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PR2 : Episode Two
Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission
PR4 : Episode Four
Episode Three
Episode 3
Location Krokka Tunnel

Episode Three (Japanese: 第3話 Episode 3) is the third chapter of the Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission manga.


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The Go-Rock Quads have Deoxys hold Lunick and Solana captive in its tentacles. The Quads introduce themselves in order of birth: Tiffany, Clyde, Garret, and Billy. Lunick and Solana review the plan the Quads had, which was to obtain the energy form they called Manaphy's Egg. When Lunick asks what they plan on doing with it, Clyde states that since it's an Egg, they intend on hatching it. Garret almost reveals how they plan on hatching it, but Billy states that they're saying too much information.

Tiffany is given the Egg to take to the Quad's hideout and teases Lunick as she leaves on her Camerupt. Solana tells her to come back, but Lunick assures that they'll succeed the mission because they're pros. Lunick notes that in addition to their initial mission to capture Deoxys, they now have to retrieve the Manaphy Egg, thus making this a W Mission.

Billy states that they no longer have any business there, so they decide to leave. Garret tells Deoxys that it's free to rampage as it likes and has it squeeze Lunick and Solana harder. Lunick and Solana note that their Capture Discs are still turning and have them return to their Stylers. The Discs fly past Deoxys, which causes it to lash out and attack them while freeing Lunick and Solana from its grasp. Now freed, Lunick sends Solana after Tiffany while he stays behind to capture Deoxys.

As he prepares another Capture Disc, Garret gets annoyed at Lunick's plan. Clyde notes that although it was ordered to rampage as it wishes, they will still have to stay behind to actually get Deoxys to do anything. Clyde bangs his drums, turning Deoxys into its Attack Forme and has it lash out at Lunick. Lunick manages to get out of the way and has Glalie use an Ice Poké Assist. The Poké Assist creates a wall of ice that surrounds Deoxys, but it just breaks the ice easily with its tentacles, damaging the Styler in the process.

Lunuck tries to use a Fire Poké Assist with Quilava, but Deoxys breaks the flames with its Defense Forme. Lunick notes that every time Deoxys breaks the Capture Line, it causes feedback that damages his Styler. Billy guesses that Lunick must be worried that he will suffer the same fate that Spenser, Joel, and Elita did. Billy states that the Quads don't go easy on people and has his Tyranitar punch Lunick and sends him flying. Billy notes that even if the Styler still works, without the Disc, it is useless. Billy has his Tyranitar crush the Capture Disc under its foot.

At the Sekra Range Tiffany sings to herself about the Quads acquiring of the Manaphy Egg and her heading off to their secret hideout. She is stopped by a miniature tornado, which is revealed to be the work of Solana's Swellow. Solana demands that Tiffany hand over the Egg, but she states that she doesn't have it on hand. Solana sees through the ruse and has Swellow blow a gust of wind at some mushrooms, which reveals that a Parasect was hiding in them whilst holding the Egg.

Annoyed, Tiffany commands her Camerupt to attack. Solana guesses that the Camerupt must be listening to Tiffany against its own will and has her Wurmple use a Bug Poké Assist. The Poké Assist covers Camerupt and Tiffany is a stick web-like fluid, much to Tiffany's displeasure. Annoyed, Tiffany has Camerupt throw the fluid on top of Solana and Plusle, getting them stuck in it as well. Solana notes that Tiffany's strategy even surpasses those of Rangers and wonders how she'll be able to get past it. Solana notes that Tiffany has been playing her violin repeatedly and must be relaying feelings towards the Pokémon. Tiffany reveals that there is a Styler embedded in her violin; the Super Styler that was developed by Professor Hastings.

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PR2 : Episode Two
Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission
PR4 : Episode Four
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