Emerald chapter (Adventures)

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Pokémon Adventures
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Emerald chapter
Chapter 6
Emerald chapter.png
The Pokédex holders of the sixth chapter
Rounds 35
(PS303 - PS337)
Region Hoenn
Preceded by FireRed & LeafGreen chapter
Followed by Diamond & Pearl chapter

Emerald (Japanese: 第六章 エメラルド編 The Sixth Chapter: Emerald) is the sixth chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, consisting of four volumes. It began serialization in February 2005, and ended in October 2008.

The chapter begins with focus on a Trainer named Emerald, who is sent by Professor Oak and Crystal to catch Jirachi within seven days. On arrival at the Battle Frontier, he ends up interfering in the opening ceremonies and gains the second challenge of clearing the seven battle facilities by defeating the Frontier Brains within that time. During this time, Emerald befriends Todd Snap and discovers that the masked Guile Hideout is seeking Jirachi for evil purposes.



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Important events

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  • Emerald arrives at the Battle Frontier and crashes the opening ceremony, after which the Frontier Brains challenge him to defeat all seven facilities in seven days.
  • Latias and Latios are revealed to be helping Emerald.
  • Emerald reveals that his task is to capture Jirachi.
  • Guile Hideout appears with Jirachi in Artisan Cave. Jirachi runs away and Guile escapes.
  • Ruby and Sapphire arrive at the Battle Frontier and meet Emerald.
  • Guile Hideout captures Jirachi.
  • It is revealed that the Pokédex Holders who had been petrified at the end of the previous chapter have been brought to the Battle Frontier.
  • Guile Hideout's identity is revealed, and Jirachi grants his wish. A Kyogre-shaped creature appears by the Battle Frontier.
  • Gold and Crystal appear.
  • Emerald's past is revealed.
  • The petrified Pokédex Holders are freed by Jirachi.
  • The monster Kyogre is destroyed by the ten Pokédex Holders.
  • The mystery behind Archie's armor and sword is revealed, after which he disappears.
  • Emerald achieves his goals.
  • Jirachi returns to sleep.
  • Professor Oak and Crystal call Professor Rowan.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolve:

Battle Frontier facility challenges

Emerald defeats the following Frontier Brains:


  • When this chapter was being published in the magazines, it was known as the Battle Frontier chapter (Japanese: バトルフロンティア編 Battle Frontier chapter). At the time, this chapter was the only arc of Pokémon Adventures not named after a game.

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