Club Master Isaac

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タカハシ Takahashi
Master Isaac.png
Club Master Isaac
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Trading Card Game Islands
Trainer class Club Master
Generation I
Games Pokémon Trading Card Game;
Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!
Leader of Lightning Club
Badge Lightning Medal
Specializes in Lightning Lightning

Isaac (Japanese: タカハシ Takahashi) is the Club Master of the Lightning Club (Japanese: エレキクラブ Electric Club). He plays using the Zapping Selfdestruct Deck (Japanese: じばくでビリビリデッキ Zap by Selfdestruct Deck) and gives away the Lightning Medal to challengers who defeat him. In Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!, he uses the スカイスパークデッキ Sky Spark Deck and later the ビリビリじばくデッキ Zapping Selfdestruct Deck.

In Pokémon Card GB

TCG1 Isaac.png

He is often busy fixing the flashing light displays in the club, and will not duel until his students have all been defeated.

Once his members were defeated, he will able to duel the player for two Mystery booster packs and a Lightning Medal as prizes.

Zapping Selfdestruct Deck

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Magnemite Lightning Common
Magneton Lightning Rare Holo
Voltorb Lightning Common
Electrode Lightning Rare
Electabuzz Lightning Rare
Kangaskhan Colorless Rare
Tauros Colorless Uncommon
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Bill T Common
Switch T Common
Defender T Uncommon
Gust of Wind T Common
Potion T Common
24× Lightning Energy Lightning E
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E

The deck relies on using multiple Defenders to use Selfdestruct without getting knocked out. This can devastate Active and Benched Pokémon on the opponent's and user's team. He also has Gust of Wind cards to switch the opponent's more heavily damaged Pokémon with Pokémon with less damage to deal high damage more efficiently and knock out multiple Pokémon. The deck can be countered easily by using Fighting type cards like Sandshrew, Cubone, and Diglett and their evolutions. These cards have a limited resistance to damage from Electric types.


  • Before all three Lightning Club Members have been defeated
"I'm a little busy at the moment! Duel someone else!"
  • After defeating all three Lightning Club Members (first time)
"Well, that ought to do it. It was hard work, but here's our stage! Got to keep it looking smart! I'm the Lightning Club Master! Sure! I'll duel you!"
  • After defeating all three Lightning Club Members (second time)
"My lightning Pokémon Deck is the greatest! How about it? You want to see how good it is?"
System: "Would you like to duel Isaac?"
Yes: "The sparks will fly with 6 prizes! I'll show you what my lightning Pokémon deck can do!"
No: "I'm not busy anymore, so I'll take you on any time!"
  • After being defeated
"How could my lightning deck lose!?! How shocking...! Here, take this Lightning Medal as proof of defeating me. And here, take this Booster Pack, too. ...And another Booster Pack: Mystery. I'm going to polish my card skills, so come duel again."

In Pokémon Card GB2

In Pokémon Card GB2, Isaac and Nicholas are forced by GR-1 to duel the player. When Isaac is beaten, GR-1 flees the Lightning Club, returning control of it to its rightful owner. Isaac also give the player a Pikachu Coin as a reward.

Isaac challenges the player to a 6-card prize match using his Sky Spark Deck.

Sky Spark Deck

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Pikachu Lightning Common
Raichu Lightning Rare Holo
Dark Raichu Lightning Rare Holo
Voltorb Lightning Common
Dark Electrode Lightning Uncommon
Zapdos Lightning Rare Holo
Pidgey Colorless Common
Pidgeotto Colorless Uncommon
Spearow Colorless Common
Fearow Colorless Uncommon
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Potion T Common
Gust of Wind T Common
Full Heal T Uncommon
Bill T Common
23× Lightning Energy Lightning E
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E

Upon defeat, he awards the player with two Psychic Battle booster packs.

After the GR Castle is defeated, Isaac will use the Zapping Selfdestruct Deck.

Zapping Selfdestruct Deck

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Language Name Origin
Japanese タカハシ Takahashi
English, French, Italian, Spanish Isaac
German Axel

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