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The main menu of the Photodex

The Pokémon Photodex (Japanese: ポケモンフォト図鑑 Pokémon Photo illustrated encyclopedia), commonly referred to simply as the Photodex, is an album in New Pokémon Snap that can display photos of all Pokémon found in Lental. The player's goal is to complete this album; thus, in a sense, it is much like the Pokédex of other Pokémon games except with a more limited scope.


The Photodex has one page per species of wild Pokémon found in Lental, where each page can contain up to four pictures and their corresponding scores. The Photodex is different from the personal album (available via "Your Space") within the game, where the amount of pictures per Pokémon is not limited and there are no scores.


A completed Bidoof entry in the Photodex

The main album for Pokémon can be sorted, or filtered by island. Each Pokémon page has four slots for photos, one per Professor Mirror's star rating (indicating how rare the behavior of the Pokémon displayed is); if all photos are present, the page is awarded a crown symbol. Each Pokémon page also comes with detailed information for the species (including for its forms), and displays the total score of all photos present. For each photo, the Photodex displays the detailed scores as evaluated by Professor Mirror. The stars themselves will be a color representing the score of the corresponding picture: diamond for a score of 4,000 or greater, gold for 3,500 or greater, silver for 3,000 or greater, else bronze. The Photodex offers the options to zoom into the picture, edit it with filters, stickers, and frames and send it to a separate album, change its caption, upload it to Nintendo Switch Online, or save it to the Nintendo Switch system.


The map menu in the Photodex

The Photodex's map initially shows all of Lental, and can be drilled down to location and course level. At location level, it displays all courses as well as their research level, points required to upgrade them, and their high score (unlocked upon completing the main story). At course level, it displays the course's available tracks, as well as the exact location of Pokémon and objects of interests already seen; a crown symbol is awarded for courses that have been completely uncovered.

Objects of interest

Details page of a crystabloom

Photos of distinct crystablooms and ancient ruins are stored in a separate section of the Photodex. These photos are not awarded a score. Details pages of objects of interest display background information about the motif, as well as when and where it was photographed.

In other languages

Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Photodex
France Flag.png French Photodex
Germany Flag.png German Fotodex
Italy Flag.png Italian Fotodex
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 포토 도감
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Photodex
Russia Flag.png Russian Фотодекс
Spain Flag.png Spanish Fotodex

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