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These are Elesa's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Black and White

Nimbasa City
"Sweetie, you keep going on your travels."
"My name is Elesa. I'm this town's Gym Leader. I also happen to be a model."
"You know, there are many people in this world. There are people whose way of thinking may be completely different from yours. Sometimes, this means you may get hurt."
"But it's important to keep trying, to learn about the differences between yourself and others... To learn that being different is OK. And you shouldn't worry. Trainers always have Pokémon at their side. Pokémon are wonderful. It's not only how cute they can be, but also how much you can depend on them..."
"I'm sure he traveled as a Trainer himself, in the past... Being a parent must be hard."
"Did I meddle unnecessarily? You looked troubled, so I decided to chime in."
"By the way, if you're Trainers, please stop by the Pokémon Gym. I'll teach you a little something about how tough a journey can get."*
"I'm sorry, <player>. I'll be waiting on Route 5."*
Nimbasa Gym
  • Before battle
"Did the fantastic speed leave you dizzy? My beloved Pokémon will be the next one to make your head spin!"
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"You and your Pokémon... are shining brilliantly!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"A properly dramatic victory requires a dash of danger and a pinch of peril."
  • Being defeated
"I meant to make your head spin, but you shocked me instead."
  • After being defeated
"My, oh my... You have a sweet fighting style. I mean, you're a great Trainer! Excuse me, I...uh... Oh, here! I want you to have this!"
"If you have four Badges, including this Bolt Badge, Pokémon up to Lv. 50, including traded Pokémon, will obey you. Also, here's this move I like. Feel free to use it, um, if you want to."
"Volt Switch lets the Pokémon switch with a different Pokémon after attacking. Of course, if you don't have another Pokémon in your party, you can't switch."
"You're going to Driftveil City next? Of course. There is a Pokémon Gym there, after all. Oh... I bet you won't be able to get there. You know what? I'll fix it so you can cross. Wait for me on Route 5."
"What you'd like to do... What your Pokémon would like to do... Don't you think it could be amazing if those are aligned?"
  • Post game:
"I think the real me is the one who battles with Pokémon as a Gym Leader. A model's job is to make someone else's vision look like a reality. It's interesting but it's not easy..."
Route 5
"Oh, you two are friends... That's nice, how you're helping each other get better by competing. OK, let's go."
"This is Alder, the Unova region's Champion."
"Let's roll. The Driftveil Drawbridge is just ahead."
"Now to contact him... It's me, Elesa. Please lower the drawbridge. I have a couple of Trainers here who want to challenge you. OK... Thanks. Now, watch this! I have a TV gig, so I've got to go. The Gym Leader of the next town may take some getting used to... Do your best, both of you."
N's Castle
"Ignoring Team Plasma... That would be a terrible thing for us Gym Leaders to do."
"I do not appreciate stubborn people."
Caitlin's villa
"I must say it's difficult for people to draw out a Pokémon's charm if they don't have any themselves."
"You know Nimbasa City? You know it runs on energy generated by Electric-type Pokémon? ...Just kidding!"
"Getting wrapped up in worries is bad for your body and spirit. That's when you must short out your logic circuits and reboot your heart."
"Without a word... Without even a whisper... My Pokémon connect me to other Trainers, transmitting the current of my feelings."
"Put bluntly, swimsuits are nothing but cloth, right?"
Badge Case
May you always continue to be a person who brightens your surroundings.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Nimbasa Gym
  • Before battle
"Welcome to the main stage! My beloved Pokémon and your Pokémon shall compete! We're going to see whose star shines brightest!"
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"You and your Pokémon's moves are simply dazzling!"
  • Being defeated
"You shocked me through and through! You melted my heart!"
  • After being defeated
"Well… Now you… you're an even more wonderful Trainer than I expected. Your sweet fighting style swept me off my feet! Take this!"
"If you have four Badges, including this Bolt Badge, Pokémon up to Lv. 50, including traded Pokémon, will obey you. Also, here's this move I like. Feel free to use it, um, if you want to."
"Volt Switch lets the Pokémon switch with a different Pokémon after attacking. Of course, if you don't have another Pokémon in your party, you can't switch."
  • On the catwalk
"Wait! Please walk with us."
"A shining example of a Trainer… Since that's what you are, you should be able to collect all the Gym Badges and reach the Pokémon League! Then, you and your Pokémon will shine even brighter!"
  • Post-game
"A model always has to make other people's dreams a reality without losing sight of herself. It's similar for Trainers and Pokémon. Trainers have to give everything they have to make their Pokémon feel like they can win, no matter the situation. When I realized that, modeling became that much more fun."
Memory Link - Taking it to The Next Level
"Skyla, can I ask you a favor?"
"I've decided I need a PR makeover! I wanted to try out my new ideas with you, Skyla!"
"That's right! Here's the thing. I make what everyone thinks is cool into a reality, right? Well, I get to do what I want to do, and while being a model may be difficult, most importantly, it's fun! But the hard parts are really hard. I mean, everyone judges me simply based on my appearance. People say I'm reserved, and that I don't look like the type who would tell jokes!"
"So, I've been thinking about it constantly since then!"
"A sophisticated joke!"
"How should I put it... My looks suggest that I'm not a lot of fun. But I'll tear down that mistaken image with my own hands! I'll say something silly and give someone an opportunity to call me out, so we can all have a good laugh!"
"OK, get a load of this! Throw that misbehaving Klink in the clink!"
"Cofagrigus is so cool! Don't you *cough* agree, Gus?"
"You bought those Fossils from Clay? Did you buy them on Clay-away?"
"Exactly! If I were to make bad puns when I'm supposed to be telling a joke, doesn't it give people even more of an opportunity to tease me and start a funny back-and-forth?"
"Really? I guess I'll just rethink my fashion first."
"You bet! And don't call me Shirley!"
Pokémon World Tournament
  • Before battle (first round)
"My beloved Pokémon are going to make your head spin!"
  • Before battle (second round)
"I am me, and Pokémon are Pokémon! I feel that strongly when I battle with Pokémon moves, and that's why I do it. Now, my beloved Pokémon are going to make your head spin!"
  • Before battle (final round)
"C'est fini! When I'm certain of that, I feel an electric jolt run through my body! I want to feel the sensation, so now my beloved Pokémon are going to make your head spin!"
  • Being defeated
"I meant to make your head spin, but you shocked me instead."
  • If the player is defeated
"That was unsatisfying somehow... Will you give it your all next time?"
  • After being defeated
"My, oh my... You have a sweet fighting style."
  • After winning
"You're a shining star of a Trainer, but my Pokémon shone brighter!"
  • In the lobby, after the tournament
"My Pokémon work hard for me, so I want to do what I can for them. And I want them to bathe in the glamorous spotlight as well. In that sense, your Pokémon were gleaming very brightly!"
Badge Case
"If you shine with an inner light, all that surrounds you will be illuminated by it!"

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Elesa (Masters)
Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"My name is Elesa. I'm a Gym Leader—and a model. Basically, I turn people's dreams into reality."
  • Subsequent recruitments
"My name is Elesa. I'm a Gym Leader—and a model. Basically, I turn people's dreams into reality." (voice clip)
"Fancy meeting you again. Come on... I think it's time for us to bathe in the spotlight." (displayed text)
  • After being recruited (Sygna Suit)
"This outfit was tailor-made just for me—one of a kind! Bet it's gonna make things way more fun!"
  • After being recruited (Classic)
"Want a battle that'll shock you through and through? I think I can help with that."
  • After being recruited (Palentine's 2023)
"I'm Elesa. I'll show you a sweet battle that'll melt your heart!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"You should listen to me, I'm a professional. Professional model and Gym Leader, that is."
"The world is my stage. Watch how the spotlight follows me."
  • Sync pair viewer (Sygna Suit)
"My beloved Pokémon's gonna make your head spin."
"I like to live life on the cutting edge. Fashion, technology, everything!"
  • Sync pair viewer (Classic)
"I work hard to not be outshined by my Pokémon."
"As a model, it's my job to embody the hopes and dreams of others."
  • Sync pair viewer (Palentine's 2023)
"I'm sure your feelings'll reach that special someone!"
"You shocked me through and through...and melted my heart!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"I promise I won't let you down."
  • Selection screen (forming team, Sygna Suit)
"Think you can keep up with us, sweetie?"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Classic)
"Let's do something special out there!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Palentine's 2023)
"Let's get out there...and make someone's day!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Skyla)*
"Together again, Skyla. This is gonna be fun!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Caitlin)*
"Ready to add a dash of elegance to today's show, Caitlin?"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Iris)*
"Let's show 'em how it's done, Iris!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Nessa)*
"Let's make their heads spin, Nessa!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See ya!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Sygna Suit)
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Classic)
"See ya!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Palentine's 2023)
  • Upon learning a lucky skill
"Beauty and strength; the perfect combination."
  • Upon learning a lucky skill (Sygna Suit)
"A dazzling new move."
  • Upon learning a lucky skill (Classic)
"We'll stun them all senseless with this!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Palentine's 2023)
"So good! I'm so impressed."
  • Upon leveling up
"We're shining even brighter."
  • Upon leveling up (Sygna Suit)
"Time to step up."
  • Upon leveling up (Classic)
"We're shockingly fabulous!"
  • Upon leveling up (Palentine's 2023)
"We'll keep improving until we really sparkle!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"Watch out, our dazzling brilliance might just blind you."
  • Upon reaching max level (Sygna Suit)
"We did it! We're on top of the world."
  • Upon reaching max level (Classic)
"We're nowhere near the end of our story!"
  • Upon reaching max level (Palentine's 2023)
"We've still got tons of untapped potential!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"Look out, world! Get ready to see some real style."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Sygna Suit)
"I feel like a whole new woman."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Classic)
"We're shining brighter than ever!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Palentine's 2023)
"Strength and beauty at its finest."
  • Increasing friendship level cap
  • Receiving EX style
"The world is my stage! Watch how the spotlight follows me."
  • Receiving EX style (Sygna Suit)
"I like to live life on the cutting edge. Fashion, technology, everything!"
  • Receiving EX style (Classic)
"We'll stun them all senseless with this!"
  • Receiving EX style (Palentine's 2023)
"So good! I'm so impressed."
  • During conversation
"Excuse me."
"Hm-hm-hm! ♪"
"You're melting my heart!"
"You can do it!"
"That's not okay!"
"N-O, no!"
"Ahhh! Ohhh..."
"Oh, my..."
"I'm sorry."
"Um, no."
"Could you help me out?"
"Oh, wow!"
"See ya!"
"Dazzle me."
"Eyes on me!"
  • During conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Eh, heheh..."
"Love it!"
"You're melting my heart!"
"You're workin' it!"
"You've got this!"
"Are you serious?"
"Oh, come on!"
"Ah, hh..."
"Oh, no..."
"Aww, I'm sorry."
"No, thanks."
"Pretty please?"
"Ah, heheh, heheh!"
"Time to battle!"
"Are you ready for this?"
  • During conversation (Classic)
"Ehh, yeah."
"You can do it!"
"Not. Cool."
"No way..."
"Are you kidding me?!"
"I'm sorry..."
"I'd rather not."
"If you wouldn't mind!"
"How elegant!"
"See ya!"
"Let's do this."
"It's showtime!"
  • During conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"Eheh, heh..."
"Love. It."
"So brilliant!"
"Go for it!"
"Appreciate it."
"No way."
"I see."
"My heart is melting! Eheheh."
"Here we go!"
"We're going for the win!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Morning! Nice day, isn't it? If you're still feeling groggy, you could try doing some stretches. Works for me!"
"I love a good run in the morning. Keeps me strong and beautiful!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"The way the sun's shining right now would be perfect for a photo shoot."
"The weather will be cooling off soon. Don't forget to bring a cute jacket with you if you're heading out!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Evening! There's a nice, cool breeze out there tonight."
"I'd never say no to some warm, glittering sunshine, but moonlight has its own brilliant beauty as well..."
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Sygna Suit)
"Sometimes I have to wake up super early, depending on what outfit I'm gonna wear. Perfection takes time!"
"The air's so clean and fresh here... It feels good to take a nice, deep breath."
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Sygna Suit)
"It's always super lively here around this time. So many Trainers to chat with!"
"I'm going for perfect posture—it makes me look that much more fierce!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (Sygna Suit)
"On nights when I can't sleep, I step outside, spread my arms, and bathe in the moon's spotlight."
"Phew! My skin must be glistening after that training session... Time to cool down so I can do the same routine again tomorrow."
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Classic)
"Morning! You look like you could use some sunshine, sleepyhead! That always seems to perk me up."
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Classic)
"I try to always hold my head up high. It makes me feel a little more confident and beautiful each day."
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (Classic)
"Some things only shine on the darkest nights, wouldn't you agree?"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Palentine's 2023)
"Let's shine even brighter than the sunrise!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Palentine's 2023)
"Wanna grab something sweet after lunch? I found a really nice place."
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (Palentine's 2023)
"It's so magical when the stars light up the night sky, just like a stage."
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, I've got a little something for you."
  • During special gift conversation (Sygna Suit)
"This one's for you, sweetie."
  • During special gift conversation (Classic)
"I thought you might be able to use this."
  • During special gift conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"This is for you."
  • During special gift conversation (Trainer Lodge)
"I found something extra special for you, sweetie."
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • Co-op match screen (Sygna Suit)
  • Co-op match screen (Classic)
  • Co-op match screen (Palentine's 2023)
  • VS screen
"Time to shine!"
  • VS screen (Sygna Suit)
"It's show time!"
  • VS screen (Classic)
"I'll make your head spin."
  • VS screen (Palentine's 2023)
"We're gonna shine!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
"Here we come!"
  • Sending out Pokémon (Sygna Suit)
  • Sending out Pokémon (Classic)
"All right!"
  • Sending out Pokémon (Palentine's 2023)
"Here goes!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"You know what to do!"
"Work it!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Sygna Suit)
"Dazzle them."
  • Using Pokémon move (Classic)
"Go for it!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Palentine's 2023)
  • Using item
"Watch this!"
  • Using item (Sygna Suit)
  • Using item (Classic)
"Try this on!"
  • Using item (Palentine's 2023)
"On it!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Ready to be stunned?"
  • Using Trainer move (Sygna Suit)
"I'm stunning!"
  • Using Trainer move (Classic)
  • Using Trainer move (Palentine's 2023)
  • Using sync move
"Time to shine!"
  • Using sync move (Sygna Suit)
"Time for a dramatic victory."
  • Using sync move or max move (Classic)
"I can't disappoint my fans!"
  • Using sync move (Palentine's 2023)
"The stage is ours!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Unity attack / theme skill (Sygna Suit)
  • Unity attack / theme skill (Classic)
"Work it!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill (Palentine's 2023)
  • Uh-oh! (Sygna Suit)
"Time to battle!"
  • Uh-oh! (Classic)
"Let's do this."
  • Switching in
"We won't let you down."
  • Switching in (Sygna Suit)
"The stage is ours."
  • Switching in (Classic)
"Let's strut our stuff!"
  • Switching in (Palentine's 2023)
"Leave it to me!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Whew! They're pretty tough."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Sygna Suit)
"Good try, sweetie!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Classic)
"Is this it?"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Palentine's 2023)
"Almost had it."
  • "Nice" emote
"Love it!"
  • "Nice" emote (Sygna Suit)
  • "Nice" emote (Classic)
"Ooh, fabulous!"
  • "Nice" emote (Palentine's 2023)
"Shine on!"
  • "Watch out" emote
  • "Watch out" emote (Sygna Suit)
"Watch out!"
  • "Watch out" emote (Classic)
"Watch yourself!"
  • "Watch out" emote (Palentine's 2023)
"Look out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"This one will make your head spin."
  • "Let's do this" emote (Sygna Suit)
"Time for a dramatic victory."
  • "Let's do this" emote (Classic)
"You're melting my heart!"
  • "Let's do this" emote (Palentine's 2023)
"Spotlight, please!"
  • "Thanks" emote
  • "Thanks" emote (Sygna Suit)
  • "Thanks" emote (Classic)
  • "Thanks" emote (Palentine's 2023)
"Appreciate it."
  • Defeat
"Oh, my. Fashion fail."
  • Defeat (Sygna Suit)
"I'm not done with you yet."
  • Defeat (Classic)
"Time to self-reflect."
  • Defeat (Palentine's 2023)
"Oh, that's a shame."
  • Victory
"Time to strike a pose!"
  • Victory (Sygna Suit)
"Heheheh. Stunned you, didn't I?"
  • Victory (Classic)
"Wow, my heart's still pounding!"
  • Victory (Palentine's 2023)
"Hehehe. Don't be too bitter about our sweet moves!"
  • Victory (with Skyla on the team, speaks first)*
"You know Unova's the best!"
  • Victory (with Caitlin on the team, speaks first)*
"That's our show!"
  • Victory (with Nessa on the team, in response to Nessa)*
"Did we make your head spin?"
  • Victory (with Iris on the team, in response to Iris)*
"Hehehe, lookin' good!"
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 23 - Hearts Connected by Fashion
  • Leaf's Idea
"Let's go, Zebstrika!"
"So am I. Though getting challenged like that was more than a little startling."
"But was it really a good idea to show a potential tournament opponent your strengths and weaknesses?"
"Hehe. You may be right."
"Me? Oh..."
"You... Are you Valerie, the designer?"
"Of course! We models hold the fashions you create in the highest regard."
"I'm glad you found me. There's actually something I'd like to ask you."
"Hehe. You sure have an interesting way of thinking about things, Valerie."
"Oh, I get it."
  • The Stage Awaits
"Sync moves happen only when a Trainer's heart and mind are in sync with their Pokémon's."
"In that moment, your hearts are connected and beat as one."
"I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but that's what it means to become a Pokémon here on Pasio."
"A battle with you? Totally!"
"Actually, Valerie, you should think about joining <player>'s team."
"The round three pairings for the finals were just revealed. My team is battling..."
"<player>'s team!"
"Hee hee. That's right. Our shining battle will be on the stage of the PML..."
"I'll be waiting for you in round three, then."
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 24 - A Shining Spotlight
  • A Dazzling New Stage: Part 1
"Sabrina, Fantina, and me–a team made up entirely of Gym Leaders."
"We've battled Elite Four members and some of the greatest Trainers in the world to make it this far."
"Thanks to the two of you, my confidence is shining brighter than it ever has. I feel like we can take on anyone!"
"Round three is starting soon, and our opponent has already been chosen."
"We're taking on the members of <player>'s team."
"That's right. The finals are an enormous stage with many spectators."
"We don't have to explode with glamor, but...we've made it to the finals–don't you think we should at least give everyone a magnificent smile?"
"Hee hee. Fantina and I are both performers. We have no trouble expressing what we feel."
"That's why we'd like you to try it a little, too. When we win, I'd like to have the whole audience be captivated by our charm."
"Hee hee, we'll get you to change soon enough, Sabrina. Before long..."
"you'll be smiling and showing your teeth like you were a Rattata!"
"Leave it to me. All right, this next one's a bit more complicated..."
"Hee hee. What a lovely smile! You'd make a good performer."
"Say, Sabrina. You said you couldn't foresee the outcome of the next match, right?"
"Even so, I believe in us."
"We'll win together and wear the biggest smiles together. We'll grasp that shining future."
"However, today I saw that shine in <player>'s eyes..."
"I'm sure the next battle will put our bond and our connection with each other to the test."
"Sabrina, Fantina!"
"We're going to utterly captivate everyone in that stadium with our next battle!"
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Sorry for the wait."
  • After appearing, as Elesa, wearing her sygna suit
"Hee hee. Thanks, you two."
"This is my sygna suit. I wanted to face you in battle wearing this special outfit."
"Team up with Sabrina and Fantina has really helped me polish my skills. I'm as versatile in battle as a Rotom now."
"In this place, at this battle... I will be the focus of everyone's attention!"
"Hee hee. If you're so captivated with only this glimpse, you're in trouble. I'm only going to shine brighter from here on out."
"You'll be okay, right, <player>?"
I'm all set!: "I thought so. I'm really looking forward to battling you."
I'm feeling a bit dizzy!: "Hee hee. I'm flattered, but you should get ready! I'm really looking forward to battling you."
"Looks like it's about time to shine."
"The curtain is rising! Two bright stars will clash! This will be the greatest–"
"I know."
"I won't let them get away with hurting the people who've come to watch our Pokémon battle!"
"<player>, we'll settle our battle later. For now, we've got to work together to get rid of these guys!"
"Team Break, we're going to send you packing with a single strike!"
  • A Dazzling New Stage: Part 2
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Stay tough! Don't listen to them!"
  • After appearing, as Elesa
"Go, Rotom!"
"... ... ..."
  • Off-screen
"I understand your fear all too well."
  • On-screen
"But please don't give up."
"Your partner Pokémon is amazing. It stood by your side to protect you during Team Break's attack."
"Pokémon feel fear just like Trainers do."
"But even though your Pokémon was scared, it gathered its courage and never gave up."
"So you should have courage, too, as your Pokémon's Trainer."
"You're a sync pair."
"We might not be able to continue our match, but we can stop Team Break. We can't let them get away with what they're doing!"
"You and your Pokémon should get to a safe place and wait this out."
"Hee hee. What a marvelous crowd. Though they're stealing our spotlight..."
"How could we not want to battle when they've shown us such shining courage!"
"Let's begin, <player>!"
Let's battle, Elesa!: "Right! We'll show Team Break and all those brave people in the audience what we can do!"
Let's show them what we've got!: "That's right! Let's show Team Break and all those brave people in the audience what we can do!"
"Let's have the most courageous, most brilliantly shining battle ever!"
  • A Dazzling New Stage: Part 3
"I feel wonderful...like my heart is melting."
"Your shine–it greatly exceeded my expectations."
"I don't feel the pain of losing... I just feel moved."
"Fight with all my might, and achieve a shining victory..."
"That was my plan. But there were some unexpected surprises, so my strategy had to change."
Are you surprised?: "Yes, twice in a row."
Team Break?: "No, not them. Two wonderfully shining things."
"One of them was you, of course. You shine so bright..."
"And the other was..."
"everyone's dazzlingly bright courage, which astounded even me!"
"Don't lose to anyone, <player>!"
"Make sure your heart shines brighter and brighter every day!"
Main Story PML Arc - Chapter 30 - The Road to Victory
  • The Road to Victory: Part 2
  • Wearing her sygna suit
  • If spoken to
"Good job getting this far, <player>."
"I've thought of the perfect way to wish you luck!"
"But first, you have to answer a little question of mine. Which do you like better, Absol or Exeggcute?"
Absol!: "I see. In that case..."
"<player>, you defeated us to win your spot onstage in the finals..."
"So you Absol-utely have got to win for all of us!"
Exeggcute!: "I see. In that case..."
"<player>, you beat our team, so we know you have what it takes to win this thing."
"Even if Red is your opponent, you can still beat him if you Exeggcute your moves properly!"
Legendary Adventures - New World Dilemma
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"There you are, Sophocles."
  • After appearing, as Elesa
"I was looking for you."
"By the way, that guy you were just talking to..."
  • Sophocles the Brave
"Sophocles, did you two talk about anything else?"
"He did?"
"Why would Cyrus do that?"
"Hehe. Didn't Cyrus completely wipe the floor with you? You've got guts–that's for sure."
It's because I like this world.: "Yes. I do, too."
It's because spirit is important.: "Yes. I agree."
"Let's make Cyrus understand how we feel!"
"OK, Rotom."
"If you want to stop Cyrus, then you should team up with Sophocles."
"After our conversation just now, I think that would be best, so go with him."
"I'm going to round up some other sync pairs and search for Cyrus."
"What are you going to do, Cynthia?"
Main Story Villain Arc - Unova
  • The One to Rule the World
  • Wearing her sygna suit
"Let's take it right to the top!"
"We're almost at the fashion show's finale!"
Story Event - Shining Star
  • On event map (Sygna Suit)
"Come on, <player>! It's time to strut our stuff and dazzle everyone we meet!"
  • After reaching a checkpoint on event map (Sygna Suit)
"That was stunning, <player>! You never fail to dazzle me with your talent!"
  • A Personal Invitation
  • Wearing her sygna suit
"Guess what, <player>? Pasio's getting a fashion show organized by yours truly! You should come check it out."
  • Part 1: A Surprise Opening Act
  • In flashback, wearing her normal outfit
"Throw that misbehaving Klink in the clink!"
"Cofagrigus is so cool! Don't you *cough* agree, Gus?"
  • Back to present, off-screen, as "???"
"Oh, Skyla! Retelling my jokes again, huh?"
  • After appearing, as Elesa
"And who's this new face? I hope my friend hasn't been making a Muk-ery of me!"
"*giggle* I've got a Magne-ton more where that came from. So, what's your name, sweetie?"
"Well, thanks for coming to see my show, Marley."
"I hope you enjoy the glitter and glam! Have a dazzling time!"
"You too, <player>!"
"Is that Team Break?!"
"But my sygna suit is one of a kind... It was designed to be a symbol of my bond with Rotom."
"Even if I gave it to you–which I won't–it's not something just anyone can wear. You could never pull it off!"
"<player>, Skyla, Marley! Could you lend me a hand?"
"It's time to show these Team Break fashion victims how to make a battlefield sparkle!"
  • Part 2: A Dramatic Intro
"It's almost time for the show to start."
Let's deal with them quickly!: "I suppose we could... But I was thinking... What if we go ahead and start the show now?"
Why not just start the show?: "Haha! I was just thinking the same thing. Come on–let's do it! Let's start the show!"
"Skyla, would you mind giving me a hand?"
  • Off-screen
"Thanks for your patience, everybody!"
  • After appearing, wearing her sygna suit
"You may have noticed that I'm wearing a new design today. But it's not just any ordinary outfit!"
"Its designer crafted it specifically for me so that I can shine brighter than ever before here on Pasio..."
"It's my very own sygna suit!"
"So thanks for coming, everyone! I hope you're as excited as I am about the debut of my all-new look today!"
"And with that, let's start the show!"
"Costume changes are essential to a good fashion show. The same can be said of Pokémon battles!"
"The stage is my battlefield, and you've decided to step into the spotlight today. I hope you haven't gotten cold feet."
"Perfect! All right, then..."
It's show time!: "Right! It's time to battle! What do you say we get this show started?"
  • Part 3: A Head-Spinning Twist
"Oh, totally! I mean, there's no way you could forget the fashion show where I made my sygna suit debut with Rotom!"
"Yeah, I think so! I wonder what it's doing."
"Wait, I think I know that mask..."
"*giggle* I see we have a surprise visitor today!"
"You'll be a tough opponent to beat, but the show's just getting started, after all... And there are so many people watching us."
"Getting to test out my brand-new sygna suit in a Pokémon battle against you would be a thrill! It'd definitely be a crowd pleaser!"
  • Part 4: A Genuine Supermodel
"Point taken..."
"You know, I'd heard about an Indigo Elite Four member who conceals his face."
"When I saw your mask and realized you were him, I almost hesitated... The idea of going up against someone so strong made me nervous."
"But I wanted to test out my strength–to see how brightly I could shine dressed in my new look with Rotom."
"In the end, we came out victorious..."
"But you're seriously powerful. Your fashion sense and battle prowess are so on point."
"Thanks, Will. That praise means a lot coming from someone like you."
"Not so fast, Skyla. The show's not over yet. We're just getting started!"
"Skyla, Marley, Will, <player>..."
"Will you stay with me until the very end of the show? I need your strength."
"No, no! I want you and your Pokémon to help me build a really beautiful stage!"
"Would you mind lending us a hand, too, <player>?"
Sure thing!/You can count on me!: "Thank you so much! I owe you one!"
"All right, then. Time to return from intermission and continue on with the show!"
"Come on! Let's give this audience the most dazzling fashion show they've ever seen!"
  • A Designer Debut
"Hey, Skyla, can I ask you a favor?"
"Well, we've been through a lot ever since we arrived on Pasio, right?"
"And we keep meeting new sync pairs in battles, right? So of course, we need a good way to break the ice with them."
"To help out with that, I've been cooking up some good ideas!"
"Ideas for some awesome jokes, that is!"
"And I wanted to test them out on you first! I'm sure these'll make your head spin!"
"OK, here goes."
"Have you heard that Trainers who use Hypno are hip? No?"
"If your Cubone hasn't evolved yet, there's always to-Marowak!"
"Have you heard that Haxorus have a secret Evolution? They evolve when they try to lift something too heavy and become Baxorus!"
"I did it! I made you laugh!"
"Hmm...you think so? Then I guess you're the only one I can tell these masterpieces to."
  • A Friendly Outing
"There you are, <player>! I thought I would find you here!"
"I wanted to show you my gratitude for helping me out with my show the other day."
"Come with me. Trust me, you won't be forgetting today anytime soon."
"Mmm! I love the ocean breeze! And check out this great weather!"
"Come on. Won't you walk with me? We came all this way, so let's enjoy the view together!"
  • If spoken to
"I'm so glad we were able to come here today! It's so much fun having you along!"
"It's not so bad, is it? I mean, you can enjoy the beach without swimming, right?"
"Yeah, it's true that people can bring out their charm by focusing on the right outfit and setting."
"But as a model, no matter where I am or what I'm wearing, the real dazzle comes from me."
"That's what I strive for."
"What do you think, <player>?"
A swimsuit would be awesome, too!: "You've got a point. A swimsuit does make its wearer shine on a beach. But I can shine in any outfit!"
Your sygna suit makes you stand out even more on the beach!: "Aw, thanks! It makes me really happy to hear you say that!"
"I'll dazzle everyone with this sygna suit!"
"Sounds like fun. Let's see... What should I yell?"
Something bursting with passion!: "Sounds good! I'll show you my passion!"
"Wooper stubbed its toe and cried out! "Wooowww!""
Something blazing with passion!: "I like that! I'm fired up!"
"Rhydon's my favorite Pokémon! I think it's "right on!""
  • After speaking to the female Swimmer
"Look at those two over there. They look like they're having a lot of fun!"
"Hey, <player>, let's join in the fun! Come on–we don't come to the beach often!"
Yeah, let's do it!: "That's what I wanted to hear! Let's go talk to them!"
Time for some serious fun!: "I like your style! Let's go talk to them!"
"Hey, can we join you?"
"Thanks! Now, let's do something fun! Any ideas?"
"That was so much fun! It feels great to run all-out once in a while, doesn't it?"
  • If spoken to, after speaking to all the Trainers
"Are you headed out?"
Yeah, I think I'll be heading home.: "Oh, OK. Hey, thanks for spending the day with me."
"I'm always so busy. Days off don't come along too often, so today was a fantastic change of pace."
"So, again...thanks, <player>."
"It made me so happy when you said yes to coming here with me."
"I hope you had as much fun as I did."
Why don't we stay here a little longer?: "Sure. We can relax a bit longer."
  • If spoken to again
"Ready to go?"
Yeah, I think I'll be heading home.: "Oh, OK. Hey, thanks for spending the day with me."
"I'm always so busy. Days off don't come along too often, so today was a fantastic change of pace."
"So, again...thanks, <player>."
"It made me so happy when you said yes to coming here with me."
"I hope you had as much fun as I did."
Why don't we stay here a little longer?: "Sure. We can relax a bit longer."
  • Photo Shoot Frenzy
All right! Let's shoot some photos!/Sorry for the wait!: "There you are! Thanks for coming!"
"All that's left is Viola, but where is she? I wonder if she's having trouble with her camera."
"Hmm... Well, we can't waste too much time waiting for her. Let's get this shoot started without her for now."
"Come on over here! Oh no, you're not getting out of a picture with us!"
  • After speaking to Skyla
"Thanks, Skyla! All right, then let's get started!"
You can even see the arena!: "Wow, you're right! It looks so small!"
There's so much ocean!: "Yeah. It really puts into perspective how impressive Pasio is, doesn't it?"
"But...you were too far from us, Skyla. I can't even make out our faces."
"You know what? It's a nice picture. Thanks, Skyla!"
"Oh, I didn't know you were into photography. Then yeah! If you wouldn't mind."
There are more shadows than there are people.../Are those...ghosts?: "Yeah, it sure looks like there are ghosts all around us in this photo... It would probably scare most normal people."
"Hi, sorry. Would you mind taking our picture?"
"Thanks! Make sure <player>'s in the shot too, OK?"
"Wha–? Viola?! Were you there this entire time? What were you doing?"
  • Quiz Off, Quiz On!
"Hee hee. Time's up."
"The answer is Flannery!"
"Well, that's because..."
"imitation is the sincerest form of Flannery!"
"All right, then it's your turn, Blaine! Hit me with your best shot!"
"Let the quiz-off continue!"
  • All for the Fans
  • Off-screen
"Oh, why thank you!"
  • After appearing
"I'm just running an errand. Are you still open?"
"An autograph? Of course."
"Sure! How about we pose like this?"
"I should be thanking you. I can only do what I do thanks to fans like you, after all."
"Well, I should get going."
"... ... ..."
"I completely forgot to buy what I needed! I gotta hurry back!"
  • Off-screen
"Oh no... She closed shop..."
  • Rotom's Tricks
  • Off-screen
"Hm? Is something the matter?"
  • After appearing
"Oh, that's not good."
"Say, Rotom. Do you think you can fix it?"
"Yup! Rotom can enter machines and manipulate them from within. I sure hope it can fix it..."
"That was fast, Rotom. Were you able to fix the vending machine?"
"It looks like Rotom's trying to tell you not to worry about it."
"I'm proud of you for behaving, Rotom! I expected you to pull one of your usual pranks."
"I guess I spoke too soon..."
  • Best Buddiezzz
"Thanks for going shopping with me, <player>. Why don't we head back?"
"Hm? What's wrong, Rotom?"
"It must have gone and hid in a machine again. Is it trying to play hide-and-seek now?"
"I guess it's having so much fun outside that it doesn't want to go back yet."
"Finding Rotom might take a while. Why don't we chat while we look for it?"
Tell me about Rotom!: "Hmm, let's see. Oh, I know. I've got a story from a little while ago..."
Does Rotom always pull pranks?: "It does. But don't get me wrong–Rotom isn't a bad Pokémon."
"When I first got to Pasio, I was in a bit of a slump. At the time, I couldn't get the results I was hoping for."
"It was then that Rotom jumped into the TV."
"It started showing me footage of Sabrina and Fantina battling, and they were dazzling."
"Seeing them battle, I was reminded how important it is to show your best self and let it shine."
"So, for once, it was Rotom's mischief that brought a smile to my face."
"That was when I decided to aim for the top of the PML with Rotom as my partner."
"I was confident that the two of us would be able to make everybody watching smile."
"Heh heh... It's a little embarrassing talking about how I felt back then."
"Oh, Rotom!"
"Maybe it heard us talking about it and got curious."
"Don't worry, Rotom. I was just telling <player> how great of a partner you are."
  • Your Best Self
"Hee hee! Thanks, Marley."
"You're a really sweet person, aren't you, Marley?"
"I knew a girl like you once."
"She was also afraid of hurting the people around her, so she would hold her true thoughts back."
"The world is filled with different kinds of people. Everyone has their own opinions about things, and sometimes what others say can be hurtful."
"But after trying over and over again, you get to see what makes you different from other people. That's the important part."
"What I'm trying to say is that you don't have to be afraid to express yourself."
"Besides, you have a great partner at your side. You have nothing to worry about!"
"Of course, I'll always be in your corner, too."
"Not at all! I'm always down to parley with Marley!"
"There's a smile!"
"With a dazzling smile like that, I guarantee you'll be fine."
  • Will's Foresight
"I gotta say..."
"your mask, your outfit–it's all so unique. I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking it up."
"Did you have Xatu look into the future?"
"Hee hee. I guess you're right. I'm looking forward to battling you again!"
  • Head-Spinning Enthusiasm
"Rotom, Thunder Shock!"
"Hm... You're pretty good."
"Then how about this? Here we go!"
Don't let up–keep attacking!: "Ooh, so aggressive! I like it!"
Wait for an opening, and hit it hard!: "Ah, turning defense into offense, huh?"
"I love it! You guys are totally making my head spin!"
"Good work out there! Both you and your partner were absolutely dazzling!"
We're just getting started!: "I like that enthusiasm! I know you two will shine even brighter!"
Thanks!: "It's true! But I know you two can shine even brighter than that."
"Oh boy! I thought I would try to pay you back for helping me out with my show, but I just ended up enjoying myself!"
"Spending time with you is always so exciting! Let's have another Pokémon battle sometime soon!"
Story Event - Serena's Dessert Party
  • Surprise Setback
  • Wearing her sygna suit
"Hehe. Thank you. I'm actually on my way to the arena to have a Pokémon battle."
"Let's get together sometime and continue this conversation."
  • The Sweetest Cure-All
"Hehe. Mind if we join you?"
"Nothing makes me happier after a good battle than eating some delicious cake."
"Hehe. You really like it, too, don't you, Rotom?"
Story Event - Dazzling Dizzying Battle Stage
  • Best Influencers
"Really? I see..."
"Excuse us, you two."
"Lisia's a contest idol, and I'm a fashion model..."
"We're both doing our best in different fields!"
Story Event - Trials on the Isle
  • What, Nothing?
"*chuckle* Thank you!"
"Yes, one day I would love to..."
"lie lo' in Alola!"
"Was that a shockingly bad pun?"
Solo Event - For the Fans
  • A Special Guest
  • Wearing her classic outfit
"Thanks for inviting me to be part of the show today, Lisia."
"This is a totally different rush than what I get when I'm walking the catwalk as a model."
"A dazzling new spin... Hey, I just got an idea!"
"Why don't we battle with the fans?"
"The air's practically crackling with energy right now–it's the perfect fuel to really light this event on fire!"
"A way to give back to the fans..."
"You're so right! Our fans are so dedicated and we are so eternally grateful to them..."
"When we come together, nothing in the universe can shine brighter than us!"
"we're gonna make this one dazzling, dizzying, doldrums-defying show!"
  • Sparkling, Shining Gratitude
"<player>! Thanks for coming to see the show."
"Seeing you rooting for me gave me so much energy today."
"Hehe... Feels a little awkward saying that out loud."
"Since coming to Pasio, we've battled together as teammates and against each other as opponents."
"One minute I'm totally counting on you and your skills, and the next, all I want to do is beat you!"
"I feel really grateful to have the support of friends like you, y'know?"
"That's why I've gotta keep shining with everything I've got. I wouldn't want to let you down!"
"As a matter of fact, after watching Lisia work up the crowd today, I could probably take a page out of her book."
Which part?: "It's a little hard to describe...but the way she interacts with the fans is so open and friendly."
The fans went wild for her, huh!: "I know, right? I think it's because of how open and friendly she is with them."
"Fan support is everything to entertainers like Lisia and me."
"I've always thought the best way to reciprocate that was to make myself sparkle for them up on the stage..."
"But connecting with the fans directly like Lisia does is just as fantastic."
"I'll have to give my fans even more dazzling, dizzying performances if I don't want to get shown up by her!"
"And you'll keep shining right there with me, won't you, sweetie!"
Story Event - Pasio Friendiversary
  • High-Flying Skyla
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"That would be us."
  • After appearing, as Elesa, wearing her classic outfit
"We may be besties, but don't think I'm going to go easy on you, Skyla."
"Plus, I'm here today with some teammates who've got my back."
"Right back at ya, sweetie! Here we go!"
"Impressive. I didn't think you'd be able to keep up with us."
"Skyla, that is so amazing! I would totally be cheering for you if we were on the same team!"
"But today we’re rivals, so I’m gonna put an end to this!"
"We lost... You really lived up to your high-flying nickname, Skyla."
"I guess we lost because we couldn't match your speed."
"I'll say. Emolga was completely blown away."
"Let's have a rematch soon."
"Even more than this time? Hmm...I like your attitude..."
"but if Tornadus goes even wilder than this, your teammates and the audience might get blown away, too!"
"Instead of the "high-flying girl," we'll have to start calling you the "makes-everyone-fly-away girl!""
Solo Event - It's All Good
  • Troubled Trainers
  • Wearing her sygna suit
"Leon...did you just come out of the ocean?"
  • Being Different
"That's right. It's important to learn the differences between yourself and others..."
"and sometimes this means you may get hurt..."
"But being different is OK!"
Story Event - Chef's Heartful Delivery
  • Palentine's Day Campaign
  • Wearing her Palentine's outfit
"Delivering happiness to you! This is Mistralton Cargo Service!"
"I'm glad that I could help you, too."
"I also wanted to thank you for the Egg you gave me."
"I raised it, and it grew to be a healthy and wonderful partner Pokémon."
"Oh yeah. I just had an idea."
"It's almost Palentine's Day, right? How about we do a campaign to go with it?"
"We could deliver sweets to everyone under the Mistralton Cargo Service name."
"Let's see..."
"I'd like something that will get everyone on Pasio talking..."
  • Mightiest vs. Ultimate!
  • Off-screen, as "???"
  • After appearing, as Elesa
"I smell something sweet..."
"I see!"
"Hey, Mallow. There's something we've been looking for..."
"I'm also interested in this "mightiest apple pie.""
"Let's see..."
"We'll have to eat and compare the two apple pies to see which is better."
  • The Judge from Galar
"I see... Are you OK with this, Skyla?"
  • Ready to Bake!
"I was worried and came to see if Mallow was able to perfect her pie...but I think she'll be OK."
"Hehe! I'm excited to see what kind of apple pie she makes."
"This is dangerously tasty! I can't stop!"
  • A Chef's Path
"Really? It's heart-meltingly sweet."
"Both apple pies were wonderful."
"When it comes to food, people like different things."
"It doesn't make much sense to decide that one dish is better than the other."
"Therefore, this time we've chosen..."
"The mightiest apple pie, made by Mallow!"
"Your apple pie is so popular, Mallow!"
"Everyone's so happy–even Togetic!"
  • From a Huge Fan
"Oh hey, <player>. What's the matter? It's already so late."
"Oh, I know."
"You're also sad that Palentine's Day is ending soon, right?"
"I knew it! I feel the same way."
"The apple pie Mallow made was really nice."
"The campaign went really well, and Skyla looked so happy..."
"This year's Palentine's Day will be a memory I'll never forget."
You were also working hard, Elesa.: "Not at all. I didn't do anything special."
Did you make any sweets?: "Me? Actually... I was busy with a lot of things, so I didn't get the chance to make sweets."
"<player>? Are you hiding something from me?"
I want to give this to you!: "What? To me?"
Please have this!: "What? For me?"
"Is this...chocolate? Did you make it, <player>?"
"Wow! That's amazing!"
"You must've put a lot of effort into this. But I won't be able to eat all of it by myself..."
"Would you like to share these, <player>?"
"It'll be a head-spinning memory we make at the end of Palentine's Day!"
Story Event - Focus on the Shining Shot!
  • Photo Ops Around Town
  • Wearing her Palentine's outfit
"Would you like me to lend it to you some day? You could try wearing it with some of your outfits."
Story Event - The Electrifying Influencer
  • Pasio #2: It's Full of Famous People?!
  • Wearing her sygna suit
"This is a sygna suit. It's an outfit that symbolizes a Trainer's bond with their Pokémon."
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Elesa
"Hey, <player>! Didn't think I'd run into you here! Are you shopping for some new clothes?"
"You could be pretty dazzling with a little touch-up here and an accessory there..."
"I'd love to style you one day, if you're up for it."
Aren't you busy?: "Well, yeah. Modeling is busy work! Right now, I'm trying to find the designer of those sygna suits I keep hearing about."
Are you here to shop, too?: "No, I'm technically here for work. I'm trying to find the designer of those sygna suits I keep hearing about."
"They're ALL the rage on Pasio right now."
"Sygna suits are special... They bring out the unique sparkle of every single sync pair that wears them."
"But you know what? The clothes don't make the person. A fancy outfit is meaningless if the person underneath it has no shine of their own."
"That's why I've gotta sparkle so bright that I outshine any sygna suit!"
You're already super sparkly!: "Aww! Thanks, sweetie. I couldn't be happier if that's how you see me!"
I wanna sparkle, too!: "Of course you do, sweetie! All you have to do is be yourself. You can put on fancy clothes, too, but it's your individuality that really shines."
"When it comes to the world of fashion, I'm in the spotlight."
"I basically turn people's dreams into reality, so the trends follow me wherever I go... and I just keep on doing what I do."
"Sometimes I get so caught up in speeding along that I don't realize I've left people behind."
"But Zebstrika's always right there keeping pace with me. I know that without even having to turn around and check!"
"Nah, that's a lie... Whenever I start to slow down, Zebstrika always zooms right past me."
"She's a good rival—always keeping me on my toes. I can't let my guard down around her."
Sounds like a fun relationship!: "Oh, absolutely! But it's more than that. We're sync pairs, so we're always in sync."
Aren't you supposed to be partners?: "Of course! We're a sync pair, so we're always in sync, even if one of us is racing ahead."
"No one can beat us when it comes to comedic timing."
"For example, I have this joke that I like to tell: "What do you call a storm of Pokémon?""
"And when I say the punchline: "A Pokémonsoon," Zebstrika creates a bolt of lightning and it always gets us a bunch of laughs!"
"Hehe... I love that joke."
"It's all about timing—ask any good comedian. That's why our combo is so shockingly funny!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Sygna Suit Elesa
"Hey there, <player>! Welcome to my sygna suit debut!"
"*giggle* I really wanted you to see my new outfit."
"What do you think?"
Oh my stars!/Work it, girl!: "*giggle*"
You're way...too...CUTE!/Gorgeous!: "How about this pose?"
Absolutely radiant!/I literally cannot even!: "Thank you, <player>. You made this a really fun show."
"The person who designs all the sygna suits handed this one to me out of the blue."
"He said that he designed it just for Rotom and me and that he would be honored if I would wear it."
"I was so surprised, but it's nice to have my own sygna suit. It feels great to have something that's one-of-a-kind!"
"You know, ever since coming to Pasio, I've been feeling a little anxious... Like I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing."
"I mean, look around! There are so many amazing sync pairs wherever you look!"
"All the battles in the PML are so dazzling."
"Surrounded by Trainers like Sabrina and Fantina, I started to feel like they had a sparkle in them that I could never have."
"That's when I realized how competitive I am."
"I want to give people a performance they'll never forget—a show that I, and only I, can give them."
"This outfit symbolizes Rotom's and my first step toward our new goal!"
"But you know, there's something mysterious about these sygna suits, isn't there? I feel like I'm totally connected with Rotom."
"Oh, speaking of, I asked Rotom to find you and bring you over here..."
"Hope it didn't cause any mischief."
Well...: "I should have known..."
No...: "That look on your face... It did, didn't it?"
"Haven't I told you it's not nice to play pranks on people?"
"Sorry about that. I just want you to know that Rotom didn't mean any harm."
"It's a mischievous little knucklehead, but that's what makes it all the cuter!"
"Sure, it can be a handful, but thanks to that, every day is always so much fun."
"Rotom and I will be the best entertainers...whether in fashion or in Pokémon battles!"
"You can count on it!"
Keep on shining, girl!/I'm sure you'll dazzle our socks off!: "Yeah! I know Rotom and I can shine brighter than anybody!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Elesa (Classic)
"Hey, <player>! Fancy meeting you here!"
Just the two of you?: "Of course, our Pokémon are here with us, too. They're playing in the forest."
Where are your Pokémon?: "They're here with us, too. They're playing in the forest."
"I've found that the best way to train Emolga is to let her do what she wants."
  • Off-screen
"I wonder if Emolga and Swanna are flying around and driving Zebstrika and Rotom up the wall."
  • On-screen
"It might look like they're all just having fun, but this is good for them! They're pushing each other to up their game."
"Sometimes it's good to have a strict training regimen, but there are some things Pokémon can only learn by letting loose."
"Hey there, Emolga. Did you come to say hello to <player>?"
"Oh yeah. Emolga and I go waaaay back. We've been battling together since my days at Nimbasa City Gym."
"Since we came to Pasio, she's been giving it her all. She's done an awesome job keeping up with Zebstrika and everyone else."
"Speaking of the old days—whenever I change into this outfit, it brings me back to when I first became a Gym Leader."
It's an outfit with a story!: "Yep, it sure is. This is what I was wearing when I set off toward my dream."
When you became a Gym Leader?: "Yeah, that was the moment my dream began."
"As a Gym Leader and a top model, I want to shine brighter than anyone else..."
"And Emolga has always been right there with me, chasing that dream."
"That's right! And Emolga and I are always gonna be the most dazzling sync pair!"
"So how about you, <player>? Is there a kind of sync pair you aspire to be?"
Of course!: "That's the spirit! Never forget that feeling."
I guess...?: "Hmm. Well...that's all right. I'm sure deep down, you know what I'm talking about."
"That feeling you had when you first decided to aim for the stars together with your Pokémon..."
"That's the purest form of your hopes and dreams."
"I can't wait to see how dazzling your future's gonna be."
Sync Pair Story - Braixen's Evolution
  • Before battle
"Hmm...judging by your fashion sense, would you happen to be from Kalos?"
"Why, thanks! But you know, there's no better way for you to show me what you mean than in battle."
"So let me see you go all out!"
  • After being defeated
"You two fought so wonderfully, it almost made me dizzy!"
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"We're going to see whose star shines brightest!"
  • During sync background preview (Sygna Suit)
"I live my life grandly and happily by walking the fine line between beauty and eccentricity!"
  • During sync background preview (Classic)
"Did our fantastic speed leave you dizzy?"
  • During sync background preview (Palentine's 2023)
"This year's Palentine's Day will be a memory I'll never forget."
  • Random conversation
"People watching you 24-7, never having a moment to yourself..."
"That's the life of a professional model. There's no such thing as a day off for me."
"When I'm focusing on being a Pokémon Trainer, though, I'm the one doing the watching!"
"I like to keep a close eye on my adorable Pokémon. I don't want to miss even the slightest change in mood or behavior."
  • If spoken to again
"Oh, there are things I have to keep a close eye on as a model, too..."
"I've gotta keep up with the fashion trends... what's in and what's out. I can't afford to miss out on any of that juicy info!"
  • Random conversation
"I work hard as a model and a Gym Leader to make every day shine."
"Other than that, I dunno... I guess I don't really have any hobbies."
"I get so caught up in Pokémon and fashion that I can barely think of anything else! It makes every day so much fun, though."
  • If spoken to again
"Life can be hard sometimes, sure. But the best thing you can do is face your challenges head on!"
"If you can do that, you'll discover things about yourself that you never knew before. The whole world will open up for you!"
  • Random conversation
"Sygna suits are all the rage on Pasio right now. They're so cute, I do a double take every time I see a Trainer wearing one."
"I hear they're one of a kind. Supposedly, the designer is all about creating signature looks for certain Trainers and their Pokémon."
"As a model and a Trainer, I'd love to get my hands on a sygna suit of my own one day."
  • If spoken to again
"Only a select few Trainers have had sygna suits designed for them so far, you know."
"I wonder what a sygna suit designed specifically for me would look like..."
  • Random conversation
"Have I ever told you how I first met Zebstrika? It's such a fantastic story."
"One day, I got lost on my way home from a photo shoot and it started to pour really hard outside."
"I was running around, soaking wet, when I heard a Pokémon cry. Then a second later, I saw Zebstrika jolt out of a bush nearby."
"The poor thing had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Her mane was crackling with electricity."
  • If spoken to again
"Zebstrika just stared up at me, not moving an inch."
"Something about that moment felt like fate... So I did the only thing I could think of at the time. I caught her."
"I know there's no way of really knowing whether the things that happen to us are fate or not... But I felt it in my heart regardless."
  • Random conversation
"I'd love to be with my sweet Pokémon every hour of every day..."
"but it's good to let our Pokémon rest up at a Pokémon Center every now and then."
"I mean, burnout is just the worst. You can't do a good job at work if you're exhausted."
"That goes for people, too! Take it easy and make sure you give yourself some time to relax and refresh, OK, <player>?"
  • If spoken to again
"I think it'd be nice to get away from the big city for a while. Maybe someplace remote, where no one's around."
"I wouldn't even care if it got dark outside. Zebstrika can be my own little night-light."
  • Random conversation
"I think people shine the most when their hearts are really full."
"You can dress yourself up on the outside as much as you want—fashion, jewelry, makeup—but you can't dress up your heart."
"When you feel happy and content on the inside, you'll naturally be more positive and confident on the outside."
"That kind of inner light glows all around you—enough that people can see the difference."
  • If spoken to again
"When I see someone that shines as brightly as you do, it makes me want to do better, too."
"You're like a beam of sunshine! So always remember to be yourself, OK?"
  • Random conversation
"Hey... There's something I've been wanting to talk to you about... Do you have a sec?"
"I've been meaning to tell you this for a while... I just haven't had the courage until now."
"I know it's Farfetch'd, but...be careful what you wish for, <player>... You Magnemite get it."
"Ha ha ha! Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry... Maybe I should have kept my Meowth shut after all!"
  • If spoken to again
"OK, OK, I'm done now... Sometimes I like to tell jokes to get a good back-and-forth going with people."
"Most people think I'd be too cool and sophisticated to tell a silly joke, and I just love proving them wrong! Isn't this side of me fun?"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"I make sure that I never stop improving...both as a Trainer and as a model."
"First, I visualize the best version of myself—the one I want to become."
"Once I do that, I set specific, small goals that I can achieve to get to my ultimate goal."
"Then, I have to keep my will strong and keep moving forward... Nice and simple, right?"
  • If spoken to again
"It can definitely be difficult to achieve the goals that you set for yourself."
"I mean, even I'm no stranger to failure."
"Whenever that happens... the best thing you can do is to keep going and tell yourself that you'll do better next time."
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"Whenever people describe inspiration, don't they say it's like a jolt of electricity?"
"I've always found that weird. I feel like you'd more likely forget things if you were actually hit by electricity, right?"
"*giggle* Do you want to try it out?"
  • If spoken to again
"I'm only joking. I wouldn't actually think of electrocuting anybody."
"But wouldn't it be wonderful to be an electrifying inspiration for people?"
"I hope to become like that someday, both as a model and as a Trainer."
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"My Rotom likes to go into my appliances to play pranks on me."
"It sometimes gets into my hair dryer in the morning and makes my bedhead even worse than it already is."
"Other times, it gets into my toaster and burns my toast to a crisp..."
"Mornings are always an uphill battle."
  • If spoken to again
"Rotom can be a pain in the neck, but its pranks keep everything fresh for me!"
"Rotom's serious when it comes to having fun! It's easy to forget how important that is. We can all learn a thing or two from Rotom."
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"The designer who made this outfit totally gets me."
"Just a pretty outfit would be boring, and just an eccentric one wouldn't be satisfying enough."
"But this outfit has the perfect balance between beauty and eccentricity."
"I literally cannot even."
  • If spoken to again
"This outfit totally fits my lifestyle in every way."
"Although I pursue perfection, I still want to keep the luxury of having some fun."
"I'm all about mastering beauty and eccentricity! That way, I can have some fabulous fun!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"You don't need any grandiose theatrics when you meet somebody. There's no such thing as a "fated meeting.""
"The most dazzling stories are written after the characters meet, right?"
"And only when they've had a beautiful story written about them, then they can decide whether their meeting was fated or not."
  • If spoken to again
"I wonder what kind of story will be written about Rotom and me...or you and me..."
"Of course, we can never know what the future has in store for us."
"And that can be a little scary, but I think it's more exciting than anything!"
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"On my days off, I go shopping with Skyla a lot."
"We like to wander around and pick out clothes we think would look good on each other."
"But sometimes, Skyla chooses some weird outfits for me to try on."
"I guess it's fine. I get to try out all sorts of outfits, and Skyla seems to really enjoy it."
  • If spoken to again
"Skyla has such good style. I think she could totally be a model, too, if she wanted to."
"It'd be really fun if we could walk the same catwalk someday."
  • Random conversation (Sygna Suit)
"When you're a model and a Gym Leader, you get to meet a lot of different people."
"Over the years, I've met a lot of people I respect. Not only in Unova but here on Pasio, too."
"And one of them is you."
"You're so earnest and kind, as a Trainer and just as a person."
  • If spoken to again
"I've never seen you be anything but nice to the people and Pokémon around you."
"I say this without any sarcasm. It's what makes you so dazzling."
  • Random conversation (Classic)
"Fashion's not just about wearing fancy clothes. It's also about rocking the simple look, too."
"What's important is how those clothes show off the personality and charm of the person wearing them!"
  • Random conversation (Classic)
"Roller coasters and ferris wheels are a must-have in any amusement park."
"My Emolga is used to high places, so she really enjoys both of them!"
"Hanging out at the amusement park with your Pokémon is loads of fun. You should try it one day."
  • Random conversation (Classic)
"Electric-type Pokémon are so adorable and have a dizzying charm to them, don't you think?"
"What was it about your Pikachu that sparked your attention?"
  • Random conversation (Classic)
"Before I close my eyes at night, I like to think back on my day and find something I like about myself."
"Your biggest fan is always you. Remember that, OK?"
  • Random conversation (Classic)
"There are a lot of people in the world, so naturally, we all have completely different thoughts and ideas."
"Sometimes people clash over their ideas, and that can be painful. But going through that teaches you valuable lessons."
"Just keep being yourself and carry on, <player>. After all, your Pokémon will always be right by your side."
"Pokémon are adorable creatures, but you can also count on them when you're in trouble!"
  • Random conversation (Classic)
"Whenever I wear this outfit, it reminds me of when I first decided on my life goals."
"Back then, I vowed I'd shine brighter than anyone else and become a Gym Leader and model at the same time."
"It was tough, but both Gym Leader Elesa and model Elesa are what I've always wanted to be."
  • If spoken to again
"How about you? Do you still remember your first hopes and dreams?"
"The first ones are always your feelings in their purest form, so be sure to cherish them, OK? I'm sure you'll make them come true!"
  • Random conversation (Classic)
"Emolga and Zebstrika are both well-behaved and get along with each other."
"Rotom sometimes plays little pranks on them, but even that's super cute."
"They all shine in different ways... Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today."
  • If spoken to again
"Watching Pokémon get along with each other makes me melt inside. Is it the same for you?"
"Emolga gives me all the emol-tions! *chuckle* Get it?"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"Everyone sparkles in their own way."
"I wonder which captures your essence the most. Starlight? Moonlight? Or maybe even sunshine?"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"Togetic is said to be a Pokémon that brings good fortune."
"Togetic can be roman-tic. *chuckle* Get it?"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"The sweets on Pasio are all so delicious."
"They're the result of hard work and miraculous ideas."
"If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them next time we chat."
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"When I'm working as a model, I sometimes tense up."
"But once I relax, the sights around me look slightly different..."
"I guess both perceptions of the world are good in their own way, which is fascinating."
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"Are you curious about these clothes? I agree⁠—it's different from my usual style."
"I picked this whole outfit myself."
"Do I look good in it? *chuckle* Thanks."
"You look good in that outfit, too, <player>!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"In Unova, there's a tournament where Gym Leaders and Champions gather to compete."
"The rules are different from the one on Pasio, but..."
"If you challenged yourself to take part in it, I bet you'd do well!"
  • If spoken to again
"Me? Oh yes... I've joined that tournament before."
"Every battle came down to the wire. It was nonstop electrifying battles!"
"I think it's a really great experience to battle against a strong opponent with all you've got."
"I'll be looking forward to seeing how electrifying it is to battle you on that stage."
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"My fans sometimes ask if it's OK to take selfies with me."
"I'm happy to go along with it, of course, but I wonder whether I should still say OK on my days off."
"When the camera is pointed at me, I inevitably feel like I have to be professional."
"I guess I feel a little bad about that, especially if my fans wanted to get a picture of me relaxing on my day off."
  • If spoken to again
"I don't feel that way when either you or Skyla take my picture... I suppose it's not the same with others."
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey there. Today's looking pretty dazzling already, don't you think?"
"I think it's time for the two of us to take a walk...down the runway to victory, that is!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Sygna Suit)
"I'm liking your look today... You're brimming with energy."
"That's good. You have to look the part. What do you say? Ready for an adventure?"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Classic)
"Hey there, <player>. Keep on smiling like you always do!"
"That smile of yours is so bright, it'll spark the light in the people around you, too!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Palentine's 2023)
"Hey, <player>. I'm happy to see you again."
"Smiles and being full of energy are the keys to happiness. Don't forget your spark."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Morning! Nice day, isn't it? If you're still feeling groggy, you could try doing some stretches. Works for me!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"I love a good run in the morning. Keeps me strong and beautiful!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"The way the sun's shining right now would be perfect for a photo shoot."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"The weather will be cooling off soon. Don't forget to bring a cute jacket with you if you're heading out!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Evening! There's a nice, cool breeze out there tonight."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"I'd never say no to some warm, glittering sunshine, but moonlight has its own brilliant beauty as well..."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Sygna Suit)
"Sometimes I have to wake up super early, depending on what outfit I'm gonna wear. Perfection takes time!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Sygna Suit)
"The air's so clean and fresh here... It feels good to take a nice, deep breath."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Sygna Suit)
"It's always super lively here around this time. So many Trainers to chat with!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Sygna Suit)
"I'm going for perfect posture—it makes me look that much more fierce!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Sygna Suit)
"On nights when I can't sleep, I step outside, spread my arms, and bathe in the moon's spotlight."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Sygna Suit)
"Phew! My skin must be glistening after that training session... Time to cool down so I can do the same routine again tomorrow."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Classic)
"Morning! You look like you could use some sunshine, sleepyhead! That always seems to perk me up."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Classic)
"I try to always hold my head up high. It makes me feel a little more confident and beautiful each day."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Classic)
"Some things only shine on the darkest nights, wouldn't you agree?"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Palentine's 2023)
"Let's shine even brighter than the sunrise!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Palentine's 2023)
"Wanna grab something sweet after lunch? I found a really nice place."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Palentine's 2023)
"It's so magical when the stars light up the night sky, just like a stage."
  • Special gift conversation
"Hey, just the person I was looking for! I've got something for you."
"It's been a must-have item for me lately. I highly recommend it."
  • After giving out item
"I'll let you know if I find anything else you'd be interested in!"
  • Special gift conversation (Sygna Suit)
"I'd like you to have this."
"You're always working so hard. I think this will really help you out."
  • After giving out item
"Keep at it. I'm cheering for you!"
  • Special gift conversation (Classic)
"Here, I think this would be perfect for you!"
  • After giving out item
"I hope you like that present I gave you!"
  • Special gift conversation (Palentine's 2023)
"Will you accept this sweet gift from me?"
  • After giving out item
"Did it help spark a little bit of joy in you?"
  • Special Countdown 2021 log-in conversation with Emmet and Ingo
"I was surprised that you two stars of Nimbasa City came to Pasio!"
"I wonder who else we'll meet here!"
"*chuckle* You two are always right on track!"
  • Special Shining Star story event blurb (wearing her sygna suit)
"I can't wait to see how the stage turns out."
  • Special Shining Star story event conversation (wearing her sygna suit)
"I absolutely live for the butterflies I get in my stomach right before a fashion show."
"I hope you get to experience the euphoria of stepping out onto a catwalk someday, too. There's nothing like it!"
  • Challenge Unova special event conversation with Skyla and Iris
"It's been so hot lately. I guess summer is coming."
"It looks like you're having a heated discussion about fashion."
"Well, let a professional model add her two cents!"
"The best swimsuit for Cynthia would be..."
"one with synthetic dyes!"
"Get it? Cynthia? Synthetic? Pretty good, if I say so myself!"
  • Special For the Fans solo event blurb (wearing her classic outfit)
"Modeling is mostly about the clothes."
  • Special For the Fans solo event conversation with Lisia (wearing her classic outfit)
"Really? But I'm so jealous of how friendly and relatable you are, Lisia!"
"In my industry, the clothes get the spotlight, not the model. My "cool" image comes from having to keep my expressions neutral all the time."
"Let's deliver happiness on Pasio, Mallow!"
"Okeydokey, let's make 'em smile and float! *chuckle*"
  • Special Type Team-Up (2023) Daily Type Rotation event conversation with Sophocles and Sonia
"Oh, they're great! Both of you are amazing... I'm glad I asked you to fix them!"
Trainer Lodge
  • When spoken to (friendship level 1-9)
"Oh! What's up?"
  • When spoken to (friendship level 10-29)
"Hi there, <player>. Something tells me today's going to be awesome."
  • When spoken to (friendship level 30+)
"I feel great on days I get to see you, <player>."
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 1-9)
"Oh, perfect timing. Here! This is for you, <player>."
  • After giving out item
"I just happened to find that earlier. I hope you find it useful."
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 10-29)
"<player>, would you like this?"
  • After giving out item
"I figured it would help you shine even brighter."
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 30+)
"I've been holding on to this. It's just for you."
  • After giving out item
"Consider it a token of my appreciation for you, <player>."
"If it can help you shine on stage, it would make me happy, too!"
  • Chat (available from start)
"This place is so comforting. It's one of my favorite spots."
"By spending a chill time here, I can jump right back into the spotlight when I need to!"
  • Chat (after completing A Special Day with Elesa: Part 1)
"People can have different sides. The way they're viewed can also differ from person to person."
"For me, you're a comforting presence..."
"And there might be a side of me that only you, <player>, know about."
  • Chat (after completing A Special Day with Elesa: Part 2)
"When I'm with you, I feel like I can be my true self. I wonder why."
"But the person I am when I shine on stage is also undeniably me."
"I hope my fans come to like both sides of who I am."
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 1-9)
"Let's hear it."
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 10-29)
"I'd love to hear your stories."
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 30+)
"What kind of stories do you have for me to enjoy today, <player>?"
  • If given Nail Polish or Good Nail Polish
"Oh, a present for me? Thanks!"
  • If given Awesome Nail Polish
"What a lovely present. I'll cherish it."
"Thanks! This makes me so happy. I'll have to get you something, too... Wait for it, OK?"
  • After the conversation ends (Great / Excellent)
"Thanks. I had a great time."
  • After the conversation ends (Wonderful)
"I lose track of time when I'm talking with you, <player>."
"I'm looking forward to spending time with you again!"
Friendship Story - A Special Day with Elesa: Part 1
"Thanks for waiting, <player>. Sorry to ask you out so suddenly."
"I wanted to meet you today to ask for your advice."
"Remember how there was a fashion show the other day?"
"At the meet-and-greet event, one of my fans couldn't come up and speak to me because they got nervous."
"Well, at least that's what I heard from people."
"I've always tried to maintain my image as a cool and collected model at all times."
"I always put effort into being that way, so I may seem guarded and aloof to others."
"But I feel a little sad that some people can find it hard to approach me."
"I've tried a couple things to get closer with my fans, like making jokes..."
"But I want to build an even more approachable character, and I need your help."
"So, <player>... If you don't mind, will you hang out with me on my next day off?"
Why me?: "It has to be you."
I'm not sure if I'll be much help.: "I need your strength."
"When I tried to think of someone who has everything I lack, you were the first person that came to mind."
"A lot of sync pairs are just naturally drawn towards you, right?"
"I want to know your secret, so please help me!"
"I personally feel very comfortable when I'm around you."
"I enjoy hanging out with Skyla, too, but..."
"I feel comfortable in a different way when I'm with you.."
"I can't express it well, but I feel calm... Or something like that."
"I'm counting on you as my teacher, OK? Just kidding.."
Friendship Story - A Special Day with Elesa: Part 2
"Thank you for hanging out with me, <player>!"
"Those desserts we just had were so good. I wouldn't mind going to that shop every day!"
"And the new outfit in that apparel shop we went to was gorgeous, too."
"Maybe I should've bought those clothes that looked like Gothitelle."
"But it did look quite heavy. I need to train harder to wear that, I suppose..."
"Oops... Sorry, I've been talking too much."
(Comment on how happy she looks.): "Hehe, maybe that's the case. I must've gotten too excited without noticing it."
(Tell her you want to hear more.): "When I'm with you, I get happy so naturally."
"I do like myself as a model. But..."
"When I'm with you, I feel like I can be more honest than I usually am."
"I'm sorry, I talked a lot with her."
"She was the girl who wasn't able to talk to me at the meet-and-greet."
"But today... Well, you just saw what happened."
"I think I was able to get closer to one of my fans."
"I suppose it's all thanks to you."
(Puff out your chest in pride.): "You should be proud! I was able to move forward, thanks to you."
(Humbly say it wasn't much.): "The fact that you're modest like that makes you a wonderful person."
"You see? I can get so much closer to you."
"<player>, you're my special.... Well..."
"Anyway, let's go to the next place, shall we? You said you'll spend the whole day with me, right?"
"Let me learn more of your secrets!"