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If you were looking for the Flaaffy nicknamed Hannah, see Sullivan#Hannah.

Florence (Japanese: ハンナ Hannah) is a character of the day who appeared in To Find a Fairy Flower!. She lives in Calanthe Town with her husband Grey and their Flabébé.

One day, Florence suddenly fell ill and collapsed while she was gardening. She was quickly taken to the Calanthe Town Central Hospital by ambulance. This saddened Flabébé, who had always enjoyed Florence's company, and she left to search for her. While Flabébé was looking through the window of the hospital Florence was staying in, a strong gust blew her away, and her flower was run over by a passing car and destroyed. Grey was unable to retrieve her, and as such, Florence went into a state of emotional despair despite her treatment being successful.

One day, Grey met Ash and his friends, who found Flabébé after it had befriended Bonnie and attached herself to the girl's hair. Grey explained to them how important Flabébé was to Florence and that it needed a new flower to survive. The group decided to go look for the rare Fairy Flower and return Flabébé to Florence. They eventually managed to find it and went to the hospital, where Flabébé reunited with her. A grateful Florence wished them well as they continued their journey.


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Lives with

Grey's Flabébé
Flabébé is Grey's Pokémon of the Red Flower variety, who lives with him and Florence. When Florence became hospitalized, Flabébé went to search for her, but a strong gust blew her away and destroyed her flower, with Grey being unable to retrieve her. As such, Florence went into a state of emotional despair, despite having recovered from her illness. Ash and his friends helped Flabébé get a new "Fairy Flower" to survive.

When they found a new flower, the group hurried to the hospital Florence was staying, and Flabébé was reunited with Florence. This made Florence so happy that she felt like she would recover very soon. This meant Bonnie and Flabébé had to part, however, and Flabébé came to Bonnie once more. Bonnie thanked Flabébé for the time they spent together, and she said farewell, hoping Flabébé would continue have a good life with Grey and Florence.

She reappeared in a flashback in Till We Compete Again!.

None of Flabébé's moves are known.

Debut To Find a Fairy Flower!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 京田尚子 Hisako Kyōda
English Haven Paschall
Finnish Susa Saukko
Hebrew שירלי לילו Shirly Lilu
Polish Elżbieta Gaertner
European Spanish Pilar Gentil


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハンナ Hannah From 花 hana, flower
English, French, Spanish Florence From flora or flower
German Floriane From flora or flower
Italian Fiorenza Alternative name of Florence. Contains fiore, flower.
Chinese (Mandarin) 漢娜 Hànnà Transliteration of Hannah

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