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Quotes from her male counterpart: Hilbert (game)/Quotes

These are Hilda's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Black and White

Battle Subway

  • At the Multi Train and Super Multi Train platforms
"Hi! I'm Hilda! You're challenging the Multi Train for the first time, right? You can't take this challenge alone. You need a partner!" / "Hi, <Player>! Nice to see you again!"
  • Before boarding the Multi Train or Super Multi Train
"Are you here by yourself today? Why don't you team up with me, then? It'll be fun! What sort of Pokémon should I use?"
Focused on Attack: "OK. I'll focus on Attack! Then, let's begin!"
Focused on Defense: "OK. I'll focus on Defense! Then, let's begin!"
Focused on Balance: "OK. I'll focus on a balance between Attack and Defense! Let's begin!"
  • After losing/retiring a challenge
"That was really fun! Let's battle together again!"
  • At stops
"There's still a lot more to go, but let's do our best!"

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Hilda (Masters)

Hilda's regular and Special Costume variants share their voice lines unless mentioned otherwise.

Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited for the first time
"I'm Hilda! When it comes to Pokémon battles, you can count on me! Trust me, I'm really good at this stuff!"
  • Subsequent recruitments
"Team battles with you are fun! Can't wait to keep working with ya!"
  • After being recruited (Summer 2022)
"Hi, I'm Hilda! Festivals are all about having fun. Let's get out there and have a blast!"
  • After being recruited (Sygna Suit)
"Hi, I'm Hilda! No matter what kind of battle we're heading into, I'm always ready to win!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"Let's get going, then!"
"Let's team up!"
  • Sync pair viewer (Summer 2022)
"No matter who our opponents are, we'll come out on top."
"Fireworks are exciting! They put everything on the line for one moment of shining glory."
  • Sync pair viewer (Sygna Suit)
"Winning isn't the only thing that makes battles fun, you know."
"Feel the power!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Yup, good choice!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Summer 2022)
"I can't wait to battle!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Sygna Suit)
"Okay! Leave it to me!"
  • Selection screen (with Hilbert on the team)*
"You and I are stronger together, Hilbert!"
  • Selection screen (with Cheren on the team)*
"The best way to learn is to have a battle!"
  • Selection screen (with Bianca on the team)*
"Leave all the attacking to me, Bianca."
  • Selection screen (with N on the team)*
"N! Stop thinking so hard and just enjoy the battle!"
  • Selection screen (with Alder on the team)*
"My passion for battling rivals even yours!"
  • Selection screen (with Rosa on the team)*
"Let's go, Rosa! Try to keep up with me."
  • Selection screen (with Nate on the team)*
"Nate! Let's battle as much as we can!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See ya!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Summer 2022)
"See you later!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Sygna Suit)
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"Yeah, just like that!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Summer 2022)
"We gotta have a battle to try this out."
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Sygna Suit)
"Yeah! I can't wait to test this out!"
  • Upon leveling up
"All right, I got stronger! Feels great."
  • Upon leveling up (Summer 2022)
"We're doing great."
  • Upon leveling up (Sygna Suit)
"Let's keep getting stronger!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"How do you like me now? Pretty strong, huh?"
  • Upon reaching max level (Summer 2022)
"The fire in our hearts will never go out!"
  • Upon reaching max level (Sygna Suit)
"I feel invincible now!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"I can still get even stronger."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Summer 2022)
"Check out our power."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Sygna Suit)
"I feel like we're better than ever!"
  • Upon evolving Pokémon
"Woohoo! Time to celebrate!"
  • Receiving EX style
  • Receiving EX style (Summer 2022)
"Let's have some fun!"
  • Receiving EX style (Sygna Suit)
"Lookin' awesome!"
  • During conversation
"I knew you could do it!"
"Go for it!"
"Stop messing around!"
"Stop it!"
"No way."
"Ow, ow, oww!"
"Ehehehehe, heh."
"I'm giving this all I've got!"
"I can't lose!"
  • During conversation (Summer 2022)
"Awesome job."
"You've got this."
"Oh, come on!"
"I dunno."
"Let's do this!"
"Thanks a bunch!"
"Sure thing!"
"Oh, wow!"
"Eheh, eheheheh."
"See you later!"
"Let's battle!"
"We're in this to win!"
  • During conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Eh, heheh, uh..."
"Super cool!"
"Nice one!"
"You've got this!"
"Now I'm mad!"
"Uhuh, uhuh, hh."
"No way..."
"I'm on it."
"Countin' on ya!"
"I see!"
"Full speed ahead!"
"There's no way we're gonna lose!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Morning! Let's go get 'em again today!"
"Morning! I'm looking forward to a bunch more Pokémon battles today!"*
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Hi! Afternoon already, huh? What are you up to?"
"Hi! Now that you're here, let's go have some fun!"*
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Hey! Still ready for more, huh?"
"Hey! Is it that late already? Time sure does fly!"*
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Summer 2022)
"We're burning with so much excitement today, not even the sun can outshine us!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Summer 2022)
"I can't wait for the next festival to come around! Until then, let's enjoy some Pokémon battles!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (Summer 2022)
"Whenever you're at a festival, you've gotta see and try everything you can!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Sygna Suit)
"Morning! C'mon, let's get battling already!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Sygna Suit)
"Hey. Wanna team up for a few battles today?"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (Sygna Suit)
"Oh! Is it dark already?! But I've still got so much I wanna do today!"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, this is for you!"
  • During special gift conversation (Summer 2022)
"Got a present for you."
  • During special gift conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Here, try using this!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
"All right!"
  • Co-op match screen (Summer 2022)
"Let's do this!"
  • Co-op match screen (Sygna Suit)
  • VS screen
"This battle is mine to win!"
  • VS screen (Summer 2022)
"Let the battle begin!"
  • VS screen (Sygna Suit)
"This battle is ours to win!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
"Let's go!"
  • Sending out Pokémon (Summer 2022)
  • Sending out Pokémon (Sygna Suit)
  • Using Pokémon move
"Right there!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Summer 2022)
"Get 'em!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Sygna Suit)
  • Using item
"Here I go!"
  • Using item (Summer 2022)
"Let's go!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Here's my shot!"
  • Using Trainer move (Summer 2022)
"Come on!"
  • Using Trainer move (Sygna Suit)
"Here you go!"
  • Using sync move
"I'm giving this all I've got!"
  • Using sync move (Special Costume)
"Let's get going, then!"
  • Using sync move (Summer 2022)
"Time for a throwdown!"
  • Using sync move (Sygna Suit)
"Victory is ours!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
"Come on!"
"Keep it up!"
"Trust me!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill (Summer 2022)
"It's on!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill (Sygna Suit)
  • Uh-oh!
"I'm giving this all I've got!"
  • Switching in
"Okay, let's keep it coming!"
  • Switching in (Summer 2022)
"My turn!"
  • Switching in (Sygna Suit)
"Our turn!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"All right, nice work!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Summer 2022)
"Shake it off."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Sygna Suit)
"Good job!"
  • "Nice" emote
  • "Nice" emote (Summer 2022)
"Good one!"
  • "Nice" emote (Sygna Suit)
"Not bad!"
  • "Watch out" emote
"Look out!"
  • "Watch out" emote (Summer 2022)
  • "Watch out" emote (Sygna Suit)
"Watch out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"Mmm-hmm, that's right!"
  • "Let's do this" emote (Summer 2022)
"Let's have some fun!"
  • "Let's do this" emote (Sygna Suit)
"We're on fire!"
  • "Thanks" emote
  • "Thanks" emote (Summer 2022)
"Thanks a bunch!"
  • "Thanks" emote (Sygna Suit)
  • Defeat
"Huuuh... I gave it my all, and I still lost..."
  • Defeat (Summer 2022)
"We'll do better next time."
  • Defeat (Sygna Suit)
"Aw, man..."
  • Victory
"I won't go down that easy!"
  • Victory (Summer 2022)
"That battle was a scorcher!"
  • Victory (Sygna Suit)
"Ehehe. Victory!"
  • Victory (with N on the team, speaks first)*
"You were awesome, N!"
  • Victory (with Hilbert on the team, speaks first)*
"On to the next battle!"
  • Victory (with Rosa on the team, speaks first)*
"That was awesome, Rosa!"
  • Victory (with Nate on the team, speaks first)*
"We're totally in sync!"
  • Victory (with Cheren on the team, speaks first)*
"Not bad, Cheren!"
  • Victory (with Bianca on the team, speaks first)*
"Battling makes me hungry."
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 18 - Team Unova
  • Team Unova: Part 1
"Hey, Cheren! Hilbert told me everything. If it's about Pokémon battles, leave it to me!"
"I've always wanted to team up and battle with you two. We'd be like Team Unova!"
"Yeah, right back at ya!"
"All right! Now that we have a full team, let's train! Victory or bust!"
"We'll show you our teamwork!"
  • Team Unova: Part 2
"Yeah, truth be told, I feel really relieved."
"You can't hide it from us, Cheren. We're a team, after all!"
Main Story Villain Arc - Unova - Team Plasma & Two Heroes
  • The One to Rule the World
  • Wearing her sygna suit
"The crowd's getting so charged up!"
"Yeah! Time for our last walk down the runway!"
  • Two Gone Missing
"Phew, it's finally over!"
"When Elesa invited me, I said OK 'cause I thought we were gonna battle!"
"I didn't realize she was actually inviting me to be in a fashion show..."
"Of course! My heart was pounding like crazy!"
"Anyway, has anyone seen N?"
"N isn't the kind of person to say he'd come and then not show up... I wonder what's up."
"That doesn't sound like good news."
  • For the Kind People
"We came because we were told a wounded Pokémon was brought here!"
"It seems interested in Hilbert."
"It looks like it wants to tell him something."'
"Wait, so N was taken by Team Plasma after all?!"
  • Sync Pairs' Hearts Align
"Get out of the way!"
"Hilbert, you guys go ahead! We'll keep them busy here!"
"You too!"
"Now...let's get it started!"
"Don't think you can beat us with just strength!"
"We care for our Pokémon and the people around us! And that makes us way stronger than you!"
"We wanna help our friends, and we feel that deep in our hearts!"
"That's why we won't lose to the likes of you!"
"We're back, everyone!"
"Of course!"
  • N and Hugh
"We'll win, no matter how many of them come!"
"Of course!"
"N might be here–somewhere!"
"Knowing that gives me strength!"
  • One Blow to Break Through
"C'mon! Who's next?"
"Yeah! Let's do this!"
"Hilbert! We'll deal with Team Plasma! I'm counting on you to fight the Shadow Triad!"
"Well done, Hilbert!"
  • Keep Moving Forward!
"We did it! We finally found you!"
  • Two Heroes
"You're gonna fuse Zekrom and Kyurem?!"
"Now your plan won't work!"
"I'm happy to see they've stopped causing trouble..."
"But I can't help worrying they might be planning things behind the scenes."
"Don't act like you weren't involved..."
"Is he always like this?"
"N! Hilbert! We were waiting for you two!"
"Now! Time for a battle!"
Battle Villa
  • Before battle
"Hey! You made it, <player>! Guess it's time for us to battle it out then, huh!"
"I'm not gonna go easy, all right? Same goes for you!"
  • After being defeated
"That was awesome! You're stronger than ever, <player>!"
"I guess it's time for my Pokémon and I to hit the training area! Next time, we'll beat you for sure."
"Let's battle again soon, OK? Real soon! No backing down!"
Story Event - The Girl in Black and White
  • Intro
"Come on, <player>! Let's go! Time to get our team in perfect sync, and battle it out nonstop!"
  • The Sweets Festival!
"Just a little farther, <player>! We're almost to the front! It's been ages since I've had a Casteliacone. I'm so excited!"
"They really, really are! Watch, one bite and you'll be addicted!"
"Plus, they're made to look like Vanillite, so they're really cute, too! "
"Wow, I didn't realize you were that interested! Why the sudden curiosity about Casteliacones?"
"You really love learning, huh! As for Casteliacones, I think tasting one for yourself will be a lot more helpful than asking me to describe them."
"Plus, it'll be more fun that way! Am I right?"
"D-dumb ice cream? Dumb ice cream?!"
"Casteliacones are famous! They always sell out immediately, even in Castelia City, where they're originally from!"
"Waiting in line for hours to get your hands on one is part of what makes it so delicious! You really don't get it at all, do you?!"
  • Plan vs. Action
"What?! I wouldn't call it reckless. How will you know if something's gonna work or not if you don't jump in there and give it a try?"
"Traveling around the Unova region taught me to take the initiative."
"If you stop and think for too long, sometimes you end up missing your chance."
"What I'm trying to say is that it's good to take action! You can always reflect on things later."
"That's how I intend to raise my Tepig—from now until she evolves into a fiery Emboar!"
"What's your stance, <player>?"
I prefer to take action!: "I thought you'd say that! I've always felt like we were pretty similar in that regard!"
"Or it'll help Roxanne realize that taking action is more important than planning everything out!"
"You're on!"
  • Thorton's Proposal
"That was awesome, <player>! Another win for us!"
"And I knocked down the competition with brute strength!"
"What?! H-how could they sell out so soon?!"
"Shoot! I was really looking forward to having a Casteliacone today."
"Huh?! Analysis? You didn't even ask us first!"
"Are you serious?!"
  • Synergy beyond Analysis?!
"It's like we were totally in sync! We make such an awesome team!"
"The question is how, though, right? Our battle styles are still polar opposites."
"Wait, are you saying we were so in sync that we broke your machine? How awesome is that!"
"Woo-hoo! Finally!"
"NOOO! They're totally melted!"
"I...guess so? Maybe? Why don't we just come back again tomorrow and wait in line for a good, not-melted one?"
"We'll have plenty of time to chat while we wait. Maybe we can get to know each other a little better!"
Story Event - Fight or Fright
  • Frightful Festivities
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Yep! The real battles are just getting started!"
Halt! Who goes there?!: "Haha! Aren't you funny tonight! 'Tis I, a worthy challenger!"
I recognize that voice...: "Haha! I thought I could surprise you, but you're too quick for me, <player>!"
  • After appearing, as Hilda
"Come on, let's have a Pokémon battle! Hilbert, I challenge you!"
"Of course! Wherever the Pokémon battles are, that's where I'm gonna be. No one loves battling more than me!"
"Ohhh, I know what you're talking about! Haha! OK!"
"Duh! "If two Trainers' eyes meet, they've got to have a Pokémon battle!" Come on, let's go! I'm coming at you with everything I've got!"
"Exhausted already? You're just getting lazy now, Hilbert. Remember how hard we used to fight on the Battle Subway?"
"Huh? What are you talking about?"
"Ohhh... Fight or fright, huh? Why didn't you just tell me all of that in the first place?"
"Whoops! Hehe... We can just, y'know, forget all that happened, though, right?"
"Besides, if you're looking for candy, I think I might have a lead for you! The people I battled earlier actually gave me some!"
"Sure! After such a great battle with you guys, it's the least I could do!"
Story Event - Dazzling Dizzying Battle Stage
  • Lisia vs. the Battle Girl
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"If that's the case, how about a battle with me?"
  • After appearing, as Hilda
"Sorry to butt in! I was on my way to ask if you wanted to get some Casteliacones when I overheard your conversation!"
"What do you say to grabbing some dessert and having a battle with me afterward?"
"That Altaria... Ali, was it? He's so gorgeous and adorable! Grooming him must be a full-time job!"
"Between taking part in contests, battling, and being a contest idol, Lisia sure has a lot of irons in the fire!"
"I thought I had my hands full back in Unova, but she's definitely teaching me a thing or two about being busy!"
"... ... ..."
  • The Key to Pokémon Battling
"Yeah! Give us all you got!"
"Um, Lisia? Can I say something—"
"Sorry, <player>. I have to go talk to her."
"There's something important I need to tell her!"
  • Off-screen
  • On-screen
"I need to talk to you about our battle!"
"I wish you had been more focused on me and Emboar during our battle!"
"It's great that you're always thinking about how to entertain everyone, Lisia."
"But during a Pokémon battle, you can't be so focused on the audience!"
"I don't know a lot about contests or what it's like to be a contest idol..."
"but in battle, you have to be 100 percent focused! Not just on your opponent—on your partner battling alongside you, too!"
"Losing can be frustrating, but what's more frustrating is seeing you not reach your full potential in battle!"
"Especially because I've seen how hard you and Ali have been training!"
"I don't think it would disappoint your fans at all if you shifted your attention from them to the battle at hand!"
"Don't be afraid to give the battle your undivided attention! Face your opponent head on with everything you've got!"
"If we could have a match like that, I think people would really enjoy watching it, no matter who wins or loses!"
  • Pasio's Contest Idol
"All right! We're not gonna hold back!"
"He withstood Emboar's attack!"
"We're not done yet!"
"Aw, man... We lost."
"Yeah! Congratulations, Lisia! That was a fun battle!"
"I'm not sure how to feel right now! I'm so happy you won, but...I REALLY don't like losing!"
"Hey, Lisia! I'm not gonna let you keep a winning streak on me, OK?"
"I'm gonna win next time! Let's battle again soon!"
  • Miraculous Contest Scouting!
"Really? That's great, Lisia!"
"I'll be rooting for you! Break a leg!"
"What do you mean?"
"Whoa! Hold on a second! Whaaat?!"
"M-me?! But this is way too sudden!"
"I mean...I guess, but..."
"O-OK! In that case, I'll just have to give it a shot! If I'm joining the contest, I'm in it to win!"
"Next stop: Contest Idol!"
Story Event - The Ideal Formula
  • The Hero Arrives on Pasio
"Hey, is that..."
"I'm positive! You've told me all about him, so I knew exactly who it was!"
"The person I saw was definitely N!"
"You really want to see him again, don't you."
"Why don't we go look for N? I'll show you where I saw him!"
  • The King of Team Plasma
"That's odd—he was just here earlier. I wonder where he went."
"You know, I've been wondering about this for a while now..."
"but who exactly is this N guy, anyway? I mean, what's his deal?"
"I-I just like to focus on battling—that's all!"
"Besides, <player> also needs to know what's going on, right?"
"Whoa! Team Plasma?! Even I know about them!"
"They're that group who'd say stuff about how we need to liberate Pokémon from their human oppressors."
"But in reality, they were just a bunch of Pokémon-stealing jerks!"
"His beliefs?"
"Hilbert, Cheren..."
"N must have a really pure heart, huh?"
"A friend..."
"I see! I'm still trying to process all this, but I think I get how you feel."
"Let's go find your friend so you can see him again!"
  • The Ones Who Bested Alder
Let's keep searching for him.: "Yeah! It's still too early to give up!"
"Hey, cheer up! We know he's here somewhere!"
"What in the world are you talking about? There's no way we're going with you."
"That little girl!"
  • N to the Rescue
"Argh! I can't take it anymore!"
"Hey! Team Break! Come out and face us!"
  • A Gray World
"I'm glad we're getting out of this mess, but..."
"That's nonsense! You don't know what you're talking about!"
"We'll handle these ones back here! N, Hilbert—you guys take him down!"
  • No More Good-byes
"Hm? What's wrong, Cheren?"
Story Event - All Aboard the Victory Train
  • The Minecart Subway
"Aww... They got us good..."
"What are you apologizing for? We're a team, aren't we? We both did our best!"
"Let's keep on training and give it another try next time!"
Story Event - Hearts United
  • N's Dream
"Hey, you can't just jump the gun like that! N! Pick ME to be your opponent!"
"I like the sound of that! Let's do it, Hilbert!"
Costume Event - Poké War Games
  • Team Huddle
  • Wearing her special costume
"Let's do this, Diantha! We're definitely gonna win!"
"So your partner Pokémon Keldeo is in its Resolute Form, huh?"
"I've heard that it's a Pokémon that changes form when its resolve for battle is strong!"
"I'm counting on you, too, my knight in shining armor!"
  • Turning Tables
"This is bad!"
  • In flashback
"Yeah, we're doing great!"
"At this rate, winning'll be a cin—"
"I saw someone moving in the shadows just now."
"Yeah, I think so. But they're not making a move yet...probably because they don't have enough backup to take us on."
"Hmm... That gives me an idea."
"You'll be fine! We fought together all the way here, didn’t we?"
"I know you two can do it. Can I count on you?"
"Yeah! Next time we see each other, it'll be with smiles on our faces, OK?"
  • Back to present
"Heh heh heh..."
"Running away was just part of our strategy! Time to turn these tables around!"
"Not at all! You arrived just in time!"
"I knew for a fact that I was being followed! So I lured you here...all while pretending to be alone!"
"My teammates bought me some time!"
"Yes, my valiant knight!"
"All right! Now we've got two golden spheres!"
"Well, I'm still nowhere near as good as you or Lisia, though..."
"Keldeo... I heard that you change forms when you feel resolute."
"I wanna be just like you. I'm gonna keep working at making my battles look super awesome to keep my audiences excited!"
"C'mon, Diancie. You should get ready, too! We're gonna shine like never before!"
"*chuckle* Thank you!"
  • The Final Stretch
"That's my line! Losing's not an option for us, either!"
"I'm gonna stand out and win this battle!"
Costume Event - Hilda's Battle Prep
  • Pokéstar Pro Advice
  • Wearing her special costume
"Wait—I have to battle in this?"
"Hmm... I wonder how I can make it fun for everyone watching."
"Pokéstar Studios? That does sound familiar..."
"You're practically a superstar!"
"But if you have experience in show biz, maybe you can give us some pointers on how to show off our battles on camera!"
"Well, this is something I've been thinking after seeing Diantha's battles and Lisia's performances..."
"But I hope I can be like them and really make my battles something fun for everyone to watch!"
"So I should just...enjoy it?"
"Y'know, I can see that! Diantha and Lisia always seem like they're having a lot of fun, too!"
"Gotcha! In that case...Jasmine, would you like to have a battle with me?"
"I'm feeling fired up and ready for a battle now!"
  • Princess vs. Princess
"Phew... That was a close one!"
"I did squeeze out a win, but just barely..."
"I gotta keep practicing for the event!"
"Th-thank you!"
"You know what? That makes sense! I do feel like a different person!"
"What's up?"
"Thanks, Rosa!"
"Right back at ya! Let's make it fun for all the spectators, too!"
Costume Event - Jasmine's Battle Prep
  • Ultra Steel
  • Wearing her special costume
"Hey! Whatcha doin'?"
"I see... So you're not sure how you should battle together, huh."
"Hold on a sec. I've got an idea!"
"If you wanna learn more about Ultra Beasts, maybe we can get some advice from Lusamine!"
"Er...actually, the Pokémon we'd like to talk about is that one over there!"
"It looks like you've figured it out!"
"No prob! Actually...how about we test that out in battle right now?"
  • A Launching Friendship
"Aw, we lost!"
"Oof... I may have created a beast!"
"Yeah, seems so! But I'm still grateful for your help!"
"Battles are more fun when your opponent is strong and worry-free anyway!"
Story Event - Summer Nights & Wishing Stars
  • The Festival Begins
  • Wearing her summer outfit
"Hurry up, you two!"
"N? What's wrong?"
"There's no such thing as being good or bad at having fun!"
"And as an experienced festival-goer myself, I'd be happy to teach you if there's anything you don't understand!"
"So don't worry, OK?"
"Oh, that? That's cotton candy! It's a yummy treat that melts in your mouth the second you eat it!"
"Those are candy apples. They're whole apples coated with supersweet candy!"
"Festivals are just full of fun and tasty things like that!"
"I'll teach you all about them, N!"
"Hilbert! If you don't hurry up, we'll leave you behind!"
  • Festival Fun for Everyone
"I'm definitely gonna get a winner this time!"
"Aw, c'mon! Three duds in a row..."
"Sure! Just don't expect to win on your first—"
"Seriously? You won in one try?!"
"Nah. It's not as fun if you don't win it on your own!"
"As long as I have the will to win, I'm sure this next one will be a winner!"
"Wait—did you say "battle"?!"
"I wanna battle, too! Let's find her, quick!"
"Hey, who were you just battling? Where's your opponent? Where'd they go?!"
"Aw, so it wasn't a battle after all..."
"But now that I think about it, a summer festival dance might also be pretty fun!"
"You noticed?"
"Yeah, she's from the Egg you gave me before! The little Clobbopus that hatched from it sure has grown up!"
"Thanks, Bea!"
"By the way, do you wanna see how strong we've gotten?"
"OK, let's find a place..."
  • Summertime Memento
"Sorry, you two!"
"My plan was to come right back after I finished that battle with Bea..."
"But then I got distracted by this really cool stall with a target practice game and lost track of time."
"Hey! Stop treating me like a kid, you two!"
"I mean... I guess it is true that I've been the one getting the most excited about all the games and stuff, but still..."
"Anyway, check out these prizes I won! Here, I got one for each of you!"
"Yeah! They're replicas of these things called wishing stars!"
"Apparently, they're these special rocks from Galar! They're said to grant wishes!"
"And now all three of us have one!"
"Let's keep them as mementos of the fun we're having today at this festival!"
"My wish will be for us to become even better friends!"
"I won them at the target practice game!"
"They're wishing star replicas. The three of us are going to keep them as mementos of this fun summer festival!"
"Hey! That's Team Break!"
  • A Special Game
"We should go over there and teach them a lesson!"
"If you say so... I guess I'll stand down."
"Hm... I mean, they're calling it a game, but..."
"What do you mean?"
"What?! That's not even close to 50 percent!"
  • Off-screen
  • On-screen
"He just swapped out one of the balls!"
"They took away one of the winning Poké Balls! It's impossible to win now!"
"As long as nobody notices their tricks, they can just keep taking advantage of people!"
"They're using this festival to cheat people out of their precious treasures! How could anyone stoop so low?!"
"Ugh! This is so frustrating! Isn't there something we can do?!"
"Huh? What kind of idea?"
  • Summer Night Sky
"Hooray! You won!"
"H-he smashed it to pieces!"
"N! I've had enough of this! Let's take down Team Break together!"
"Let's go! The three of us together'll really teach 'em a lesson!"
"Now you're gonna give back every single treasure you took from people here. You got that?!"
"I've had enough of your lies! If you try anything awful like this again..."
"Yeah, definitely!"
"Ahhh, that felt good!"
"Oh, you don't need to worry for my sake."
"The only thing they broke was that pendant."
"They can't break our memories, you know?"
"Instead of a pendant, let's just etch today's memories into our hearts!"
"It's all so beautiful."
"But now it's going to end."
"I wasn't finished enjoying the festival..."
"But I wanted to hang out with you two even more!"
"I won't either, N!"
Special Event - Blazing Battle with Ash
  • The Final Showdown!
"What? At the same time?"
"Aww, I wanted to battle too!"
"Yeah, definitely!"
Story Event - We Should Battle!
  • A Fellow Battle Enthusiast
"Enough chitchat. Let's get to the battle!"
"Me too! It's been a while since I've gotten so into a battle!"
"Exactly! No one starts out strong! We get stronger one step at a time!"
"Take the battle seriously, and give it your all!"
"That's the best way to enjoy a Pokémon battle!"
"Of course! No need to ask!"
"All right! Let's battle with all our might!"
"Right? Makes you want to battle even more!"
  • The Best Stage Ever!
"Lear wants to talk to us? About what?"
"We did go around battling sync pairs all over the island."
"I wonder what kind of Trainers we'll face..."
"It's more exciting when we don't know what our opponents can do!"
"You too! Nice work, teammate!"
"Oh, yeah. That would be surprising to you, wouldn't it."
  • Opponents, Friends, Rivals
"Now it's time for the finals! If we win this match, we win it all!"
"They're strong opponents, fit for the finals!"
"I can agree with that, Bede!"
"Yeah! We have to win the next one!"
Story Event - Veevee on Pasio!
  • Have Confidence!
"What's everyone all huddled up for? Pokémon battling?"
"Isn't it obvious? We were battling!"
Neo Champions - A Pure and Touching Heart
  • The Unova Region's Favorite
"And I know how good you are at battling! Plus, you've got the guts to keep going no matter what happens!"
  • Reaching Out Beyond Glory
"Hey! They're really taking a beating!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Hilda
"Hey, <player>! Can I ask you a favor?"
What's up?: "Well, there's something that's bothering me."
A favor?: "Yeah, there's something that's bothering me."
"Apparently, my face gets really angry whenever I battle."
"And sometimes—just sometimes!—the other Trainer and their Pokémon get a little scared of me."
Oh, I see.: "So, let's try this out. Look close!"
I gotta see this!: "OK, let's try this out. Look close!"
"... ... ..."
"What do you think, <player>? Was my face a little off-putting?"
Uh, well...: "You don't have to say it... I get it. But it's a habit, you know?"
"It's not something I can just stop doing that easily!"
No, of course not...: "Really? Oh, thank goodness!"
"But if that's the case, I wonder what those Trainers and Pokémon were so scared of..."
"Then again, I don't think putting on your game face during a battle is necessarily a bad thing."
"You have to get serious during battles, or you'll lose."
"I have a lot riding on my battles."
"I know Tepig understands that as we're battling together."
"The relationship between Trainers and their Pokémon is hard to define."
"Arguably, the one and only thing that defines our relationship with our Pokémon is their Poké Ball."
"It can seem one-sided and fickle."
Yeah, but.../That's wrong, though.: "I know. I don't think our relationship with our Pokémon is as cold as that, either."
"But I remembered these guys who called themselves Team Plasma back in the Unova region."
"They would make a fuss about how we should liberate the Pokémon from their Poké Balls."
"I guess they saw it as us enslaving the Pokémon using Poké Balls."
"So if we were able to form a bond so strong that neither Trainers nor Pokémon would be bothered by the Poké Balls..."
"Maybe if we could do that, we wouldn't have blockheads like them jumping to the wrong conclusion."
You have a point there!/That'd be a big undertaking...wouldn't it?: "All in all, Trainers and Pokémon have their own wants, desires, and goals."
"As long as they overlap and coincide, that means the two of you are strongly connected."
"And if that's the case, you can work together whether or not there's a Poké Ball, right?"
"So I sat down and got to thinking about what makes a really strong bond."
"I like Pokémon battles, and Tepig likes Pokémon battles."
"That's why we don't want to lose—and why we try our darndest to make sure we win."
"Wouldn't you say that's a strong connection?"
"If we're that in sync, that should mean that we both want to win the PML the same way, right?"
"I'm sure that Tepig would choose the right move even if I didn't give the instruction!"
"Right, Tepig? If you were to use a move right this moment, you'd choose Flame Charge, right?"
Totally in sync!/Tepig looks really happy!: "I know, right?! I'm so glad we're partners."
"I bet seeing how in sync we are makes you even more excited to battle with us, huh!"
"I would know—because I'm really excited to battle you, too!"
"You and your Pokémon are of the same mind, just like Tepig and me."
"I couldn't ask for a better opponent!"
"So when we do battle, show me just how synchronized you and your Pokémon are!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Sygna Suit Hilda
"All right! That's our tenth win in a row!"
"Thanks for the battle! Let's do this again sometime!"
Looking good!: "Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! With Victini as my partner, I feel like I'm overflowing with power!"
You're on a roll!: "We sure are, but we're not done yet! Our goal is to hit a one-hundred win streak!"
It brings victory?: "People believe it has that power, yeah."
So you can win if you're with Victini?: "Yep, that's what people say!"
"I met this Victini in Castelia City..."
"But I wonder if it has some kind of connection to that Victini from Liberty Garden."
"Of course I'm strong! Know what my secret is? When I'm battling, I do my best to enjoy it!"
"I give it my all and so does Victini!"
"When we smash all of that together, we combine our strength into a single, massive power!"
"I think once I got the hang of that feeling, our win rate really started to rise!"
"Yup, that's true!"
"Together, we train, battle, play, sleep, fight..."
"I bet when it comes down to it, the key to winning is spending a lot of time with your partner Pokémon."
"Oooh, look! Another sync pair!"
"Let's go, Victini! If we win this next battle, we can bump our win streak up to 11!"
"Let's go, Victini! This victory is ours for the taking!"
Sync Pair Story - Tepig's Evolution
  • Before battle
"That's true. I bet I can totally guess what you're thinking right now."
"I'm not really one to talk, though."
"OK! But do you really think you can stop us? I'm really driven to win!"
"You and Torkoal were pretty awesome, too! I thought you had us there."
"I think both of us being easy to read is just proof of how passionate we are about Pokémon."
"Tepig?! What's happening?"
"Oh, you're evolving! All right! Now you can grow even more!"
Sync Pair Story - Pignite's Evolution
  • Before battle
"Yup! We met all kinds of Trainers and battled them all. Now Pignite and I are so much stronger!"
"You got it! I'm giving this one everything I've got!"
"Everything I've seen on my adventures, everything I've felt—I'm putting it all into winning this battle!"
"Yeah! We've been through so much together, after all."
"Whoa! Pignite, are you evolving?"
"Cheren did say we should break out of our shell. I guess this is one way to do it!"
Sync Pair Story - Fennekin's Evolution
  • Before battle
"Lumiose City over in Kalos has such a stylish look to it! Especially the Prism Tower..."
"You saw right through me! I do love fashion, but I love a good Pokémon battle, too!"
"Absolutely! I was hoping we'd get the chance!"
"Get ready—here we come!"
  • After being defeated
"That was a great battle! Thanks, Serena. You too, Fennekin!"
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"The only thing on my mind during a battle is victory!"
  • During sync background preview (Special Costume)
"I'm gonna stand out and win this battle!"
  • During sync background preview (Summer 2022)
"There's no such thing as being good or bad at having fun!"
  • During sync background preview (Sygna Suit)
"Don't think you can beat us with just strength!"
  • Random conversation
"I'm well known as a Trainer who's good in battles!"
"I've gotten good at what I love, and what I love is winning battles!"
"Winning a no-holds-barred battle... It's the best feeling in the world!"
  • If spoken to again
"When you battle, don't you get that real strong desire to win? Especially if it's against a strong opponent!"
"I bet you like to win, too, don't you? If so, you might do some amazing things in battle someday!"
  • Random conversation
"I want to experience for myself every fun thing that there is."
"I keep finding new things I want to try out... And before I know it, my schedule's just bursting at the seams!"
"*sigh* I wish days were much, muuuuuch longer."
  • If spoken to again
"My schedule is packed full, but don't worry! I can handle this—no problem."
"Don't you underestimate the potential of the expert Trainer Hilda!"
  • Random conversation*
"My Tepig is a dear partner to me. She's kept me company through all my traveling."
"I feel like my dream of becoming the best Trainer in the world will come true if I'm with Tepig."
"And you better believe I'm gonna make it real! I hope you're as excited as I am for that day!"
  • If spoken to again
"You know, when I give Tepig food, she always sears it before eating it."
"So I make sure to give her food that won't get ruined even if it's heated up!"
"I still can't forget the look Tepig gave me after she tried to cook ice cream and melted it..."
  • Random conversation*
"I learned through my travels that the world is really huge—and that both Pokémon and people all have different ideas and ways of thinking."
"So, maybe my travels would have been different if I'd traveled with some other Pokémon instead of Tepig."
"But I am who I am, and I met you because I'm with Tepig."
"That's what I call a fateful encounter!"
  • If spoken to again
"I don't spend a lot of time thinking about "What if...""
"Because for me, right now is the best there is!"
"There's no point in regretting things after they happen. I'd rather spend the time enjoying battles!"
  • Random conversation
"You know, it's something that'll have to wait for another day, but..."
"There's one person I really, really want to battle against."
"Can't you guess? It's you, <player>!"
"I think you'll become an even stronger, even more amazing Trainer than you are now."
"And once you get there, I want to have an all-out battle with you. One Trainer against another."
"I want to be someone who's always strong, always cool... Someone people look up to. That's my goal."
  • If spoken to again
"When the time comes to battle you, I'm not going to hold anything back!"
"It'd be super uncool if I didn't give 100 percent when we're about to decide who's the most powerful Trainer!"
  • Random conversation
"Not to brag or anything, but you know this sync pair right here is pretty strong in battle, right?"
"So I always get asked about the secret to becoming stronger."
"But to be honest, I don't really have a good answer to that..."
"It's like...hard to explain. Instinct, I guess? I focus so much on the battle that I don't really remember what I do."
"I wonder if my Pokémon has the same kind of thing..."
  • If spoken to again
"The only thing I think about during battle is the word "victory"!"
"I think my Pokémon's the same, too. We become more in sync every time we battle!"
"So we're able to...really, y'know, click and be in the zone."
  • Random conversation
"I've been told that our sync pair seems to be full of spirit and determination whenever we battle."
"I guess it makes sense. I definitely don't want to lose, so I get in the zone."
"Winning is cool! That's all that matters!"
"*sigh* I'm joking, of course! But don't you think that's a cool way to look at it?"
"I mean, we're definitely getting stronger, so why not let people see it?"
  • If spoken to again
"It's not like I'm trying to intimidate my opponents, OK? You don't have to believe me, but it's true."
"Still, even my partner seems to...radiate strength, I guess?"
"I feel like she's grown in confidence since I first met her."
"Heh, it's definitely reliable! I'm really proud of my partner."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"I wonder if there's a princess out there who's a strong Pokémon Trainer. If there is, I'd sure love to battle her!"
"Maybe I should ask Lear! He's a strong Trainer—and isn't he also a prince, too? He might know someone!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"It's really hard to eat while wearing such a fancy costume."
"But Glacia is always wearing a fancy dress, and she can eat an entire Mauville Ramen Bowl without getting a drop of broth on her clothes!"
"There must be a trick to it. I guess I need more practice!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Rosa told me that she starred in some movies at Pokéstar Studios—and that she wore a princess dress in one of them."
"If I ever have the chance to go there, I want to be in a movie while wearing this dress. I'm sure that would be a great memory!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Lisia and Dawn came up to me when they saw my new costume, and they said that I should enter a contest with Diancie and wear it there."
"That sounds fun and all, but I'm kinda worried that Diancie might stand out too much... What if someone bad tries to steal it?"
"I wonder if I could use Props to disguise Diancie like in a Pokémon Musical..."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"What do you think about my costume, <player>? Be honest!"
"Hm. I see. You think it looks cool when it sparkles as I'm battling, huh?"
"So do I!"
"I'm glad my costume is pretty or cute or whatever, but what I really love is that it catches everyone's eye while I'm battling!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"I've never really worn frilly clothes like this before. It was really tough at first..."
"But now, I love this dress! And it goes perfectly with Diancie!"
  • If spoken to again
"I have newfound respect for Trainers like Diantha and Elesa who wear all kinds of different outfits for their jobs."
"After wearing this costume for a while, I've realized that clothes like this aren't just pretty—they also take a lot of work!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Diancie is a sudden transformation of a Pokémon called Carbink."
"Because they're such rare Pokémon, bad people are always trying to steal them."
"As long as I'm with my Diancie, there's no way any thieves are going to get their grubby little hands on it!"
  • If spoken to again
"Diancie and I have battled together lots of times, and it's gotten really strong. There's no way we'd lose to someone who wanted to steal it..."
"but if we're ever in trouble, promise you'll help me protect Diancie!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2022)
"It's hard to tell how tired you are when you're super focused on something."
"You know how sometimes after a long day of battling, you realize you're so exhausted that you just wanna plop down on the ground?"
"That's how much we have to enjoy festivals! You gotta do so much that you can't even move afterwards!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2022)
"I promised my friends from Unova that we'd dance at the summer festival."
"When the time comes, you should join us! It'll be even more fun with you around!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2022)
"Hey, check out this outfit! It's easy to move around in, and it's also pretty cute!"
"It's supposed to be worn at festivals, I hear. It kinda makes me wanna dance!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2022)
"Isn't my Grapploct the coolest?"
"She's burning with so much fight, it's almost as if she turned red from all the passion she's got!"
"Someone from Galar saw her and totally did a double take!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2022)
"What kinds of food do you like to eat at festivals, <player>?"
"I'd have a hard time choosing just one, because everything looks so tasty! I love them all!"
  • Random conversation (Summer 2022)
"The hustle and bustle of a festival at night reminds me of Castelia City."
"Maybe it's because there's so many people and Pokémon all gathered together under a bunch of multicolored lights!"
"I like quiet spots, too, but I really like how lively festivals can be!"
  • If spoken to again
"I know some people may not be up for it, and some might not like how noisy it can get..."
"For folks like that, it can also be fun to watch the festival from a distance."
"That's another way to enjoy them!"
"I think it's fine to enjoy things at your own pace if you need to."
  • Random conversation (Summer 2022)
"Festivals are so much fun!"
"Checking out all the booths is fun, but the best part of a festival is hanging out with your friends!"
"Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this, but I wish every day could be a festival day!"
  • If spoken to again
"I know that when an event only comes around every once in a while, that's part of what makes it special."
"But even then, I think it's best to enjoy every day as much as I can!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Victini is the Victory Pokémon! It's perfect for me since I love battling so much!"
"But actually, I'm trying to be the one to give Victini the present of victory!"
"That's what's on my mind when we're battling together."
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"I think it's important to try everything—not just in battles but in anything you do!"
"I've tried out the Pasio food-fighting challenge, the Pasio cold-endurance challenge, the Pasio speed-walking challenge..."
"I'll give anything a go! I was surrounded by really strong rivals at each competition, but one day, I'll get my rematch and win them all!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"So, what do you think of this sygna suit? It matches Victini!"
"Whenever I wear it, I can't wait to find someone to battle!"
"Oh, I was always like that? I guess you have a point!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"All in all, it seems I'm most compatible with Fire-type Pokémon."
"That doesn't mean I only use Fire types, but everything just seems to click when I'm paired with them!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Hey, <player>. Do you have anyone you really don't wanna lose to?"
"For me, it's everyone! Though lately, I guess it's you in particular, <player>."
"Now that we're even better friends, I feel like I understand you better."
"I know how strong you are, so that's probably why I don't want to lose to you!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"You know how you can make a V sign with your fingers?"
"I think people saw Victini doing that pose and started copying it!"
"I think it's a pretty valid theory...but what do you think?"
  • If spoken to again
"Victory starts with a V! Cool pose, right?"
"Do you have a cool victory pose, too?"
"If you strike your favorite pose with your partner Pokémon, it really pumps you up!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Ever since I paired up with Victini, I started thinking about what it means to win."
"I don't really have a solid answer yet, but..."
"I think what you do to win is more important than actually winning."
  • If spoken to again
"Whether you win or lose, everything you did along the way builds up and doesn't change."
"Calling it a win or a loss is just labeling a result."
"Well... Even if it's just a result, I really don't wanna lose!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Oh, <player>! I figured I'd run into you if I waited here."
"Things just aren't as exciting if you're not around. Come on, let's do our best today!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Special Costume)
"Hey, <player>! Let's get out there and do our best today, as always!"
"We can make this day a memory as precious as a shining diamond!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Summer 2022)
"Hey, <player>! Are you ready to have some fun?"
"Time flies! When there's a festival around, you've gotta seize the moment, or you'll be left behind!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Sygna Suit)
"<player>, you made it! I'm all ready to go!"
"Today, we're gonna have the most intense battles Pasio has ever seen!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Morning! Let's go get 'em again today!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (also used by Special Costume)
"Morning! I'm looking forward to a bunch more Pokémon battles today!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Hi! Afternoon already, huh? What are you up to?"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (also used by Special Costume)
"Hi! Now that you're here, let's go have some fun!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Hey! Still ready for more, huh?"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (also used by Special Costume)
"Hey! Is it that late already? Time sure does fly!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Summer 2022)
"We're burning with so much excitement today, not even the sun can outshine us!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Summer 2022)
"I can't wait for the next festival to come around! Until then, let's enjoy some Pokémon battles!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Summer 2022)
"Whenever you're at a festival, you've gotta see and try everything you can!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Sygna Suit)
"Morning! C'mon, let's get battling already!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Sygna Suit)
"Hey. Wanna team up for a few battles today?"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Sygna Suit)
"Oh! Is it dark already?! But I've still got so much I wanna do today!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Oh, it's you! Mmm, just one minute..."
"Ah, found it! Here, this is for you!"
"Didn't you want something like this? Even if not, I'm sure it'll come in handy. Keep it!"
  • After giving out item
"If I find anything else, I'll be sure to let you know!"
  • Special gift conversation (Special Costume)
"Oh, hey! There's something I wanted to give you."
  • After giving out item
"Diancie and I found this. Use it if you think it'll come in handy!"
  • Special gift conversation (Summer 2022)
"Oh, there you are! I've been looking all over for you!"
  • After giving out item
"I found that while training with Grapploct at the beach. You can have it!"
  • Special gift conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Oh, there you are! Here, take this! It's for you!"
  • After giving out item
"Victini found it, so maybe it has the power to bring you victory!"
  • Challenge Unova special event intro
"You noticed that more Trainers from Unova have come to Pasio, right?"
"So, we thought it'd be fun to round everyone up for a little chatting and battling! What do you think? Pretty good idea, right?"
"Ooh! <player>, you should come, too! I promise it'll be super fun!"
  • Special Happy New Year 2021 log-in conversation with Hilbert and Bianca
"I wonder what kinds of sync pairs we'll be able to battle this year!"
  • Special The Girl in Black and White story event blurb
"I'm totally craving a Casteliacone..."
  • Special The Girl in Black and White story event conversation
"Having different battle styles means you can cover each other's weak points! It's part of what makes battling on a team so great!"
  • Challenge Unova special event conversation with Hilbert and Rosa
"You can ask us about anything! We're here to teach you everything we can!"
"Yeah, I feel the same way about how things are now! What surprised me the most..."
"is that Iris is now the Champion! She was still a Gym Leader when I was on my adventures around Unova!"
"I thought she was strong back then, but now she's incredible!"
"Ooh! Talking about Iris makes me want to have a rematch with her!"
"All right! Come on, Rosa!"
"I'll show you how it's done!"
  • Special Poké War Games costume event blurb (wearing her special costume)
"We'll definitely make this event a success!"
"I'm not just gonna win—I'm gonna make winning look good!"
  • Special Summer Nights & Wishing Stars story event blurb (wearing her summer outfit)
"Our goal is to visit every single stall at the festival!"
  • Special Summer Nights & Wishing Stars story event conversation with N (Summer 2022) and Hilbert (wearing her summer outfit)
"Are you ready, you two?! Make sure you're focused and prepared to give it your all!"
"Of course, silly! Figuring out how to maximize your pocket money to have the most fun is super important!"
"Exactly! So come on—let's get going!"