lunick's guess, and states that when they defeated the Ranger Leaders, Garret just angered Deoxys and let it rampage. Since they now control Deoxys freely, Lunick is fighting a harder battle than, Spenser, Joel, and Elita did.

This angers Lunick, who states that controlling and manipulating are words that insult Pokémon. Garret sends a Scyther which takes Lunick into the air. Billy states that the battle is over and suggests having Scyther drop Lunick to the ground like the trash he is. Garret notices Lunick's Minun and suggests capturing it before finishing off Lunick. The three brothers shoot Capture Stylers into the air, which begin spiraling around Minun.

Garret explains to a confused Lunick that while a regular Styler can move around the ground and water, the Discs of a Super Styler can fly around the air freely. The brothers state that without his partner and the failure of the mission, Lunick will be nothing. While Minun attempts to resist the capture, Lunick notices Solana battling from below. Solana sees Lunick being held in the air and gets a mail from Joel on her Styler.

Tiffany gets angry from Solana ignoring her and has her Camerupt attack with its flames. Solana blocks the attack with her Phanpy's Ground Poké Assist and attacks with her Graveler's Rock Poké Assist. Tiffany gets angry from Solana's repeatedly running away and states that she won't get away. Lunick watches the battle from above and tells Minun that he has a last resort plan to jump off of the Scyther's blade.

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PR3 : Episode Three
Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission
PR5 : Episode Five
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