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This article is about the song. For the Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, see Celestial Storm (TCG). For the location in Unova, see Celestial Tower.
Ed Sheeran Celestial.png
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet OST
Artist Ed Sheeran
Writer Ed Sheeran
Steve Mac
Johnny McDaid
Producer Ed Sheeran
Steve Mac
Asylum Records UK Single
Title Celestial
Catalog no. 5054197372537
Single cover art

Celestial is a song performed by Ed Sheeran that is featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet during the game's credits.[1] It was released on September 29, 2022.[2]

A remix of the song by Toby Fox is featured during the credits of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk.


You see tonight, it could go either way
Hearts balanced on a razor blade
We are designed to love and break
And to rinse and repeat it all again

I get stuck when the world's too loud
And things don't look up when you're going down
I know your arms are reaching out
From somewhere beyond the clouds

You make me feel
Like my troubled heart is a million miles away
You make me feel
Like I'm drunk on stars and we're dancing out into space

I see the light shining through the rain
A thousand colors in thе brighter shade
Needed to rise from the lowest place
There's silver lining that surrounds the grey

When I get lost, will it come back around?
Things don't look up when you're going down
I know your arms, they are reaching out
From somewhere beyond the clouds

You make me feel
Like my troubled heart is a million miles away
You make me feel
Like I'm drunk on stars and we're dancing out into space
Celestial (Oh, oh-oh-oh)

We were made to be nothing more than this
Finding magic in all the smallest things
The way we notice, that's what really matters
Let's make tonight go on and on and on

(You make me feel)
We were made to be nothing more than this
Finding magic in all the smallest things
(You make me feel)
The way we notice, that's what really matters
Let's make tonight go on and on and on

You make me feel
Like my troubled heart is a million miles away
You make me feel
Like I'm drunk on stars and we're dancing out into space
Celestial (Oh, oh-oh-oh)
Celestial (Oh, oh-oh-oh)

(We were made to be nothing more than this)
Oh, oh-oh-oh
(Finding magic in all the smallest things)
(The way we notice, that's what really matters)
Oh, oh-oh-oh
(Let's make tonight go on and on and on)


The video begins in a town in the United Kingdom in the early morning. Ed Sheeran is asleep in his room, which is decorated with various pieces of Pokémon merchandise: trading cards, Battrio pucks, plushes, figurines, boxed DVDs, and a Pokémon Mini, as well as a Game Boy Color with some game cartridges. The scene switches to a 2D sketch-like appearance, where Sheeran is shocked awake by a Pikachu. The scene switches back to live-action, with the Pikachu having vanished but the effects of the shock still apparent. The video switches between these two formats frequently as it progresses — every time, the Pokémon influence the environment in the sketch view, but disappear in the live-action view.

Sheeran goes to his kitchen, where a Charmander helps him to cook breakfast, though it catches some of the furniture on fire in the process. A Squirtle helps Sheeran to put out the flames. Sheeran brings the food to a large dining table, where Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and a Slowpoke eat the food with him. Sheeran walks outside and starts to sketch in his notebook, but is warned by a sketch of Pikachu that a car is about to hit him — a Snorlax appears and bounces Sheeran and the car away, as a Machamp catches the falling car. Sheeran lands near a river, where a Lapras appears and offers him a ride across.

Sheeran then appears on a grassy hill, where he rests on a rock as several Bulbasaur cause flowers to bloom around him. Sheeran appears inspired and writes something in his notebook, then jumps with joy alongside Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Eevee. Unlike in previous scenes, the Eevee persists as a glowing outline when the scene switches back to live-action.

Sheeran kisses his notebook and quickly starts to jog home, when he is picked up by a Charizard that flies him home directly. As he arrives, several Pokémon are arranging his musical equipment for him — Machamp is placing a piano, Pikachu is shocking a TV on, and Squirtle is positioning a microphone. Sheeran picks up a guitar and headphones, and starts to sing into the microphone. As he does, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Slowpoke, and Mew all appear as glowing outlines in the real world, similar to the Eevee.

The Mew starts to fight with a blue orb, and the two of them enter the TV, which starts to show an anime-style animated battle between Mew and Mewtwo, resembling Mewtwo Strikes Back. Sheeran appears in the animation on New Island in an outfit resembling Ash Ketchum, riding Charizard and joined by all of the Pokémon seen thus far in the video. Mew and Mewtwo's fight starts to throw debris over the arena, which the Pokémon deflect. Sheeran throws three Poké Balls, which contain Sobble, Grookey, and Scorbunny, and dodges debris as Lapras creates an ice slope for them to run on. Mew and Mewtwo each throw energy orbs at each other, but Sheeran jumps between them mid-air in an attempt to stop them, and a shockwave is sent through the arena.

The scene cuts back to live-action, with Sheeran sleeping on a couch. The glowing sketch Pikachu is still present, and tries to jump into the Game Boy Color on the table before Sheeran can notice it. Sheeran picks up the device in suspicion, but a glowing sketch Hypno appears from it and quickly puts him back to sleep.





Music video
By EdSheeran

Behind the scenes
By Pokemon


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Produced by
  • Genki Kawamura
  • Masami Hatanaka
  • 川村元気
  • 畑中雅美
  • Yuichi Kodama
  • 児玉裕一
Character Design
  • 長場雄
Director of Photography
  • Callan Green
1st AD
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2nd AD
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1st AC
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2nd AC
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Desk Operator
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Stylist Assistant
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Genny OP
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Master Rigger
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Key Grip
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Sound Recordist
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Production Designer
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Art Director
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Art Assistant
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UK Film Production
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Composite Director/Composite
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Artist Management (Yu Nagaba)
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Special Thanks
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Produced by
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The Pokémon Company
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  • 大洞翔一
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The Pokémon Company Supervisor
  • 石原恒和


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